Polar Night Player Chapter 243

Chapter 243: Partyproactive Attackaffection

The fifth day of the ultimate trial is also the most intense hunting stage for the trialists. The overall ranking at this moment has fully shown the appearance of each echelon. In theory, as long as it can be ranked in the top 1000 in the Asian land area 1, it is basically A place in the Timepiece Tower Alliance can be locked.

The overall ranking also shows this.

The top 1,000 points are far ahead, about 1,500 points, and the points begin to drop sharply.

The 1500th place has exactly 30,000 points, and the 3000th, 5000th, etc. have their own nodes.

Judging from the current situation, the top 3,000 have the opportunity to compete for the quota of the Time Tower Alliance, and no one is willing to give up easily. With the sharp decline of hunting species in the hunting area, many testers jumped around the hunting area and prepared to enter The final sprint stage.

But at this moment, Mu Fan looked sad. His points were fixed at 70,000 points, which is still 8,000 points away from the second place of 84,000, not to mention that the first point has reached 90,000 points.

In addition, the fourth place is still at fifty thousand points, and it is basically impossible to surpass him.

Originally, this result is already very good. If he can maintain it until the end of the seventh day of the ultimate trial, he will be able to sit firmly in the top three. Those who can enter the top three in the ultimate trials of the past are basically the key cultivation of the Timepiece Tower League. student.

Father Mu Li spent so much money, and it was worth it.

But he was really angry, not convinced, and aggrieved.

Before coming here, he deliberately broke through to a Level 3 magic apprentice, with three magic skills, first-class physical fitness, and a lot of resources and equipment support. Under such conditions, his goal is only number one.

But he is only third?

There is still a terrifying 14,000 points gap from the first place!

Is that person constantly killing hunting species day and night? Doesn't he need to rest, he doesn't need to look for it?

Mu Fan really couldn't figure out why such two trialists suddenly appeared. The names of all those who could be regarded as opponents came to mind, but none of them could be matched.

"Brother Mufan, what do you think of our proposal?" A deep voice sounded in his ear.

Mu Fan withdrew from his thoughts. At this moment, he was sitting with a group of young girls. These people are rich or expensive, and they have extraordinary origins. The worst person has a total ranking of 3,245.

But such a group of young talents were frowning at this moment, looking at him one after another, waiting for a decision.

Mu Fan cleared his throat and looked at Bai Haiting, who was sitting on the opposite side. This young master from the sixth branch of the Bai family, like these people, had a pale expression and endless anger appeared on his cheeks.

Last night, someone openly attacked the Baijia camp and killed Bai Yunfei.

Everyone knows who the murderer is.

"Li think..." When this person's name was mentioned again, Mu Fan felt annoyed. It was him again. The children of the family gathered here could almost call the wind and rain in half of Yalu District 1. At the moment, sitting here is having a headache for a civilian trialer, "Hai Ting, are you sure he did it?"

"Ninety percent sure. Yun Fei's heart was pierced by a single blow. His strength is indeed inadequate. Everyone present can do this, but the other party completely ignored the identities of the Bai family and Yun Fei and directly attacked the killer. There are too few people who dare to do this. The most suspicious person at the moment is him." Bai Haiting was so angry that he smashed the handle of the seat!

The whereabouts of Baijia Baimi Tea is erratic, and there is news that he has obtained the elemental crystal. In contrast, Bai Haiting has served as the leader of the Baijia trialers, but there are frequent accidents. Most people present know him and Bai Mi The contradiction between the teas, at this moment, seeing him angry, one after another moved away from him so as not to be hurt by the fish.

"Could it be someone planted and framed? Take advantage of this juncture to borrow a knife to kill? I heard that Yun Fei had a very poor relationship with his fiancee. The lady named Fei was almost shot by Yun Fei in the last pursuit. "Mu Fan has a very good memory. He was the leader of that action, and he was the one who wounded Mingxu and made the final decision.

Its just that Mingxus combat effectiveness was beyond his imagination. Even if he didnt develop a weight, it made him tricky. In the final pursuit, Bai Yunfei shot and attacked Fei Yujing. Basically, the trialists with a little combat power Seeing it, Mingxu suddenly turned around and blocked a shot, which saved her from disaster.

This matter is very strange, most of the trialists are due to the Bai family's face, no one mentions it, but in the bottom of my heart they are secretly guarding the Bai family's trialists.

Especially the testers from the North Beijing Academy. They were abandoned because of the cooperation between the Bai family and He Yi. Now they see that they are even far away from the Bai family.

At this time, Bai Haiting was also in this awkward situation. If it weren't for the stronger wooden sails, these family children would really not want to sit at a table with him.

The reason for Bai Haiting's anger and depravity is also here. All fools know that if things are not handled properly, as one of the leaders, he will be impeached by many people when he returns to the family.

"Xiaoyu won't do this. She really wants to do this kind of thing, she can choose a more appropriate time, why should she do it at this suspicious point, I prefer Li Xiang's revenge, he and Dongling Mingxu She was a trainee at the same time in the polar night. It is said that she came from the same group of life and death. Maybe she was a little emotional. It was also after she was seriously injured that the hunting groups were destroyed one by one."

"Anyway, whether he did it or not, this Liangzi has been formed. The ghost knows if he kills crazy or will do anything to us. The Yakumo family, the He family, and the Bai family, in his eyes, the family and the five thrones are not counted. What? Are you waiting for someone to come to you, or do you take the initiative to find him?" A tall young man said with an urn, his voice was like a thunder burst, and he heard the eardrums of other people's pain.

This is a tester from the Yue family, a student of a player, and his identity background is also very good.

In the eyes of these testers, Li Xiang, who was born as a civilian, would not be a big deal even if he had the blessing of the aura of the extreme night. These proud sons and daughters of the heavens are the objects to be cultivated in the family. The education they have experienced is far beyond the imagination of ordinary families. They are the heirs of the family who are truly loved by thousands. A civilian tester is like an enemy.

But now, Li Xiang and Bai Micha have obtained a lot of elementary crystals. He killed a lot of aristocratic children and their followers, and may even include top testers like He Yi and Bayunchi. As for strength, Bai Haiting I've seen it with my own eyes, and there is a cheating-like flying winged chariot, so they can't help but pay attention.

Since there is no way to avoid it, you may be called to the door, and it seems like a good idea to take the initiative.

Many people were moved and looked at Mu Fan, still having to seek his advice.

Mu Fan is not only the strongest tester, but also their spiritual support. With him, even if Li wants to be stronger, they will not be afraid.

"Isn't it too bad to take the initiative to attack? Let's just pick one of them here. It's always a role that calls the wind and rain when we go out. For a commoner, we also take the initiative to find each other. It's too bad." A girl took a sip of tea, her expression cold.

"Do you have any other good solutions?" Yue Shan had a headache. His figure was the tallest among the people. When he spoke, he was like thunder. The girl frowned and bowed her head silently.

"Hey, I don't think it's a big deal to deal with him. When the time comes to kill him, how do you divide the elemental crystals?" a young man with a sharp-mouthed monkey gill that looked sneaky suddenly asked.

"Naturally, it will be given to whoever kills." Yue Shan replied immediately. The Yue family can only be regarded as second-rate in the family, middle and upper level, and can obtain a source crystal, which will be of great help to his future cultivation.

Soon, the focus of the discussion shifted to the source crystal.

"This is indeed the best solution. We will jointly search for him in various hunting areas, and we can always find a trace. When the signal is sent, everyone together, according to the Yueshan brothers, who killed him, who belongs to the thing." Fan made the final final touch, he really didn't want to delay his progress in collecting points for this matter.

This hidden danger has been resolved today, and there are still two days left, and you may be able to fight for the second.

After Mu Fan said so, the others naturally stopped retorting them and expressed their family's willingness to search for Li Xiang.

This tester tumor in their eyes must be removed as soon as possible.


The blood-stained Li Xiang had just returned to the cave when she ran into Fei Yujing helping Mingxu scrub her body, and quickly retired in embarrassment. To his surprise, Mingxu, who had been in a coma, finally woke up, except that she had a faceless face. Yue, it seems that she doesn't like Fei Yujing to help her scrub, but she can't move, so she can only clean up the wound.

Those hideous and terrifying, dense scars all healed, leaving only some old skin fragments, which fell off after being wiped with a towel.

Below is the new matte skin, soft to the touch, which makes Fei Yujing envious.

"Why don't you let him in?" Mingxu asked, tilting his head.

Fei Yujing was stunned and smiled: "Sister Mingxu, you are a girl, so you can't show your body to a boy casually."

"But he has seen it many, many times..."


Fei Yujing smiled and continued to talk to her in a low voice. You could detect Mingxu's alertness to her from the chatting tone, but she was like an innocent child who didn't understand anything and did everything from the heart. Sometimes it will suddenly be in a daze, or become cold.

Fei Yujing is very clear about this feeling.

It's like wrapping herself tightly with layers of masks, no one can see her inside.

"Okay, get in there." Fei Yujing shouted to the outside of the cave.

Li Xiang walked in embarrassingly. Seeing Fei Yujing's face, he knew she was going to go crazy, and quickly stepped aside to ask Mingxu about her situation.

Seeing him, Mingxu smiled sweetly and waved a small fist: "It's okay."

Those few punches were very reluctant. It was obvious that the demagic bullet effect was fading, but it had not completely disappeared.

Both Li Xiang and Fei Yujing were shocked by her tenacious vitality.

This is the first time I have heard of someone who can slowly recover after being hit by the magic bullet.

"Oh, by the way, I'm going to kill Bai Yunfei. Sorry, I still couldn't help it. Did it cause you trouble?" Li wanted to sit down and take the dry food.

Fei Yujing's body shook, then he chuckled and stroked the hair near his ear: "Yes, his father is a member of the branch, and he is loved by the sixteen ancestors. He is also my name. Fiance. You killed my fiance. I haven't married yet. It's inevitable that people will say that there is a life of severance. Isn't it serious?"

Hearing the ridicule in her tone, Li Xiang shrugged: "I don't want it, but I can't swallow it."

"Why? Because I promised to marry him?"

"You like Li Xiang, why do you want to marry Bai Yunfei?!" Mingxu on the side poked his head out and suddenly said to her, "Do you know? Li Xiang likes you very much, sometimes he still yells in bed at night Your name, you obviously like him, why do you have to marry someone else?"

Sitting on the side, Li Xiang would have been very moved when he heard someone speaking for him like this. He did lose Fei Yujing, but she agreed to Bai Yunfei without saying a word. Why didn't she hurt herself without discussing it with herself?

It's just that these words popped out of Mingxu's mouth, always feeling very strange, and the phrase "sleep at night..."

"Sister Mingxu, I don't really want to marry him." Fei Yujing smiled helplessly, and explained power to a girl like Mingxu, family things are unnecessary.

She does not need to understand, nor does she need to understand.

"But Li wants to be sad. I don't like him being sad." Mingxu raised his head and looked at her eyes with a puzzled expression. "You like him so much, and don't you like him uncomfortable?"

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