Naruto Dimensional System Book 6 Chapter 316

Vol 6 Chapter 316: Change

This incident can be regarded as an end, all the clues seem to be connected together at the moment, and finally it is to treat the little girl.

"There is no cure for her illness. Unless she stays with us all day or asks her to return to Jinling, the period of weakness cannot be avoided." The evil monk discussed with Li and finally concluded This conclusion.

"Then let her follow us."

"What are you going to do?" After the evil cultivator finished speaking, he suddenly thought of something, his tone changed, and he suddenly said: "Did you like my friend's son?"

Li smiled slightly, noncommittal.

"I'll just say why you suddenly became merciful." The evil monk snorted coldly, and then changed his mind. If he could bring Yingbu with him, he might as well take care of him. just--.

Li seemed to see the evil cultivator's concerns, and angrily explained: "Don't worry, I will let him follow me willingly."

"Hmph, of course I am willing. You control the life and death power of the little girl he cares about, and he naturally obeys your orders. But, in the end, he is the last blood of my friend, and I want you to protect him."

Li was silent for a moment, and said in a deep voice: "I will give him the world where he can use his fists and kicks. Kui Weitang is not his stage. However, you should understand that high returns are accompanied by high risks. I will try to protect them, but ."

Without waiting to finish speaking, the evil monk interrupted him.

"I know what you mean, just do what you said."

From raising his eyebrows, why did this guy suddenly speak so easily.

The evil monk glared at him and said in a low voice, "I remembered that if my friend is alive, I shouldn't want my child to be a mediocre person. Besides, by staying with you, I will have the opportunity to avenge him, right? He is a chance to slash his enemies."

Before hearing this, his complexion also sank, and finally turned into a guarantee.

"If there is a chance, it will be fulfilled."

The two people who had reached a consensus glanced at each other and gave a smile that you know and I know.

After finishing his thoughts, Li retreated from the golden bell space, lay down on the bed, and looked at the carved bed above his head with his eyes open.

Although it has only been four or five days since I came to Kuiweitang, I have gained a lot. Although it seems that the things that Situ Wanli entrusted to him are progressing slowly, the struggle within the farmhouse has only seen a rudimentary form, but it has already been cut. point.

The most important thing is the unexpected joy of Yingbo, if this thing can be done, then it will be the stroke of God.

In the early morning of the second day, Li then got up, took advantage of the unfading night of the sky, and went to Yingbo's room. Yingbo had been prepared, and the door opened almost the moment he arrived, like a gust of wind. Usually swept in.

"Is it safe?" Li Yi asked with eyes.

Yingb nodded, and even said a cold joke. "I don't have any other skills, and Yuxia still has a little ability."

Li knows that Yingbo's implication is that this is his yard, and the outside is his confidant.

He settled slightly, but still subconsciously lowered his voice and said, "I already have an eye for a cure for the little girl, but this matter needs a more private space. Moreover, some of it is a long story."

Although Yingbo didn't understand why it was a long story, he still didn't ask about it because of his trust in Li, but he nodded after hesitated for a moment.

"I see. Just wait for my news."

After all, its not that you cant explain the matter clearly in Yingbus room, but it sounds a bit weird, and many things are really not understood in a few words, plus even though Yingbu said it. He had a good command, but he was still afraid of Tian Mi's woman. To be cautious, he still didn't say anything.

And when I discussed with the evil cultivator yesterday, it was confirmed that Jin Ling is now on his body, as long as he stays in the hall, the little girl's situation will not be worse.

The most important thing is that although the little girl is talented, she is still incomprehensible in her mind. If she is really too close, she will have no period of weakness at all, which will attract Tian Mi's suspicion, but it will be out of the question.

Therefore, after thinking about it, I decided to settle the matter on Kui Weitang's side sooner. Of course, the top priority is to resolve the existence of the two people.

The hint he gave them before, these two days count as time, and they should have figured it out.

Sure enough, it didn't take long for a maid to report, saying that the two sisters were asking to see you.

He didn't show up, and soon invited the two sisters in.

Zhuan Po Mie Xun was still dressed in a dark color, his eyes cold.

"What? Have you figured it out clearly?" Li sat in the chair and looked at the two of them, and did not allow anyone to look at them, with a leisurely expression.

The two glanced at each other, looked at Li calmly under their eyes, and said coldly.

"Think clearly. We can not interfere with the farmer's internal affairs, but from now on, the farmer can't interfere with my Daqin affairs. How?"

She shrugged her shoulders indiscriminately, and smiled: "This is a strange thing. The farmer has been in peace for so many years. When did she confront Da Qin. On the contrary, the two came here inexplicably and even trespassed on the forbidden farmland."

Li fluttered out this sentence, and then saw the two people's faces change for a moment as he wished.

"We were stopped by our hall master that day, and you left so quickly, and now you promised to be so refreshing, it's really unbelievable."

With a glare in his eyes, he stared at the two closely.

The two looked at each other, and they all saw the surprise in each other's eyes. They didn't expect that this person in front of them knew about the forbidden land. It seemed that this person was indeed Tian Mi's confidant.

Thinking of contacting Zhao Gao, Zhao Gao ordered them to withdraw back to Xianyang in time. That thing, the order to give up directly, I think it's better not to offend the person in front of them.

Thinking about this, their tone softened a lot.

"Li Shaoxia misunderstood. We didn't think much about the forbidden farmland. We just broke in by mistake that day. After being stopped by Hall Master Tian, didn't we also leave quickly." ..

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