Naruto Dimensional System Book 6 Chapter 315

Vol 6 Chapter 315: Rolling

Li is always lacking in interest in the friends that the evil monk puts on his mouth, and suddenly asked, the evil monk didnt feel anything wrong, but rather happily said: "My friend has a lot of hobbies, and he grabbed it from others. I have written a lot of classics, and speaking of it, if it weren't for those classics, they wouldn't have been hunted down, causing the wife to disperse."

The evil monk said with emotion, but all of Li's mind fell on the words "Zi Ion San"!

Zi San, Zi San!

Yes! His eyes lit up, and he almost screamed, but in the end he suppressed the excitement in his heart and asked in his mind: "That Yingbu, does he look like your friend?"

As soon as the words came out, there was a long silence in my mind, and the eccentric jump accelerated. As the silence time prolonged, Li's guess was almost affirmed.

Because, if it weren't for the answer in imagination, the evil monk wouldn't have to be silent, right?

When he felt a little short of breath, the evil monk's trembling voice finally sounded.

"Unexpectedly--it was actually easy to come by. If my good friend Quanxia knew and knew that his child was still alive, he would definitely be smiling at Jiuquan."

Li frowned, but said nothing.

The evil monk took a deep breath, and the heavy breathing sounded through Li's mind, seeming to calm his emotions.

"Are you sure that is your friend's child?" Li still emphasized out of caution.

"This..." The evil cultivator was also a little uncertain, but after a while, he said affirmatively: "It should be correct. I didn't think it was before. Just now you said that, I found that he is indeed very similar to my friend. , The stubbornness of not hitting the south wall and not looking back is quite his mother's style."

In the end, the evil cultivator's tone was filled with a little smile, as if he was thinking of the prosperous years buried deep in his memory.

He raised his eyebrows, pondered for a moment, and said: "If he is really your friend's child, what will you do?"

"This..." The evil cultivator's tone sank, and finally said; "I can't help it now, and he has the ability to protect himself. It seems that I don't need to worry about it."

"Why? Are you not going to let me shelter him?" Li asked tentatively.

Hearing the words, the evil monk gave a cold snort, his face buried under the brim of his hat gloomy.

"Let you protect him, maybe there will be some problem for me. It is not easy to find you to do something, I still have this self-knowledge."

Smiled lowly, noncommittal.

"But having said that, if that girl is Jinling's tool spirit, why would he save my friend's child?" The evil monk saw that Yingbo is now a majestic seven-foot man, and the knot in his heart has long been resolved. For the most part, plus he didn't want to interfere with his life too much, so he decided to temporarily put aside his affairs and study the little girl who currently cares more about them.

"I have to ask you about this."

When the evil monk heard Li's words, he knew the answer to this question. It is estimated that this guy already knew it, so he sneered, lowered his voice and said, Little Fox.

Li pretended not to hear, but a smile was drawn from the corner of his mouth.

"What the **** is going on, don't sell it." After all, he still couldn't meet the curiosity in his heart, and he was depressed, and he was a generation of monks who were also the most powerful monks in the past. How did he bump into this young man in front of him? It's so popular.

"It's very simple. The time when Qi Ling left the body and appeared next to Yingbo was more than 20 years ago, and this time was also when you entered the golden bell space." Li said here, leaving a meaningful ending. , But the evil monk pondered what he said, but still didn't understand.

Li rolled his eyes and scorned the evil monk in his mind.

"Fortunately, you still claim to be an old monster who has lived for a hundred years. I don't understand this." Although it is a hundred years in the golden bell space, it is still a hundred years old monster after all.

The evil monk choked with anger when he was being separated, and kept telling himself that he must hold back. This kid is really unwilling to suffer. Just now he just said a little fox about him, and now he called his old monster!

Although he complained in his heart, the evil monk still suppressed the anger in his heart. After a while, he calmed down and said, "Please also Li Shaoxia expressly."

The three words Li Shaoxia sounded a bit gritted teeth, Li raised his eyebrows, didnt care, just curled his lips and smiled: "Its very simple, when Jin Ling merged with your soul, it was affected by you. The influence of the last obsession at the moment of death, maybe at that time its own spirit is just forming, and when it is in the period of weakness, it is taken advantage of by your obsession. As a result, the spirit will save the hero as soon as it appears. Bu's thoughts."

"But, this--this is too coincidental!" Rao the evil monk couldn't believe it. "Even if there is such a coincidence, Qi Ling is indeed affected by my obsession as you said. But at the time I didn't know where my friend's child ended up, and where did Qi Ling learn about it?"

"That's..." Li touched his chin, the evil cultivator saw Li's embarrassed look, but his heart was a bit dark, so that you can understand everything. Now I can't figure it out, although I am also very embarrassed. I want to know the answer, but the answer can be put aside for the time being, he is still very happy to be able to see that Li Qi is flat.

However, in the next second, his happiness was destined to be caught.

"This point is also very simple." A sly smile flashed from the bottom of his eyes, as if he could see the evil monk's careful thinking. "Isn't Yingbo said that this girl is born with super strong sensing ability, not to mention Jinling's body is the role of refining the soul, so this girl's soul power should be very strong. In this case, she can sense It's not difficult to understand where Yingbo exists."

Obviously the question was answered, but the evil monk didn't feel too happy because he felt that his IQ had been crushed again. ..

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