Warning : Providence The Beauty Is Driven To Villainy Chapter 1436

Chapter 1436: Fanwai: Tiandao When He Was Young End

Fu Yue laughed for a while and discovered something was wrong.

The man stared at her grievously with black eyes, as if she had done something terrific.


what happened again?

The young man lowered his head slightly and did not look at her, but he was very wronged. He stared at his toes and hesitated for a while before whispering, "I don't want you to treat me as him."

Fu Yue: "...Huh?"

The young Junheng suddenly raised his head, his eyes staring at her, his eyes were shiny like stars, and they were like tears oozing out of grievance, "It's different."

"I am not him."

Yes, at least, I am not who I was at that time.

Not the one who has been with you for thousands of years.

Memories between you, neither do I.

Although I don't know why you can travel through time and space.

But I know, you came to me, but because I am him.

But... I don't want to.

I don't want to be just a shadow.

"Don't you think of me as him, okay?" The young man lowered his voice, staring at her with a pair of glazed eyes. Seeing Fu Yue's expression was completely stunned, he childishly said: "Anyway with me. At that time, you can't miss him, it's not fair to me!"

Although the voice was raised, the request was lowered step by step.

Fu Yue raised his hand to hold his face, turned the boy's face in his direction, and stared at him seriously for several times.

"Are you... sad?"

He snorted reluctantly, but did not deny it.

Fu Yue laughed: "Did you not believe me just now? How come your attitude has become so fast? You start to be jealous of yourself?"

"Who said I didn't believe you... Although your words are ridiculous, I believe them. Because I was very happy when I saw you for the first time. You gave me a sense of familiarity."

Otherwise, they won't take the initiative to move in.

Say awkwardly.


Fu Yue took the young man to the roof of a house, sat down, had a long conversation, and took the initiative to talk to him about the affairs between them. To make a long story short, but also roughly explained the ins and outs.

After Jun Heng listened to it, he just lingered thoughtfully for a long time.

"So, will you go back?"

Fu Yue was asked.

How does she know? ...... Probably not? Maybe one day she disappeared suddenly... So she fell into a deep silence.

Seeing Fu Yue's silence, the young Junheng's mood sank instantly.

So it will disappear. right?

He asked softly: "So, you say you like me, just because I am him, just because I am Junheng, right?"

The youth's black eyes are pure and clear, like stars that are not stained with dust, at this time, they are full of cautious temptations.

Fu Yue smiled, and shook her head in the sight of the young man.

Dao: "Love or not love is just the next irrelevant choice in the unstable quantum world. Every moment in each parallel universe, we are trying completely different choices.

However, in every world, I love you. "

What Fu Yue said earlier, Jun Heng couldn't understand.

But the last sentence, he understood.

Bai Yu's cheeks dyed light red, and the boy looked away in a panic.

"Uh, uh... I know, I know."

He whispered back "Me too".

"As for whether I will disappear suddenly one day, you don't have to worry. I have a hunch that I will stay with you forever."

Under the fireworks, the woman smiled like a flower and promised him that this is a beautiful scenery that the young Junheng will never forget.

It doesn't matter, if one day you disappear, I will find you, I will definitely find you, through endless time and space.

The young man answered silently in his heart.

"By the way, I haven't told you yet...Hello, my name is Fu Yue."

Jun Heng blinked slowly, um, Fu Yue's nice name... Then he leaned to her ear and whispered:

"Yes, ma'am."


Every moment in every parallel universe, we are trying completely different options.

However, in every world, I love you.

Fu Yue

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