Warning : Providence The Beauty Is Driven To Villainy Chapter 1437

Chapter 1437: Fan Wai: Later Later

The years are long, and a long time has passed.

For a long time, Fu Yue can't remember clearly.

Since she and Jun Heng escaped from the world, the six realms have almost reshuffled.

Today, it is completely different.


Ten thousand years ago, Tiandao was willing to abolish the godhead and step down, and the **** of war Fu Yue also left the gods at the same time, which almost caught the gods by surprise.

Having lived under the protection of the God of War for so many years, the Protoss has been worry-free for too long.

No Fu Yue.

The devil's last layer of fear of the heavens was gone.

After ten years, the demon world, ready to move, finally attacked the heaven.

The battle between gods and demons finally started.

This time, Fu Yue chose to sit on the sidelines and treat each other coldly.

She loved the world.

She was also compassionate.

However, the world takes this as a matter of course.

This melee hasn't stopped for a long time.

In the next ten thousand years, the various forces one after another, each became king.

This is an era where the weak eat the strong, of course, the weak eat the strong, this is the eternal truth of the six realms.

There is also a major shuffle among the Protoss.

After ten thousand years of weakness, the Protoss gave birth to a new prince, and the Protoss has a rising trend.

This new Protoss prince is low-key and mysterious, and he is shocking, unlike the arrogance and indifference of other gods.

This **** has a very good heart, a compassionate heart, and compassion for others.

The world praised it as jade as snow, clean and dust-free.

But it was such a **** who pushed the slumped **** race to the top again, so that it could stand tall for thousands of years.

Protoss Prince Wei.

Name, Qi Yun.

At the top of the sunrise, the cloud tops rise and fall.

On the top of the shallow mist-shrouded mountain, the ethereal and long sky clock rang, and the bright light pierced the sky and swayed down, and the wine was on the verdant mountain palace on the top of the mountain.

The figure of a pair of biren is looming. If anyone could see it, they would definitely exclaim that there really were immortals in this world.

The snow clothes are picturesque, with a fairy posture.

This is obviously Jun Heng and Fu Yue, who have long lived in seclusion.

"It turns out it's been so long." Fu Yue sighed quietly, "To be honest, I still miss the system..."

The person standing next to the woman laughed, with a gentle voice in his cold voice, and said, "It might not be born yet."

"Don't worry, those who have passed away will reappear, and those who left will return."

He said something confusing.

Fu Yue glanced at Jun Heng, snorted with a perfunctory hum.

The man laughed, holding her hand, and said: "Why don't you go and see the cat you picked up the other day? Haven't you been looking for it for a long time? Now that you have finally found it, don't think about other things."

Fu Yue smiled and slapped Jun Heng's hand, and said: "People are obviously the beasts, white tigers, where are the cats..."

After speaking, the two figures flashed and disappeared in place.

In a cave.

A small cat-like animal group formed into a ball, the fur color was extremely soft, it opened its eyelids, revealing a pair of sapphire eyes, the eyes are familiar, disdainful and arrogant, it stretched out its pink tongue and licked its own hair. There is a slight beating in grace.

Smelled a familiar breath.

The little beast closed his blue eyes again, his pink nose wrinkled, and the tip of his tail shook.

The **** shoveler is here.

It's worth it to find her for so many lives! !

Yes, its memory is gradually recovering. No, I risked breaking my leg some time ago and climbed in front of the **** shovel.

Luckily she recognized it!

"Biscuits--" came the pleasant female voice.

The little beast's white tail stiffened, and then it hung down and drooped in mourning.

So, why can't you change the name?

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