Sign In Buddhas Palm Chapter 177

Chapter 177: Magic Cloud City

The world of magic cave.

The sky is dim.

Su Qin sat cross-legged under a dead old tree.

Beside Su Qin, Mo Ji was standing cleverly.

"Master, it is rumored that there is an ancient magic tree growing in the deepest part of the world. It is this ancient magic tree that supports the entire world. The devil gods sat on the ancient magic tree..." The magic girl exhausted his mind Tell the truth about everything you know.


"Ancient Magic Tree?"

Su Qin raised his brows and looked at Mo Ji.

"Yes, master." The magic girl bit her lip and said charmingly and enchantingly: "I also heard that there is a branch of the ancient magic tree in Demon Cloud City. If the master is curious, you may wish to visit Demon Cloud City. ....."

"is it?"

A smile appeared on Su Qin's face, and a black light appeared deep in his pupils.


Mo Ji's delicate body trembled, her pretty face turned pale as paper, and she knelt at Su Qin's feet with a thud: "Master, I know I am wrong, I know I am wrong..."

Mo Ji's voice trembled, as if experiencing terrible torture.

"Talk about it."

"What is your relationship with Demon Cloud City?"

"Why do you know so much about Demon Cloud City?"

Su Qin looked at Mo Ji with a faint smile.

Judging from Su Qin's perception, he naturally realized that there was a certain connection between Mo Ji and Mo Yun City.

Compared with ordinary demons, Mo Ji knew too much, and even knew everything about the tide of vitality in the world.

"Master, I said, I said everything."

A trace of struggle flashed across Mo Ji Qiao's face, and immediately begged for mercy.

"Say it."

Su Qin said casually.

"Master." Mo Ji's expression recovered a little, and he reverently said: "Master, Demon Cloud City Master is my uncle."


Su Qin was slightly surprised.

He thought that Mo Ji had an enmity with Mo Yun City Lord?

After all, Su Qin truly felt the hatred that Mo Ji concealed against the Demon Cloud City Lord.

"Master, although City Lord Demon Cloud is my uncle, I can't wait for him to die now!"

When Mo Ji said this, he paused for a while, and continued: "I have been a pure Yin body since I was born. After my uncle knew about it, he not only imprisoned me, but also planned to send me to another Demon King as a furnace. "


Su Qin's face was thoughtful.

If the magic girl really becomes the furnace of other demon kings, the end will be very miserable. From the time the pure Yin Qi in the body is exhausted, the blood is defeated, and he lingers for dozens of days to die, and at the worst, his soul is scattered on the spot.

It can be said that the Demon Cloud City Lord gave Mo Ji to other Demon Kings as a furnace cauldron, which was equivalent to letting Mo Ji die and died extremely miserably.

"and then?"

Su Qin continued to ask.

"Then I escaped."

"But it didn't take long for him to find out, and then he was rescued by the master..."

Mo Ji didn't dare to lie, and said with a trembling voice.

She knew very well that nowadays, apart from Su Qin, she had no support. Without the protection of Su Qin, sooner or later she would fall into the hands of the Demon Cloud City Lord, and then be treated as a furnace ding, like a commodity.

And through this time of getting along, Mo Ji knew that although Su Qin was cold, he didn't seem to be interested in her, let alone treat her as a furnace.

After discovering this, Mo Ji suddenly firmed up his idea of following Su Qin.

You know, the pure Yin Qi in her body is very good for the existence of the Demon King, and it is impossible for any Demon King to discover her.

It was a great luck to meet Su Qin who didn't care that she was a pure yin body like a demon king.

"I know."

"You leave now."

Su Qin waved his hand and said.


Mo Ji obediently retired.

Su Qin watched Mo Ji leave, and didn't think she was lying just now.

You know, when Mo Ji was speaking, her tone of hatred towards Demon Cloud City Lord was revealed, but it was true.

In addition, Su Qin's spiritual thoughts were enveloped, and it was even more certain that what Mo Ji said should be true.

"In the past few years, I have visited all the places that can sign in nearby, and only Magic Cloud City is left."

Su Qin touched his chin, his thoughts fluctuating.

Even if there is no Demon Ji, Su Qin will go to Demon Cloud City. After all, in the nearby land of thousands of miles, Demon Cloud City has been around for the longest time. If it is considered in terms of Dao Yun, Demon Cloud City has the most Dao Yun.

And the more Dao Yun, the better the treasures Su Qin signed in.

"However, before going to Demon Cloud City, let's break through."

Su Qin's expression condensed slightly.

As early as when the deity of Su Qin broke through to the seventh heaven, this incarnation could also break through.

After all, whether it is the deity or the incarnation, it is Su Qin, who has a common will and thought.

"let's start."

Su Qin slowly closed his eyes, the breath in his body circulated endlessly, slowly rising and shaking.


A few days later.

The magic girl was boring on the swing, her long snow-white legs dangling constantly.

"The master hasn't told me to pass for several days..."

Mo Ji blinked his eyes, and kept looking into the valley where Su Qin was.

It is a pity that at this moment, all the valleys are covered by a layer of devilish energy.

"Master won't be angry anymore?"

"I really didn't mean to hide it from the master..."

Mo Ji felt tight, thinking that Su Qin blamed her for concealing her relationship with Demon Cloud City.

"No way."

"I must explain it to the master."

The magic girl jumped off the swing happily, and was about to run out of the valley to see Su Qin.


at this time.

A faint voice came: "What are you going to explain?"

Mo Ji looked up and saw a man with deep eyes standing there quietly.

"the host."

The magic girl exclaimed and looked at Su Qin in disbelief.

Su Qin at this moment gave Mo Ji a completely different feeling, like a real endless abyss, constantly devouring everything around him, even Mo Ji couldn't escape her gaze.

"the host."

"Did you break through?"

Mo Ji's pretty face was full of shock.

Although Mo Ji was not the Demon King, she had stayed in Demon Cloud City for a long time. Although the Lord of Demon Cloud City had imprisoned her, he didn't mind telling her something.

Among them is the breakthrough of the devil's level.

Every step of the existence of the demon king is extremely difficult, and it takes years or even decades to retreat.

And Su Qin just broke through after only a few days of retreat?



Su Qin said casually.

At this moment, he has completely stepped into the Seventh Heaven Realm, and his breath is mighty, like a mighty heaven, even if he is placed in the Demon Cave World, he is definitely a strong one, suppressing the pinnacle demon king of several big cities.

"Let's go."

Su Qin looked up at the sky and said.


"Master, where are we going?"

Upon hearing the words, Mo Ji immediately followed Su Qin closely and asked in a low voice.

"Where to go?"

A smile appeared on Su Qin's face and said lightly: "Magic Cloud City."

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