Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 1957

Chapter 1957: Fatherly Love Overflows

Erlang was a stunned boy, and Erfaan was not much better. When the two heard that someone was making trouble, they immediately rushed out of the house, and then froze.

The beauty of Shuang Qiao, big and small, was originally unmatched, but now Xiao Qiao is the body of a demon, and it is even more difficult for a man to take a look.

Erlang was originally an asshole, but after taking refuge in Qin Anhao, he became much more honest. In addition, Shui Bingyue often raised some points, so this time he was smart and didn't come forward immediately, intending to see what Er Fat did.

Er Fat is a little **** boy. He doesn't know how to look, but he already knows to rob a woman. Small bones can be robbed. How can he not act like a big and small Shuangqiao.

"Huh! Miss sister, do you dare to hurt my house guard and watch me catch you!"

Erpang learned shrewdly this time, and he knew that he could find a reason for himself in a high-sounding manner.

It's a pity that Xiao Qiao is not a small bone. Er Fatty jumped over and was hit with a fist. Fortunately, he was rough and thick.

What strength is this Nima?

The Er Fat who got up and stood completely dizzy. He knew his own strength very well. He was easily thrown so far by the opponent without the strength to resist?

Fuck, Er Fat has never lost to others in terms of strength after this time and space.

The demon had actually felt Er Fat's physical strength. If it weren't for his strong resistance, why would he just not throw it ten meters away?

This shows that the kid should be a superpower, perhaps a descendant of Qin An.

The demon also wandered a lot here in order to find Qin An, so he knew that the structure of the Northern Han powers was basically Qin An's descendants.

This kid is obviously a supernatural person, and very powerful, of course it is not difficult for the demon to guess his origin.

Er Fat found that her daughter did not pursue him even after flying him. It did not seem to be very hostile.

Since Erpang couldn't beat her, Er Fat also decided not to join her for the time being, so it was more important to figure out her identity. Because this kind of strength must be a supernatural person, and if it is a supernatural person from the world of fiction, either you are your own person or the enemy of Jingzhou, you must first report your identity!

"What an amazing woman! Your little master is Liu Erpang, and the son of Heaven Qin An is my grandfather! Who are you?"

Er fat reported himself more directly.

The demon child raised his eyebrows and glanced at him, then said softly: "It turns out to be Qin An's little great-grandson, huh..."

After a cold snort, the demon's face became gloomy, and then he said: "I am the demon, let your grandfather come out to see me, was he here?"

"Huh? Demon... mother-in-law!"

Er Pang was shocked. The demon's name is also an important part of the history of the Qin family. When Er Pang was very young, he knew that Qin An was to save the demon, so don't be trapped in the time and space ten thousand years ago. And after this time, Er Fat also knew that in addition to Tang Yu's grandmother who crossed into the world of the Three Kingdoms with Qin An, there was this demon grandmother!

No wonder it is so violent, the demon seems to be the monster among the legendary ancestors of the seven beasts!

Er Fat remembered these things and didn't dare to care for it, so he immediately became honest and became his original identity, a teenager.

After this time, Shui Bingyue came out from the door.

She naturally didn't recognize the demon, and hadn't even heard of it, but through the dialogue between Erpang and the demon, she almost understood that the demon might be the old friend of the Tianshengzi Qin An.

Seeing Er fat hiding in fear, Shui Bingyue hurriedly stepped forward and said, "Master Yaozi! The Marshal of my family soldier Ma, the Son of Heaven, Qin An, has already given the position of Marshal to Qin Lang and Li Guangbei ten days ago. He has acted, and he himself took his maid Cao Jie and Cao Xian away. It has been ten days since they have never appeared. No one knows where he went!"

"What? Qin An is not there?"

"No! He was the first to arrive near this side. He disappeared after handing over the position of coach. Maybe there are other important things to do."

Shui Bingyue's voice fell, and a very deep and gentle male voice sounded from the palace gate.

"Yes, the old ancestor has nowhere to go. No one knows what he did! I am Qin Lang, the acting commander of the North Han Army. The old ancestor would be very happy if he knew that the demon came to her humbly, so the ancestors might as well live in the house. Maybe Grandpa will be back in a few days."

Qin Lang spoke very politely, and he was talking about things. No one really knew what Qin An did. Qin An didn't explain to anyone.

The demon son confirmed the news, and immediately was full of fire.

Is she easy?

After chasing around, they finally found the clue target, but now they told her that Qin An had disappeared!


This **** man, she and Tang Yu accompanied Qin An to travel through, and took her to Soochow, but Qin An and Tang Yu were missing, and the time was just early October, and Tang Yu gave birth to children. How can this not make people angry?

The enraged demon boy sulked at the door for a while, and then he did not stubbornly, and brought Da Qiao into the mansion, and sent people to the inn to pick up the three children.

"Hey! What the **** is that tree in the yard? Cut it down!"

"That puppy, pulled down and kept in the backyard, looking unlucky!"

"The house over there is being rebuilt! It looks uncomfortable!"

"Your name is Qin Lang, isn't it? Qin An's grandson? Send someone to find Qin An, don't you know if you lost your ancestor?

Including Qin Lang, everyone who was with Yaozi at this time was a little dizzy.

Seeing the demon's momentum, she didn't regard herself as a guest at all. She was already the mistress's imposing self, and she should be more difficult to serve than Qin An.

People are a little upset, it seems that this is the real ancestor!

Hey, I really don't know where Qin An has been. Everyone only hopes that he will come back quickly to deal with the old curse of the demon-born queen's temperament!


The mountain here is unnamed, 23 kilometers long from east to west, 16.7 kilometers wide from north to south, and has a total area of 230,000 mu. The main peak is northwest and southeast, and the branches extend in a pinnate shape to the south. The mountains are steep, ravines are vertical and horizontal, and the peaks and ridges are numerous and majestic. From a distance, it looks like a rooster sings to the east. The mountain body is blue-purple, clear and majestic on a sunny day. Clouds and mists are lingering in the cloudy days, and they are sometimes faint.

Qin An took the two little girls into the mountain for a day, and it is estimated that one day they will go out.

In fact, he walked much faster by himself, but the two little girls couldn't walk fast.

"Twenty miles to the south of this mountain is Nanyang, and Nanyang has entered the boundary of Jingzhou. The Wei family in Jingzhou is still peaceful. After entering Shu, it is in danger. Your father's army is estimated to have broken through one million, including servants. Sixty soldiers, 40 strong people, really amazing! Haha, I said I went to find Liu Bei to join forces, but I waited for the soldiers of the whole country, and there was my Northern Han cavalry in the back. I dont know how Zhuge Liang was feeling at this time. !"

Qin An seemed to be in a good mood. He caught a few pheasants and used them for barbecue, while Cao Jie and Cao Xian sat on the grass on the side and rubbed their feet.

The weather got hotter and hotter along the way to the south, and he didn't know if Qin An did it intentionally. He was not in a hurry. He would walk when he was tired, and even just find a place to live for a few days.

The two sisters couldn't understand Qin An's thoughts at all. Why did he lead them to chase his father's troops?

Qin An was not alone when he came out this time. The Qin family's supernaturalists had separated almost hundreds of people to form an intelligence agency, responsible for collecting various intelligence, and some even arranged to go to Jingzhou.

One person flashed out in the forest at this time. It was a child of the Qin family, named Qin Luliang, who was a signal soldier for Qin An to contact the intelligence agencies.

"Old ancestors, Cao Cao's army is already stationed in Xiangyang City. It seems that Liu Bei has sent some people to negotiate with Cao Cao about how to join forces."

"Oh, it's almost the same. Xiangyang is only a hundred miles away from Nanyang and not far from Shu. Before Cao Cao and Zhuge Liang talked about the results, he shouldn't move forward, and Zhuge Liang won't let him go again. You go to rule Qin Lang. Let him assemble the army. Since Luoyang has become a city without defenders, there is no need to go. We will run with Cao Cao, which can be regarded as a helping hand!"

Qin Luliang frowned slightly, not understanding the meaning of Qin An's words, but instead of asking, he turned his head and left to convey Qin An's order.

Qin An looked at the two girls next to him. There was a little bit of ladylike appearance when sitting on the ground rubbing their feet. Although he didn't pay much attention to them these days, he seemed to be familiar with them.

In fact, it's not that Cao's sisters are unruly, but their feet are too uncomfortable. They have never walked such a long way in their lives. In the past, they had never walked through the door.

The pheasant was almost roasted, and Qin An took out a table, a few sets of utensils, and a few stools on the ground, and then placed various condiments.

The Cao sisters had seen Qin An's spells many times since they were in contact with Qin An, but they still couldn't be surprised, and they all opened their mouths.

"Come on, come over and eat."

Qin An felt like a babysitter. At the beginning, he took them as a maid to take care of him. Only when he went out did he realize that she could not do anything at all. If she hadn't taken care of her, she would have died out.

Cao Jie's personality is more cheerful, and Cao Xian is more reserved.

But after smelling the roast chicken, they all gave up their original temperaments and all became foodies.

It's just that the two women had just rubbed their feet, and they couldn't find a place to wash their hands. They got up and saw the roast chicken on the table in a hurry, but they were embarrassed to eat.

Qin An saw the entanglement of the two girls, so he took out the wash basin, mineral water bucket, and towel.

"Master, where did these things come from?"

Cao Jie couldn't help it anymore, so for the hundredth time it was about this problem.

Naturally, Qin An wouldn't answer, so he asked them to wash their hands and eat quickly, and then he made a big kettle and filled it with water and put it on the bonfire.

Food is always so magical, not only can make people not hungry, but also make people forget the sadness, fear, doubt and many other emotions in the heart.

The little girl was eating well, so she ignored why Qin An was so good and could change various things.

Compared with the two little girls, Qin An was a rough person, and the water almost boiled when he was full.

He went to pick up the big kettle, and then took out two wooden footbaths and put them next to the legs of the two girls.

They were eating sweet and sweet, and they felt that this kind of roast chicken was really delicious that they had never eaten in their lives, when they suddenly discovered that Qin An was doing everything in a daze.

"Master, what is this for?"

Cao Xian asked suspiciously.

"What else can you do? Isn't it rubbing your feet? I guess the soles of the feet are all blisters, right? Take off your shoes and socks and soak your feet in water, and then break all the blisters. After washing, walking will not be so painful. "


Take off your shoes and socks?

How can this be? What is the difference between this and uncleanness?

The two little girls were still deep-fried with their mouths full, and immediately shook their heads together, resolutely refused.

Qin An naturally reached their thoughts, smiled but didn't care. Sooner or later this group of people would be transformed when they followed him. He is a super superpower from the future world, can he be beaten by the ancient little girl?

The nurse Qin An did the wrong thing to get to the grass beside Cao Jie, picked up one of her feet, took off her shoes directly, and also pulled away the white cloth around her feet.

Cao Jie was crying anxiously, still chewing some chicken in his mouth, the chewing and crying appearance looked cute and inviting, but Qi Hao didn't have too many evil thoughts, just thought it was funny.

Looking at Cao Jies little foot, it is estimated to be thirty-five or sixty-six. Because it has been wrapped all the year round, it looks a little extra white, white and crystal clear, and the delicate skin of young women keeps it smooth and silky. The state is very attractive.

Knowing that Cao Jie was embarrassed, Qin An didn't want to embarrass her, so he put his bare feet in the basin, and then pulled the other foot.

How could Cao Jie be able to defend against Qin An while sitting on a stool? In the end, his potential energy yielded and put both feet in the water. Watching Qin An fiddle with her feet, he seemed to cry more fiercely.

But I don't know if his mind is short-circuited. When he was crying, Cao Jie lifted his right hand and wiped his tears with his sleeve, only to take a bite of the chicken leg with his left hand.

Qin An was more amused when he saw it secretly.

As expected by Qin An, Cao Jie's call was really a long run, and it looked bloodshot.

I didn't have to hurry all the way, so I didn't drive a black armored chariot, half of the time riding horses, half of the time watching the scenery, so after walking a lot, it is not surprising that the feet of the two girls became like this.

Qin An may have broken out of his fathers love. He felt that it was not easy for the two little girls, so he took out a knife and cut through the bulging skin on Cao Jies call, let out the liquid that had soaked away, and then took out the nail clippers to remove the dead skin. .

Perhaps Cao Jies feet are so good-looking, Qin An even took out a nail clipper to repair her somewhat slender toenails. Cao Xian blushed and heartbeat wanted to bury her feet, and Cao Jie, like those who felt like it, The brain is short-circuited, and I don't know what Qin An is doing.

After dealing with the unpleasant place, these little feet looked more beautiful. Qin An took out a comfortable soap and sucked Cao Jie's feet back and forth twice, then wiped out the rag and dried. Take out pure wool socks and put them on Cao Jie.

At this moment, Qin An's face turned red, and he felt that a big man had indeed washed the feet of a little girl in ancient times.

Maybe... is it really a flood of paternal love?

Qin An comforted himself in this way. After all, he did not have any desire in that area just now, but felt that it was not easy for the little girl.

Well, one raises it, and two sheep also raises it.

Qin An found a pair of white Anta sneakers, put them on and laced Cao Jie, and went to wash Cao Xian's feet.

Of course, washing the feet is a process. The purpose is to deal with the blisters on Cao Xians feet. Cutting toenails is just an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Qin An thought that there might not be anything to cut this thing in ancient times, so he let the two little girls try it. .

Cao Xian's personality was originally relatively introverted. Just now I saw Qin An wash Cao Jie's feet, but now I even forgot to cry and became petrified.

After Qin An smoothly handled Cao Xian's feet, he still made a comparison in his mind.

Cao Jie's feet look good, but Cao Xian's is better because the toes look longer and more delicate.

Drying his feet, Qin An found another pair of Li Ning sneakers for Cao Xian on board.

These things were originally from my wives back then, but now they are given to them.

The two little girls were extremely embarrassed, and after a long time they were incompetent.

Qin An ordered them to eat, and after they had finished eating, he took them to climb the mountain.

After noon passed, the weather in the afternoon became better. The sky was clear and the breeze slowly brought not cold but coolness.

Finally, the Cao sisters slowed down, and even after finding their own, the whole body began to turn from white to white.

It took another two full hours before they finally recovered and discovered the abnormality of their respective feet.

First of all, it doesn't hurt so much, and although this kind of shoes looks weird and ugly, they are so comfortable! Walking up the road gave them a feeling of wind under their feet.

This is not surprising. Both pairs of shoes have air cushions. How could Qin Ans survival be worse. Although it is a domestic brand, it is also a boutique in the brand. It is also an export product bought on the other side of the ocean. The quality is absolutely comparable to that outside the United States. Concentrate on sneakers.

It's the first time for the two sisters to wear this kind of clothes. How could it be uncomfortable.

Acceptance is a process, and there is a kind of acceptance called helplessness.

Although the two sisters had Qin An being very rude to what they did, they should be angry with people and gods, and should be intolerable, but Qin An's thick-skinned and improper-skinned things, what can they do?

suicide? The two little girls have no courage. In other words, it hasn't reached that level. After all, Qin An has always treated them pretty well, and he is more caring than the maid beside him.

cry? People Qin An just walked in front, crying softly, and crying loudly would attract all kinds of wild animals in the woods. The two sisters felt it was not appropriate to cry.

Not leaving? Qin An kept moving forward. Without Qin An's protection in this mountain forest, it would really mean sending him to death.

In desperation, the two little girls had no choice but to leave. They pouted and slandered Qin An's back. It's a pity that they wouldn't speak of MMP, CNM, etc., so the so-called slander was also It's just words like this kid is really bad, no innovation, extremely simple.

"Wow, this is a cliff! And there is a river!"

Qin An was amazed, and then moved quickly and ran forward 100 meters. There was a big river in front of him. It slipped from the other big mountain peak, and at the end of it, it fell into a cliff with a height of 100 meters, forming a span of almost 100 meters. The waterfall is fifty meters long...

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