Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 2029

Chapter 2029: Bring Back Xana

One month later, the most inconspicuous male pig's feet and the most inconspicuous female pig's feet and the strongest female pair settled in the Wind Territory.

There is a sea here, a sea that is not serious.

Its buoyancy is so great that it won't sink or even tip over even if it walks on it.

There is another island five hundred meters away from the shore, this is Qin'an's home.

Qin An hasn't had any bird incidents these days. At this time, he was basking on the beach on the island as usual. The sun was really bright.

The marriage is not what he said, the inconspicuous female pig's feet and the strongest female partner have already made a decision after some negotiations.

Weng Lan is of course the boss, the strongest female second child. Since the two little girls Long Shiyu and Ancient Qinghua already have status, they should also be accepted. These are just four women, everyone. acceptable.

Qin Anzhen didn't have any thoughts about Long Shiyu and the ancient blue and white, and the ancient blue and white was fine. Long Shiyu was still a child!

The wedding can't be held for the time being. The female partner wants to gather her 600 million people, and they will all go to the neighborhood to settle down. It is said that the nation will be founded.

Qin An ignored it at all, and firmly refused to be a king. He even did the Jade Emperor, so how could he care about a king?

In fact, it is very happy now, but Qin An just can't think about it, because of his many years of experience.

Why did you make such an unscrupulous male pig's feet? His meaning in life is not reflected!

"Are you thinking of her?"

Li Ji didn't know when to come by.

"She? Who?"


Yang Mu was stunned for a long time before finally remembering that Xiaanna was the woman she met in the Three Kingdoms world.

"Why do you say I think of her?"

"I know that she gave you a daughter named Qin Yue, and now all the female partners in the world of dangerous cities in the last days have been brought over by me. You can meet anytime you want, but Xiaanna is in another time and space. I can't bring it. Coming, only you can do it."

"Oh...that woman? I don't have much affection with her."

"But she gave you a daughter."

"Yes...her name is Qin Yue."

"Do you want to see her? See you have nothing to do recently."

\"Can I go?\"

"Of course, you can't go to the world of novels in the apocalyptic city, because when you and Weng Lan leave at the same time, the world of novels disappears. But the world of spiritual medicine where Xianna lives exists. You were originally a time traveler, I am a soul traveler, combined with our power, will definitely allow you to cross and enter the world of spiritual medicine, and did you know that the world of spiritual medicine is different from the world here, and it doesnt even matter. You went to the world over there, This side is relatively still, which means you haven't left the general..."

"It turned out to be like this?"

"Well, do you want to go see it?"

"miss you!"

"Well, then go."

In this way, with the help of the strongest female partner, Qin An once again came to the world of spiritual medicine, wearing an ice mask made of soul, and 108 purple fire silver needles refined with soul. Senior identity became the master of Qin Yue and son-in-law Qi Hao.

He thought that in this world, time on the other side of the world is still stationary, so let's stay for a while, so as to be with his daughter, but he owes her.

So he Qin An became a resident there, and lived until his son-in-law became an eight-level spiritual doctor, and he had spent a full twenty years with his daughter.

Originally thought they would be happy for a lifetime, and originally wanted to return to the other world. But at this moment, the bad news came. The son-in-law and daughter had a car accident. Qi Hao disappeared, and they were teleported to another world, or rather he was returned. The original world.

Qin Yue almost didn't cry to death. Qin An's appearance as a master didn't help much. Finally, he announced his identity.

"Qin Yue, I am your father, Qin An, a time traveler!"

This of course frightened Qin Yue. Qin An told Qin Yue a series of stories, which made Qin Yue even sad.

After a while, she took Qin An's hand and knelt down in the underground:

"Dad, since you are so good, can you send me to Qin An? Please, please!"

Seeing her daughter's pitiful and affectionate appearance, Qin An was very entangled.

What good is the kid named Qi Hao? The daughter never forgets him so much.

In fact, Qin An couldn't bear it. This is his only daughter. The children in the novel world have disappeared.

But Qin Yue was very stubborn, seeing that Qin An refused to allow her to commit suicide directly.

Qin An had no choice but to run out of energy while his daughter was dead, and let her soul follow the spirit power of the silver needle and the mask.

Both the silver needle and the mask are soul items, which Qin An gave to Qi Hao early.

Then their soul power is the trace of time and space. Whether Qin Yue can find Qi Hao in another world depends on good fortune. This is a reincarnation after a soul has crossed.

After sending away his daughter and son-in-law, Qin An was very surprised that the little grandson disappeared out of thin air.

The daughter-in-law gave birth to a son, which is not very old.

His parents died abnormally and left behind, which made the birth of the little grandson lose the driving force. It can be regarded as a correction of the law of time and space.


The year that Qi Hao and Qin Yue's family left, Xiaanna went to the beach alone.

She felt a little bit painful. Her son, son-in-law, and grandson were all gone, leaving her alone.

Looking at the sea in front of her, tears finally fell from the corner of Xianna's eyes. She remembered the days when she spent the years on the grassland.

I remembered the young Pian Pian I had met, and remembered that unrequited love that was hard to give up.

There are always things that are hard to forget, and the most memorable ones are actually regrets.

"Hi, how are you doing?"

Suddenly, Xana's body trembled because she heard a familiar but unfamiliar male voice.

"Hey, this is still the sea. I remember that a little girl was squinted by the wind and sand before this sea!"

The body really started to tremble, getting worse and worse.

Xianna turned her head abruptly, and a slender figure was standing on the beach and in the sun.

The wind blew, and Sha Fei rose. This time she was really squinted by the wind and sand. Suddenly Xiaanna didn't see exactly what that person was like.

Qin An has been in this world for more than ten years. In fact, he occasionally comes to see Xia Na secretly.

Qin An didn't recognize this woman from the Three Kingdoms world when she got to this place.

I have to say that the cosmetic surgery was very successful, and an ordinary-looking woman turned into a beautiful woman.

Of course, Qin An would not be seduced by Xianna's beauty, but she lamented the fate of the two and couldn't let her go.

Because of this kind of inability to let go, Qin An still understands Xianna.

Knowing that she hadn't had much contact with the outside world in recent years, she was alone. Her daughter was her only support. Now she has no support and is alone.

After Qin Yue left, Qin An came to the beach and looked at her often.

Today, Qin An's heart finally softened when she saw her crying at the sea.

He really had no feelings for women, but there was a Qin Yue between them.

Qin An sighed and came out to see each other, causing Xiaanna to tremble and Fengsha's eyes were lost.

Qin An stepped forward to embrace the woman and kissed her.

"Hey, you have been here for decades, but I don't know how many lifetimes have passed, Xiaanna, you are also amazing, and you gave me a baby."

"General...is that you?"

"Well, yes, think about it, everything is really like a dream."

"Have you seen Yue'er?"

"Well, I have been wandering around with them all these years. I am Yue'er and Qi Hao's teacher, mask. Yue'er mentioned it to you, right?"

Xiaanna's eyes widened, she couldn't believe it, and then cried in a low voice.

She originally thought that Yue'er had never had a fatherly love, but she did not expect that the master who had been with Yue'er for many years was Qin An.

This is really good, no more regrets.

"Don't be sad. The children are fine. Qi Hao returned to his original time and space. Yue'er followed. The little grandson turned into energy again, and he would always be born again by Yue'er. Don't worry about them anymore. ."


\"Dont cry, Xianna, I saw so many beauties in the Three Kingdoms world, but they didnt have anything to do with them, but you gave me children. This is fate, so dont cry , Didnt I come to pick you up?\"

"pick me up?"

"Yeah! You have been plastic surgery into a beautiful woman. If I don't marry you again, wouldn't it make you a pretty widow?"

"I'm not a widow, and a widow is a person whose husband is dead."

\"That is a narrow term. In the Chinese dictionary, a woman who lives alone is also called a widow.\"

After speaking, Qin An hugged Xia Na directly.


Xiaanna was a little confused, and her sudden contact with Qin An made her a little uncomfortable.

"What's the matter? I remember that you were a mad woman back then. After living in modern times for so long, you will be like a beautiful lady by then."

"That's not it."

"Well, don't be here, Liang. Come back to your house, even if we have a honeymoon after we meet again, when you feel sad, I will take you back."

"Mi Mi Mi... Moon?"

"Yeah, you know what it means?"

"Yes, but why do we have a honeymoon?"

"The children have all been born, why haven't they?"

Qin An is a real old bacon, not to mention that he really doesn't really have a deep feeling for Xia Na. It is right to say that it is more family love, because of the common daughter Qin Yue.

So it's better to be more concrete now.

Bring Xiaanna home directly, and basically didn't idle all day and night, only to make the confused Xiaanna forget her surname.

Two months later, Qin An returned to the Wind Territory of another world with Xiaanna, and Li Ji was still waiting when she came out.

Qin An smiled and said, "Is the time here really unchanged?"

"Well, it hasn't changed, and your appearance hasn't changed. It seems that after going to that world once, your ecstasy symbiosis ability is still working. How many years have you been there?"

"For more than ten years, let me introduce to you, this is Xiana."

Xiaanna and Qin An have been busy for two months, already feeling like an old husband and wife, and greeted Li Ji hurriedly, very warm.

After the two women finished talking, Qin An pulled Li Ji aside and said a very tangled question.

"That...Xiaanna is pregnant..."

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