Online Game: The King Of The New World Chapter 780

Chapter 780: Finale 8

There is no need to mention how much torture Xu You suffered in one night. Anyway, it wasn't until the afternoon of the 31st that Xu You woke up quietly, thinking of the nightmare thing that happened last night, Xu You shuddered sharply.

"Get up, then go take a bath." At this moment, Xue Wuhen walked into Xu You's room and saw Xu You yjng getting up, so he went to the closet and took out a set of clothes, urging Xu You to clean up. After being tricked by the sisters at night, Xu You was stained.

But after seeing Xue Wuhen and listening to Xue Wuhen's words, Xu You looked at Xue Wuhen with a watchful face and asked suspiciously: "How do you want to tease me? Can I surrender?"

When Xue Wuhen heard this, she couldn't help but laughed out, walked up to Xu You and gave Xu You a thump, and then said: "Sister Yurou is not here, don't worry, you won't be fooling you again"" The novel chapters are updated the fastest."

To talk about teasing and torturing people, Mu Yurou, who worked in a special department, is a master. The tricky methods Xu You tried last night should be considered relatively low-level, such as "chili water" and "scratching your feet." "Wait, but Chang Shijin was tortured by a group of women, and only Xu You could experience the madness. He didn't have to sleep all night!

Perhaps he was still a little scared, Xu You didn't believe Xue Wuhen's words, and lay back on the bed again, putting on an expression of "believe you are a fool".

Upon seeing this, Xue Wuhen was a little bit dumbfounded. It seemed that they had played too much last night. In fact, her miyu was too involved in making fun of Xu You. Although the "punishment and ravages plan" was determined and led by her, she could play tricks specifically. It was designed by Mu Yurou and executed by women such as Mu Yurou, Scarlet Rose, Zhao Chen, Qingwu, Bauhinia, Yu Ling, and Bing Ying.

And although the purpose of teasing Xu You is awe-inspiring, saying that it is to avenge Zhao Xi, but each woman's mind is actually different. For example, Zhao Chen and Bingying are two girls to punish Xu You for breaking Zhao Xi too early. , Did not let them report that they were teased by Zhao Xi that year.

As for the eldest sister Xue Wuhen, she really wanted to punish Xu You for chaos, why did nnggu break Zhao Xi in the car? But then I think about it, this must be Zhao Xi's initiative, otherwise Xu You waited for so many years, and would not rush to wait for a few more days. Xue Wuhen knew Xu You very well.

So Xue Wuhen was a little guilty now, and Xu You looked like she was terrified. If the boss of the zhdo Tangtang Dream Group was bullied like this at home, she would definitely be surprised.

So Xue Wuhen sat down on the bed and coaxed like a kid yyng: "Okay, go take a bath, I won't make fun of you. After playing crazy all night, do you think you are dirty like shme? Go, rinse your body again, and change your clothes. That's handsome and unrestrained."

Xu You listened to Xue Wuhen slantingly, and after a few seconds he "hummed" and replied, "Then you go out first, and I will wash it later."

"Wait later is to wait until shmeshhu, go!" Xue Wuhen groaned.

"Then I'm not going." Xu You really looks like a naughty child. At home, he can indeed be like a child.

As a result, this Xue Wuhen irritated her. After biting her teeth twice, she decided to take violent measures. She just patted her chest in front of the sisters and promised to wake Xu You and let Xu You take a bath. When rgu went downstairs to eat "afternoon meal", she failed to do so. She, the "lord of the harem", would lose her trust and Xue Wuhen would never let this happen.

Ever since, Xu You was very pitifully stripped and kicked into the bathroom. Faced with such a sturdy Xue Wuhen, Xu You had to obey and take a bath obediently. Of course, before the bath, he was very After carefully checking the bathing tools, I saw that miyu had been tampered with, and if he was caught twice, he would collapse.

Fortunately, his women seemed to have had enough, and finally let him go, everything was normal in the bathroom.

Its just that taking a bath is a physical task. Xu You found that zj was "disabled" last night, and he was a little exhausted. Even the strength to wipe his back was lost. Just in his depressed shhu, the bathroom door opened and Xu You conditioned his reflex. It was to block his face, for fear that shme would fly over from the bathroom door and hit him in the face. From this, it can be seen how badly he was treated early this morning.

However, the shme all happened. Xu You put down his hand and saw that Xue Wuhen was standing in front of him, surrounded by bath towels. Xu You was stunned for a while before swallowing and asked: "Xue'er , What are you doing?"

"Don't think about it, I'll wipe your back, I'm zhdo you are very tired, sit down." Xue Wuhen closed the bathroom door and tore off the bath towels. She and Xu Youdu's old husband and wife are relatives. I will not feel too shy.

When Xu You heard this, the fascination that had originally risen in his heart turned into moved, and he sat down on the stool in the bathroom obediently and asked Xue Wuhen to wipe his back. This is not the first time he has done this. He always talked to Xuewu before. Xu You can enjoy the shhu who washes the mandarin duck bath, but Xu You can be so calm when Xue Wuhen wipes his back, not at all, this should be the first time.

"Is it comfortable?" Xue Wuhen asked softly, wiping Xu You's back lightly.

"Yeah." Xu You answered Xue Wuhen's question with a refreshing groan. Xue Wuhen smiled and moved harder, even though the two of them were naked, they were extremely harmonious.

After wiping it in silence for a while, Xue Wuhen said again, "Yoyou, I want to ask you something."

"Let's talk about it." Xu You closed his eyes, so comfortable that he didn't want to move anymore.

"Are you in contact with Ruohua and Dongxia?" Xue Wuhen's voice was very ordinary, like asking Xu You "have dinner miyu" yyng.

But Xu You suddenly opened his eyes when he heard it. He obviously paused for a while before shook his head, and then asked with a smile, "Why did trn ask this? Bauhinia and Xiao Ling asked you to ask?"

"No, this is a question all of our sisters want to ask. Have you really contacted them?" Xue Wuhen's tone became a little weird.

"This is really miyu." Xu You replied.

"You and me are the two here, you don't have to hide from me." Xue Wuhen obviously didn't believe Xu You.

"You zhdo, I don't hide things from you, I said miyu, it's really miyu." Xu You said with emotion, two completely different faces flashed in his heart. Three years later, how are they?

Xue Wuhen showed a surprised look after hearing this, and still said in disbelief: "This... surprises me a bit, you don't mean that to them?"

"Your words make me very depressed, shall I nme fraternity?" Xu You turned around and looked at Xue Wuhen speechlessly.

When Xue Wuhen saw this, she put down her towel, and Xu You glanced at it. "You picked two of the four golden flowers of the original Bauhinia Guild. You should not let go of the remaining two. As for you, ask me. If you are fraternity, see if the woman in our family can make up more than two tables of mahjong, you can get the answer."

Xu You: "b"

Seeing Xu You's slight embarrassment, Xue Wuhen said softly, "Actually, I asked you this question to remind you that tomorrow is our life-long day. After tomorrow, we will be a real family, and you It should be zhdo that our sisters will make a three-year agreement for shme, and they will not marry you together until Xiaoxi reaches the legal marriage age. I just hope that this harem will not be expanded after it is set."

"I am mngbi." Xu You answered this question simply. He was very mngbi's purpose and meaning of the "three-year agreement".

"Then you plan to be like this? After tomorrow, don't regret it." Xue Wuhen saw that Xu You was still very calm, and couldn't help feeling a little depressed. She was the emperor and was not in a hurry. Xu You was not in a hurry. She was in a hurry. shme, in her capacity, wizh, rgu is not afraid that Xu You will regret in the future and cause a discordant scene, so she will not care about it.

But after hearing this, Xu You sighed and said: "It doesn't matter that I have miyu, the point is that they don't mean that."

"Huh?" Xue Wuhen was really surprised this time. Not to mention Ruohua, lets take Dongxia as an example. The girl who expressed her admiration for Xu You among the four golden flowers of Bauhinia was the first girl in that year. Not interesting to Xu You?

However, after thinking about it, three years of shjin is enough to change many things. It seems that she thinks too much, and when she mentions it, Xu You feels depressed. Xue Wuhen feels a little guilty, so she leaned her tender body to Xu You, let Xu You hugged her, and then said: "It turned out to be like this. It's because I am not good to mention things that shouldn't be mentioned, but what I want to say is that you have our sisters now. You should be satisfied long ago. It is yours. It's yours, not yours, and it's useless to force it. It's right that you never contact them."

"I zhdo, you don't have to blame zj, don't talk about this, continue to wipe my back." After saying that, Xu You let go of Xue Wuhen, then turned around and stopped talking.

Xue Wuhen looked at Xu You's thick back for a long time, then silently continued to wipe Xu You's back, but could not see Xu You's weird and playful expression.


January 1, 2228, is the most important day in life for Xu You and others. The entire villa is dressed in red, and everyone is busy.

On this day, Xu You will have a simple, low-key but formal and solemn wedding with his women. The reason why it is said to be formal and solemn is not to receive a notebook. Someone will handle the matter of the notebook. The formal solemnity mentioned here. It is an orthodox ceremony of the Xu family. As mentioned before, although Xu Yous family is not a big family, it is an old family. Some traditions are left and must be followed.

After this ceremony, Xu Yous women and Xu Yous gunx were recognized by the ancestors of the Xu family. In the hearts of Xu Yous women, this ritual is obviously more important than the collar book, as was the case with Xu Yous mother Li Yun. After coming, Xue Wuhen's daughter-in-laws, under the influence of Li Yun, can't pay attention to it.

And the reason why it is said to be simple and low-key is also because of this ceremony. The gug of this ceremony is very simple. You only need to worship heaven and earth, ancestors, parents, husband and wife, and then get blessings and gifts from the elders. Because this ceremony only needs Xu You and Xu You's wife's parents to attend.

However, due to Xu Yous special situation, there are too many ladies, and the husbands parents are not invited to the scene at the same time, so they decided to worship only Xu Yous parents. As a result, to be fair, Sister Chenxis parents were temporarily invited. After going out, the ceremonial wedding banquet on the other side of the woman can be re-organized one by one afterwards.

"Come on, the wedding ceremony begins, please take your place!" Zhang Ping yelled. Somehow, Xu You's parents and Wei Mingyuan decided to let Zhang Ping act as the master of ceremonies, but since the decision was made, they had to accept I hope Zhang Ping will not come up with shme funny things and affect the solemn atmosphere.

However, Zhang Ping didn't do anything ~wuxiaworld.online~ but he had something to find Xu You.

Just as the ceremony announced the start of shhu, a black Mercedes violently smashed into the iron door of Xu Yous villa, and behind the Mercedes Benz was chasing a long string of police cars with great momentum.

"Let me listen to the black Mercedes with the tail number XXXXX in the front. You have nowhere to escape. The people in the car get out of the car obediently, holding their heads in both hands!" A middle-aged police officer got out of the police car behind and took the expansion. The voice machine roared, the police officer's cap was crooked and looked very embarrassed.

But this shhu, a small traffic policeman hurriedly came to the middle-aged police officer and reminded: "Captain, Captain! The owner of the car is not easy to mess with, and this is a high-end villa area, the owner of the Dream Jewelry Kingdom lives here, we... "

"You say shme?" When the middle-aged police officer heard this, his face turned green. Can you tell me earlier?

At this time, the two doors of the Mercedes-Benz zuyu opened at the same time, and two women walked down from it. Xu You and the others who had just hurried out of the villa to watch the shme incident had a look at them.

Because those two women are Dongxia and Ruohua.

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