I Plant Zombies In The Last Days Chapter 468

Chapter 468: Gorefiend's Weaponry

"Are these things broken by me? If there are brand new ones, you should be able to see something!"

Thinking of this, Qin Hao's eyes suddenly lit up.

"Such a big golem city will inevitably have a lot of security forces. With security forces, there must be a weapon warehouse!"

Qin Hao expanded his spiritual exploration to the maximum scope, while catching the blood demons, he went down to find the weapon warehouse.

After Qin Hao looked for it for a while, Calabash Xiaojingang ran back holding the gourd.

"Grandpa, I caught more than 300! Quickly give you!"

"It's just time that the baby came back. Use your clairvoyance to find Grandpa's weapon warehouse where is the golem?"

Little King Calabash, after handing the gourd to Qin Hao, he immediately activated his clairvoyance and looked around.

Qin Hao took this opportunity to transfer the blood demons caught by Gourd King Kong to the zombie enclosure.

Soon Calabash Little King Kong discovered the location of the Gorefiend weapon warehouse.

"Grandpa, down below!"

"Quickly, take Grandpa over!"

Gourd Xiaojingang immediately hurried down with Qin Hao, and met Nezha on the way.

Beside Nezha, there were more than 400 blood demons with broken hands and feet piled up, and Qin Hao collected them all into the zombie enclosure by the way.

The three of them gathered together and rushed towards the weapon arsenal below.

At the gate of the warehouse, Qin Hao and the three met a large group of blood demons who also came down to take weapons.

The leader among them is still a Gorefiend.

"Hi, what a coincidence!" Qin Hao greeted with a smile.

The group of Gorefiends was taken aback for a moment, and then turned into a panic, looking at the leading Gorefiend.

The Gorefiend Hou forced to be calm, "Don't be afraid, everyone, he can't use that trick anymore in such a small place!"

The Blood Demon Hou followed a few blood demon generals, "You guys go up and drag them, other people and I rushed in to get weapons!"

The high-level blood demons had absolute dominance over the low-level blood demons. Although the blood demons would be reluctant, they rushed towards the Qin Hao trio.

The other blood demons rushed towards the weapon warehouse under the leadership of the blood demons.

A well-equipped ordinary blood demon had caused Qin Hao to spend a lot of time. If the blood demon was wearing it, Qin Hao didn't want to try.

Qin Hao directly threw out a dozen iron watermelons, slowing down the opponent, and he blocked the door first.

Seeing this, the blood demons walked around one after another, wanting to climb the wall and enter.

Qin Hao immediately activated the line clones. The twelve line clones stood in a row and built a line of defense outside the warehouse.

The blood demons seemed to be unable to believe their eyes, and looked at the thirteen identical Qin Hao opposite in shock.

The leading Gorefiend seemed to think of something suddenly, and his face became extremely ugly.

"I remember, you are Qin Wanghao!"

"Ha, am I already so famous? Even the blood demons know my name!"

As soon as Qin Hao said this, the blood demons backed away.

"He... he is Qin Wanghao!"

"That Qin Wanghao who can match the three great princes!"

"The king of mankind who almost killed Xuelinghou?"

The blood demons were horrified, if it weren't for the blood demons standing in front, the other blood demons would have run away long ago.

However, the next move of the Blood Demon Hou made the blood demon almost cry.

I saw the leader of the blood demon, grabbing the two blood demon behind him and smashing it towards Qin Hao's body, then turned his head and ran away, wherever the other blood demon lives.

Nezha and Gourd Xiaojingang blocked the two Gorefiend generals for Qin Hao.

And Qin Hao did not hesitate to hook his finger as if he had expected it.

The thin thread shining with cold light immediately tightened, and Zhang Wang quickly opened at the entrances of various passages.

The blood demon who was blocked from the way roared, his entire arm turned into a sharp blade, and he slashed towards the big net.


Sparks flew, but the big net was intact.

Qin Hao smiled and said, "I don't have time to hide and seek with you, so I made some arrangements in advance. How about it? Not bad! To save time, everyone should line up and go farming together!"

After Qin Hao finished speaking, he rushed directly to the Blood Demon.

At the same time, Qin Hao's line clone also killed the other blood demons.

The combat power of the Blood Demon Hou was actually higher than that of Qin Hao, but it was a pity that the Blood Demon Hou was cowardly before the fight, and was always suppressed by Qin Hao.

Within a few rounds, Qin Hao slashed the blood demon on the neck with a backhand knife, and disappeared on the spot!

The remaining blood demon saw the mysterious disappearance of the blood demon, and knew that the blood demon must be more violent, and morale was even lower.

Some even knelt down and begged Qin Hao for mercy.

Qin Hao left a blood demon general, and all the others were collected into the zombie enclosure.

Cut off the limbs of the blood demon general, and paralyzed the blood demon general with the corpse incense konjac, and then asked the gourd little King Kong to collect the blood demon general into the gourd for the purpose of collecting information.

After finishing this, Qin Hao walked towards the weapon warehouse of the Blood Demon Race.

The door outside opened as soon as he pushed it, but when he reached the door of the warehouse, he was blocked by the Niegin gate.

"Using Niegin as a warehouse, the Gorefiend really has money!"

The big lock on the door is very special, a huge piece of flesh and blood, which connects two heavy Nierjin gates.

Qin Hao raised the Demon Devouring Blade and slashed at the flesh and blood organization with all his strength, but was actually bounced back.

"Oh roar, something!"

Qin Hao leaned forward and checked the flesh and blood tissue, and found that there was a groove like the claw of a blood devil under the flesh and blood tissue.

While observing the groove, Qin Hao controlled the growth of his hand cells, allowing his hand to grow like the groove.

Soon Qin Hao's arm became the claw of the blood demon.

Qin Hao pressed his hand into the groove and suddenly felt something pricked on the palm of his hand.

"not good!"

Knowing that Qin Hao was in a bad mood, he quickly pulled out his hand. As expected, in the next second, two rows of sharp teeth protruded from the notch, which suddenly closed like a guillotine.

If Qin Hao took a step slower, he might be bitten off his arm.

Qin Hao looked at the blood hole in the palm of his hand and frowned, "It wasn't fingerprints that turned it on, but was it blood that turned it on?"

Fortunately, a Gorefiend will not be collected into the zombie enclosure, otherwise it will be embarrassing.

Qin Hao asked Little King Gourd to release the Blood Demon General.

It was deer living grass and blood energy grass. After a while, the limbs of the blood demon general grew out.

Drag the Gorefiend under that piece of tissue and stuff its claws in.

I saw the blood demon general's body began to twitch violently.

Qin Hao saw that flesh and blood tissue was constantly absorbing the blood from the Gorefiend General!

Half of the blood demon general was almost sucked dry, and the mysterious flesh and blood tissue released the door with a "pop".

Qin Hao pushed the door and was directly surprised by the scene in front of him!

Rows of white skeletons are piled up with all kinds of weapons and equipment, some of which Qin Hao has seen, but many of them have never been seen before.

And the number is so amazing that you can't see it at a glance!

There were tens of thousands of nirvana **** that Qin Hao was most familiar with.

"Sent, sent!"

Regardless of three seven twenty one, take it all away.

Qin Hao hasn't helped people move for a long time, and it doesn't feel too cool to return to his old business again.

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