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  • Genres : Action -  Adventure -  Fantasy -  Harem -  Transmigration -  World Travel -  Weak to Strong -  handsome male lead -  Revenge -  Ruthless Protagonist -  Hiding True Abilities -  System Administrator -  Early Romance -  Cheats -  Bloodlines -  System -  Determined Protagonist -  Strong to stronger -  Arrogant Characters -  naruto -  fanfiction -  adventurers -  World Hopping -  Fan-Fiction -  one piece -  Gate to Another World -  Eye Powers -  Aggressive Characters
  • Status : Ongoing
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Naruto Dimensional System summary:

You have the strongest sword in the world, and the unparalleled power is at your fingertips!Just ask, besides your own heart, what else is qualified to be your enemy in this world?Born at the end of the Second Ninja War, Uchiha is a powerful man to fight the world!- Description from MTL

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Naruto Dimensional System Chapters

Time uploaded
Vol 6 Chapter 98:2 months ago
Vol 6 Chapter 97:2 months ago
Vol 6 Chapter 94:2 months ago
Chapter 17: Ended2 months ago
Chapter 379: Seal2 months ago
Chapter 365: Spot2 months ago
Chapter 336: Rule2 months ago
Chapter 313: Rely2 months ago
Chapter 277: Both2 months ago
Chapter 145: Roar2 months ago
Chapter 95: Ready2 months ago
Chapter 80: Chase2 months ago
Chapter 60: Go On2 months ago
Chapter 54: Slap2 months ago
Chapter 40: End2 months ago
Chapter 27: Kill2 months ago
Chapter 20: Track2 months ago
Chapter 12: Kill2 months ago
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