Super Villain System Chapter 324

Chapter 324: The Psychic Realm Through The Sky

This feeling was only for Qin Yu, and Ye Shuiqing and the others did not find anything abnormal. They saw Ye Shuiqing walking to Qin Yu's side holding the Heaven Smiting Sacred Pearl, and said with both hands: "Master Immortal, Pearl! "

"well done."

Qin Yu took over and touched Ye Shuiqing's head, and felt better for this girl's senses.

"Ding, does the host turn in the Heaven Smiting Orb? After the calculation, the host can obtain the villain value: 50W"


"A lot of villains!"

Qin Yu was overjoyed in his heart, but he was not immediately dazzled by the joy. He asked in his heart: "System, I want to confirm one thing, this Heaven Smiting Holy Orb has no other purpose, right?"

"Ding, the Heaven Smiting Sacred Pearl contains the aura of the Heavenly Dao, no one can take the initiative to absorb it, in addition to turning over to this system, only the holy sacrifice can accelerate the awakening of Heavenly Dao.

"Well, I choose to turn in."

"Ding, the host turns over the Heaven Smiting Holy Orb and gets the villain value of 50W. Because it is the first time the host turns in the Holy Orb, it will reward the intermediate villain treasure chest*2."

After arriving with a large amount of things, Qin Yu's mouth curled up and looked at Liu Tai who was suffering in pain. Without talking nonsense, he waved his hand directly.


Chaos Demon Fire swallowed this person instantly, leaving only a storage bag to fall to the ground.

A master of the Great Perfection of the Condensed Crystal Realm has fallen before even making a move. This is the gap between realm and strength.

"Ding, you kill one of the leaders of the Hunting Pavilion and get 3000 points for the villain."

After doing all this, Qin Yu is preparing for the third task to completely wipe out all the members of Hunting Pavilion on the island.

As he was about to leave, Shui Qianyi suddenly cried and said, "Brother Xian, please save my father, he...he seems..."

Turning his head and looking around, he saw that the Shui Emperor was dying, and it was no longer enough.

Qin Yu stepped closer, and the Shui Emperor said as if he had returned to light, "Qin...Qin Xianshi, I just want to know... are those witches your...men?"

Qin Yu did not answer, but looked at Shui Qianyi beside him, and sighed slightly: "Although your father is not guaranteed in the evening, but after all, he has guarded the sea for Xianzong for decades. He has colluded with the Hunting Pavilion. ."

Shui Qianyi didn't know what to do, she just cried choked.

Qin Yu looked at the Shui Emperor and smiled faintly: "Time is also fate, the matter is over, how did the witch appear, is this still important?"

The voice was indifferent, with a faint smile.

Looking at Qin Yu at this moment, the Shui Emperor understood something, with shocked eyes in his eyes, and then looked at his daughter beside him and sighed: "Unexpectedly...the highest achievement in the family will be her."

"Right? Immortal Master Qin."

Qin Yu smiled without answering, at this moment both of them understood what the other was saying.

"This path may be wrong, but I don't regret it."

After speaking, the Shui Emperor slowly closed his eyes and fell.

Even though Qin Yu mastered Fanghua's instantaneous flower blooming skill of life and death, he never thought of saving this person. This was already his end.

"Ding, you can't save you when you die, sit and watch the fall of a generation of emperors, and get 2000 villain points."


Shui Qianyi lost her voice in tears, even though the father said such things to her before, but her true feelings at this moment proved that she was a good child.

Gently patted this woman on the shoulder, Qin Yu scanned the entire room, planning to see if there was anything left, the people of the Hunting Pavilion had already rushed in!


"Where is the deacon?!"

"You dare to destroy the altar!"

These people from the Hunting Pavilion roared loudly, and one of them shouted: "For the new world, for the new world in the future!"


More than a dozen Qi Refining Realm cultivators from the Hunting Heaven Pavilion rushed up desperately, and at this moment they actually had the meaning of moths fighting the fire.

"Can faith really make people so persistent?"

Qin Yu sighed, and the Long Yuan sword boomed out between his hands, just circling, and the group of people directly fell to the ground.

The blood-drinking Dragon Yuan sword gleamed with cold light and looked particularly coquettish. Qin Yu walked out of the castle slowly holding the long sword.

At this moment, the essence and blood of countless beasts in the sky condensed into a huge blood cell. When Qin Yu appeared, everyone around him was taken aback.

Jiao Wuya said with an ugly expression: "So it seems that Liu Tai has died in your hands?"

"What do you mean?"

Qin Yu's rumbling voice sounded, and everyone felt the huge pressure.

"Psychic Realm..."

"You turned out to be a master of the psychic realm!"

As soon as this remark came out, Ye Shuiqing and Ye Tianhai rushed out behind them in shock, immortal master Qin turned out to be a great power in the psychic realm!

These are almost all legendary characters!

Jiao Wuya took a deep breath to calm himself down, glanced at the snow blood ball in the sky that seemed to be about to break its cocoon, and suddenly said loudly: "Heaven's way is above, the holy soul will never go out!"

"Listen, everyone, kill the intruder!"


All the members of the Hunting Heaven Pavilion on the island rushed towards Qin Yu. The light radiated from their bodies seemed to have received the protection of heaven. At this moment, it seemed that they were so sacred.

Even in the face of Qin Yu, the power of the psychic realm, there was no trace of fear in their eyes, they were full of perseverance, and full of longing for faith!

No one is afraid of death!

Is this the Hunting Pavilion?

Looking at the members of the Hunting Heaven Pavilion who were used in all directions, looking at their undaunted expressions, Ye Shuiqing and others all showed a look of terror, while Qin Yu sighed slightly.

"The ants are still surviving, but you are going to be martyred for the void. I admire you."

"Yin and Yang are vast, good and evil are impermanent, everything is just a manifestation of inhumanity."

"You are willing to burn your lives, then I will personally write the final chapter of sin for you."

As he whispered to himself, the wind was violent between the sky and the earth, and the sky over the entire island suddenly covered with dark clouds, and there was a terrible demonic energy that was rolling, and its power was so powerful that it even crushed the blood cells that condensed countless blood.


Among the clouds, purple lightning was beating, black flames were rising, and the magnificence of the scene was beyond belief in my own eyes.

"What kind of power is this..."

"Are you the Demon God of Henggu?!"

Jiao Wuya's face was full of incredible expressions, looking at Qin Yu, like an ancient demon god.


"I am just like you, just a monk walking on the road against the sky."

With a long sigh, Qin Yu's flames and thunder and lightning circled and jumped at the same time, and his gentle voice sounded: "Warriors, I hope you can live like yourself in the next life."

The sound fell, and countless purple lightning from above the nine heavens blasted down suddenly, and at the same time a black rain of fire started all over the sky!

The entire Skeleton Island turned into a purgatory on earth, and all the hunting cultivators, under this mighty power, were directly wiped out!

Qin Yu mobilized the power of a million horses to unfold the fairy wind and cloud body, and the purple lightning thunder and the chaotic magic fire came out together, forming this superb view of the world!

This is the psychic realm, through the sky!

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