Zombie Apocalypse Book Chapter 2030

Chapter 2030: Qin Wen End Of Book

What is this?

When a woman lives with a man, she will become pregnant, which is normal.


The belly of the eldest wife and the super girl hasn't reacted yet, which of course made the two women angry.

The two women were reluctant to talk to Qin An for several days.

Qin An can only continue to accompany Xia Na.

When the two concubines heard that Xiana was pregnant, they became enthusiastic and took the initiative to take care of them. As expected, they were much more virtuous than ancient women.

A few days later, all the forty-nine Excalibur Swordsmen finally arrived. Qin An received them with a mixed mood.

Originally thinking of going to the world with the Forty-Nine Excalibur Swordsman, now there is no use for birds.

With a decent and generous speech, Qin An lost interest and asked people to take them outside the island to live here. When he left, he said: "My wedding is about to take place, you are forty-nine swords. The rebirth of God has an inextricable fate with me, Qin An, and I will be together in the future. Drink a few more glasses at the wedding. We will get closer and get along with each other slowly. You dont need to call my master anymore. Its nice to be a brother. , That's it, goodbye."

Qin An walked a little dingy.

Thinking that I am an unscrupulous pig's feet, I feel not so happy.

Of course, the so-called unhappiness is actually a kind of emotion. Li Ji asked Qin An.

"Will you go to a duel with Wang Cheng?"

"Am I S.B? It's okay to fight? Didn't you arrange the manpower? Let them do it."

A few days later, the big boss manipulating the chaotic world, the unfortunate man who had established a huge kingship in the East Pole was chopped off his head. It is said that the corpse was chopped in half.

After that, this big power was taken over by Wang Cheng's cronies.

And this cronie is actually the little brother arranged by Li Ji, everything is so relaxed and perfect.

Qin An heard Wang Cheng's death again, and sighed in disappointment: "I hope he can be resurrected."

The death of Wang Cheng, for Qin An, means that he has completely received the box lunch.

There are no more goals in life, and the rest of life will be spent in firewood, rice, oil and salt. No matter how chaotic the world is, Qin An can't lift the energy.

As for the Haikou that the Emperor Yun Empire boasted, believe me, I will call the world for you. Qin An has forgotten things like this. Its cool to brag about this kind of thing, no one else. How about getting up early?

In three months, Qin An got married and married Weng Lan and Li Ji.

This is not Qin An's first marriage, but Qin An knows that there will be no weddings like this in the future.

Big belly Xianna didn't attend this wedding. She was married to Qin'an Chapel as early as in the world over there. It was considered as a legitimate Ming-Medium marriage. Besides, there was a child in her belly. Of course, she didn't like this Western-style wedding.

Qin An finally felt happy when he kissed the two brides.

He has experienced everything in this life, although it seems that after all, he did not become the eternal **** and demon like the male pig's feet in other novels, but he finally asked for peace of mind and reason.

It's just that there was a problem in the kissing session. I kissed Weng Lan, but when I left Ji, I didn't know how many kisses.

At first, Qin An held Li Ji's kiss, and after a kiss, Li Ji took Qin An to kiss again.

"Substitution! I am Li Na's soul!"

"It's changed, I'm Rongrong!"

"Substitution, I am Wang Yunzhi."


Okay, I've been changing people, and I've been kissing. In the end, Qin An didn't know who the change was.

Many relatives and friends came to this wedding, of course most of them were friends of Li Ji.

The people on Qin An's side are also forty-nine swordsmen.

Qin An and them exchanged cups with them. They were drunk. Weng Lan also drank too much when they sent the wedding room to Weng Lan.

Afterwards, people asked Weng Lan, why did he drink so much?

Weng Lan didn't say anything at first, but only told everyone a few years later.

"At that time, seeing Qin An and Li Ji drinking non-stop, I looked angry! So I drank a lot."

Of course people laughed.

Time actually flies, and it's a few years in an instant.

Qin An's selflessness and symbiosis ability really still exists, but the scope has become much smaller. Only Qin An can choose to live forever.

Qin An didn't use this ability casually, but didn't want to cause a population crisis.

Xiaanna's child is five years old, a little girl, named Qin Yue.

Xiaanna often said that this Qin Yue is Qin Yue from another world. She looks exactly like her and has a similar personality.

Xiaanna loves this daughter very much, and she often cries and laughs in her arms. She laughs because she likes it, and crying naturally misses a child from another world.

Qin An is not so sentimental, just holding his daughter in his palm.

It was sunny on this day, and Qin An was teasing his child in the garden when someone behind him suddenly held his eyes.

"Guess who I am!"

"Huh? This voice sounds familiar, Wang Hui?"


"Gong Xue?"

"no no!"

"Who is that, I can't guess."

Qin An grasped the soft little hand and touched it again, really out of ideas.

The little hand slowly withdrew, and then a gentle smiling face appeared in front of Qin An, Qin An's body was stunned.

"Wu Wu Wu..."

"Why? You smashed? You don't know me, Wu Yan?"

How could Qin An not know each other? This is the wife of the old man Liu Yuanchao, Wu Yan! That somewhat beautiful and clever woman was once Liu Dongfeng's ex-wife, Wang Yunzhi's love rival, and one of the thirteen wolf riders later, Qin An's best friend in life!

"you you you......"

"Hey, what's the surprise? The strongest female partner, all the female characters are in this body, but the ones who have come out in the past few years are women who have a relationship with you. We are a little embarrassed to come out and dont know how Face to pick you up."


Qin An blushed, this Nima couldn't face it!

All female characters share the same body and have feelings.

Doesn't it mean that he and Wu Yan have actually been married for several years...?

Wu Yan looked at Qin An's blushing and purple, and laughed out loud.

"Okay husband! Don't be shy, what are you doing with so much? Anyway, this person, no matter how you change, no matter who you become, that's your woman, don't you know?"

"I know... but without mental preparation, tell me, who else can you become?"

"In the dangerous city of the last days, almost all the women you can think of!"


"You should know that in Li Jis thoughts, there is only one heroine, and all other women are Xiangying clones, so in fact, including the real Li Ying and Weng Die, these two Weng Lans sisters are also in this body. Inside, its just that they are embarrassed to come out to see my sister so they have not come out, but they will come out one day."


"Dont talk, okay? Husband, Ive actually figured it out in the past few years. Its because I dont care if other female partners will appear. But you know my personality is a bit crazy, and I dont care what others think, so I came out today to give a head start to those female dragon suits who actually dont even count as supporting roles. You have a blessing."


"Let's go, let someone else take care of Yueyue, let's go to the room."

"What are you doing?"

"What do you mean?"


Qin An felt that this story could not be written down anymore, and it was getting more and more bloody!

He raised a **** to the sky and said in his heart:

If there is any author who doesnt know is writing this book, I will curse you for the next book is super god, fans are full of baskets, I will give you red envelopes every day, let you buy delicious food, and then you will be fat and shameless. The smelly **** wire!

No matter how unwilling Qin An was, he was finally swallowed by the wolf-like old driver.

Life goes on like this, it's exceptionally beautiful.

Soon after, Weng Lan finally got pregnant and became Qin An's focus.

Weng Lan was also very nervous. He and Qin An have been married for several years, and there has been no news. Is it still like the beginning of the novel "A Dangerous City", neither of them have been pregnant for seven years? That's a mess!

In this way, she was busy giving Weng Lan a baby. Four months later, Weng Lan's stomach was already bulging into a ball, and Qin An was frightened.

Why is this belly so big? Is it quadruplets?

Uneasy because of nervousness, Qin An went to a place far away and invited a famous doctor to see Weng Lan.

This famous doctor was also a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, very good, he asked Qin An to wait outside and showed Weng Lan in the bedroom for more than an hour.

Finally, Qin An heard Weng Lan's cry from inside and couldn't help but rushed in.

"Wife! Are you okay?"

"Husband...wow, wow!"

"Fuck! You want to die me? Doctor, what's the matter?"

The old doctor touched his beard and thought about it before frowning:

"The old man will never be wrong, the wife is pregnant with..."

Seeing the old man hesitating to speak, Qin An was really anxious and shouted:

"The doctor quickly said, even if I am pregnant with a birth defect, I can accept it!"

"Mr. Qin, don't worry, the wife and the fetus are very healthy, but..."


"Madam is pregnant with seven abortions!"


Qin An was dumbfounded, watching Weng Lan speechless for a long time.

Is this woman a pig? Are you pregnant with seven?

"Husband, do you think they will become seven dwarfs?"

Weng Lan whispered.

Qin An hurriedly said with a smile:

"No, my son, it must be seven gourd babies, haha!"

"I don't want it, should I be born with a gourd on my head?"

The next step is the boudoir **** of the couple. Qin An invited the doctor out, and then continued to comfort Weng Lan.

Weng Lan still complained constantly.

"It's all to blame for you. On the wedding night, I drank so much wine and didn't round up the house. It's unlucky? So I haven't been pregnant for so many years. This is great.

"Hey, wedding night? Is there anything to be done? Didnt it all happen again? But I drank too much alcohol that day, but dont think Im really too much. I know that. I lost my clothes, climbed onto my bed, and played with me four or five times. That initiative is really unbearable."

"Nonsense, how is it possible? I drank a lot of alcohol that night."

"Ah? Really? Maybe I have a wrong memory?"

Seeing Weng Lan's seriousness, Qin An hurriedly staggered the subject and continued to chat, and Weng Lan didn't care.

After leaving Weng Lan's room, Qin An asked other women if they had climbed into their beds when they were married.

Several women shook their heads, saying that he was in Weng Lan's room that day, who would go?

Qin An asked around to no avail and struggled.

It's weird, you remember who you had a good time with that night? Is it wrong?


Ten years later, there is a city called Altar in Antarctica. This city is very big, made of ice, but only two people live in the city. Apart from the cold wall, there are bones that can be seen everywhere in the city.

If Qin An gets to this place, he will sigh, it really looks like a dangerous city in the last days.

A group of people came in from the dangerous city, estimated to be over a hundred, all holding guys, their temples bulged, and they were all masters.

"Huh, there are really dead people in this city!"

"The city of the altar is well-known."

"Is there really ice in the city?"

"Well, it is said that there are, but there are also Ice Soul Guardians here!"

The ice cap is a kind of treasure. It is said that eating one ice cap can increase your physical strength ten times, but it takes ten years to digest the energy of the ice cap. After eating a second one, you can increase your physical strength a hundred times, and so on.

This thing is not common. In recent years, news has been posted in the world that there have been ten ice caps in the Arctic. This is definitely a super treasure.

Many people wanted to try their luck, but no one came back. Some people saw the city where the dead went in, so they called it an altar!

A gust of wind blew, and I don't know when a young man stood among the group of quacks.

"who are you?"

"Is it also here to look for Ice Soul?"

"Unlike it, he is too young, right?"

"Well, it's not like it."

Everyone was discussing, the young man suddenly moved, his body like a lightning and wind shadow, and he quickly shuttled through the crowd.

After forty seconds, he returned to the place where he didn't seem to have done anything, but the transparent, sheathless ice sword on his waist was swaying back and forth without a trace of blood on it.

At this time, a middle-aged woman came from a distance, and the boy hurriedly rushed over when she saw it.

"Mother, why did you come out, it's cold outside, go home?"

"Everyone killed?"

As soon as the middle-aged woman's voice fell, those people fell to the ground one after another, and their bodies separated.


"Your swordsmanship is getting better and better, it seems that Ice Soul is really useful."

"Yeah, mother, I feel that the speed of absorbing ice souls is getting faster and faster recently. I think I can already swallow the fourth one."

"The fourth one? Forget it. You swallowed the third one just a few years ago? Mother is not asking you how strong you are now, just asking you to be safe."

The middle-aged woman touched the young man's head. The young man smiled, showing small tiger teeth and a handsome and resolute face.

"My son, what is your name?"

"Zetian asked!"

"Who is your enemy?"

"Qin An!"

"Remember what I told you before?"

"Remember, I will smash him into pieces!"

"Um... my son, forget all this."

"Forgot? Why? Isn't he the enemy who killed my brother?"

The middle-aged woman shook her head and sighed:

"Mother lied to you."


"Hey, he didn't actually kill your brother. Your brother was only killed by his men. The two countries are fighting. Killing was originally a normal thing. I hated him many years ago because he later killed my brother. , But now I cant hate it. When the two of them are competing, my brother is not as skilled as humans. What can I do if he is dead? Who can be blamed? If you must blame, then blame me. I let my brother get ahead and let him Dead."


"Child, listen to me, my name is Zetianyue, and you shouldn't be called Zetianwen, you will be called Qinwen from now on. The person I want you to kill all these years is actually your father."

"what why?"

"Hey, he killed my child back then. I got into the marriage room when he got married and wanted to steal his child and kill it. So that night, I took advantage of him to be drunk and did something with him. Later There is you. I gave birth to you in October. I was going to strangle you. How can I bear it? Then I planned again, or let you kill Qin An and let your father and son kill each other! But now, I see that your kung fu is getting better and better, and it is beyond description. I think you might be able to kill Qin An...Hey, you are my favorite son and only relative. How could I watch you kill your biological father?"


Qin Wen cried when he heard it, and knelt to the ground.

"Qin asked, it's time for our mother and son to leave this place. I'm going to live in seclusion in a different place, lest someone always bother to get Ice Soul. This is a natural wizard. Your grandfather discovered it back then. You told me this secret. Only in this way can you have this ability. If you have the opportunity, you will come back to worship again. This is your place of prosperity."

"Yes! Mother, I will follow the teachings."

"Well, when you leave and find a place to settle me, you can go to Qin An. I don't want you to kill him, and cut off one of his hairs. This is regarded as revenge for your half-brother... Then let him pick me up. I don't want you to lose your father's teachings, and I don't want to be separated from your mother and child, so the whole family must be together..."


Qin Wen smiled honestly.

Ze Tianyue frowned, looked at her son for a while, finally smiled, and squeezed Qin Wen's face with her hand.

"I have been teaching you all these years. I heard that Qin An is your own father. Seeing your longing, you have long wanted to find a father, right?"

"No, no, no mother."

"Okay, okay, let's go now, leave this altar, leave this dangerous city like the last days, here... its cold, isnt it? Your fathers place is the land of the wind, the scenery is beautiful, And its not cold in all seasons."


"Little white-eyed wolf, look at your sore-looking... let's go, it's really cold..."

(End of the book)

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