Film And Tv World Employment System Chapter 407

Chapter 407: Meet The Syndicate Again

"Bang bang bang..."

James Bond hid in the corner, while shrinking himself, he took out his pistol and fought back at those people.

The shape of this club is very weird. There is a small recessed slot in the four corners below, which happens to hide a person. Bond took out a watch bomb and exploded the third floor before jumping directly from the window. Down, hid in this groove.

I wanted to run out in the dark, but I didn't expect the enemy to come too fast, and he didn't give him time to react, so he was forced to retreat here.

"Q, why hasn't the support come yet?" James Bond quickly contacted Dr. Q through the headset while fighting back.

"I have notified MI6 of the secret intelligence point here, but it still takes half an hour to arrive. Can you find a way to escape first?"

Dr. Q was also very nervous at this time. Although he could not see Bond's situation at this time, he knew that he was in danger after hearing the bullets rain.

"If I can escape, do I still need support?" As he was talking, Bond suddenly noticed someone on the right, and he waved his hand and fired several shots at that side.

Dr. Q solemnly said: "You hold on, I will find a way!"

"Then hurry up!"

Bond tentatively got ready to run out of the groove, but before taking two steps, there was a burst of gunfire. The bullet glided along the toe and almost hit the toe. He had to retract and replace it with a new one. Clip, continue to rely on this bunker to fight the enemy.

However, as the number of enemies increased, not only surrounded them from the right, but also a lot of people went to the left. Bond happened to be in the corner groove at this moment. If he stayed, he would definitely be caught in the urn.

"Kacha Kacha"

It was another round of shooting bullets that were empty. Bond removed the magazine and touched his waist. The spare magazine was empty.

"damn it!"

Seeing that the bullets were completely gone, Bond had to take out a lighter from his pocket, opened the lid and pressed it hard, and then slammed it forward.

"Zizi..." The lighter that was thrown out made a frustrating sound in the air, followed by thick black smoke.

Not to mention the pungent smell of smoke, but also very spicy eyes.

The subordinates of the Ghost Party, who were gradually approaching the surrounding, also covered their noses and shed tears, blindly shooting into the black mist.

Bond was about to rush out with the help of the black fog, but only heard a shot of "Da Da Da...".

"Ah! Damn there are enemies behind!"

"Hurry up to the golf course."

"Fight back! Fight back!"


The screams and wailing made Bond's heart vigilant all of a sudden. The call of those people just now obviously means that someone has rushed over again, and they don't know whether it is a friend or an enemy, but they just ran out at this moment.

Bond quickly rushed into the black fog, and after the Ghost Party's men fought with the people brought by Gu Ren, he quickly ran to the direction of the club's gate, where many guests were evacuating at this time.

"Hello, sir, please wait..." A ghost party security guard saw Bond who was about to come in. When he stepped forward to question the identity of the other party, he saw Bond hit the man with a punch. On the nose, after eating pain, the security subconsciously covered his nose with both hands.

This also gave Bond a chance. He quickly pulled out the gun on the security waist, opened the insurance and pointed at the security guards who came over.


Bond was still trying to run out over there, but Gu Ren had already faced up with the ghost party men.

Both sides fired continuously.

However, with the help of geographical advantages and sneak attacks from behind, Gu Ren just strafed, and after throwing a few grenades, the enemy was quickly swept away.

"Brian, you and Byrne will wait a while and follow me, walk around from the right to the front of the club. Make sure that Lisa and Anna are safe and clear the enemy at the same time."

"it is good."

Gu Ren looked at Arthur and the others: "Arthur, take the remaining people and walk on the left. While sweeping away the enemy, ensure your own safety. Remember to ensure your own safety. If you are surrounded, run quickly. "

"Understood." Arthur led away.

Since acquiring the spear fighting technique, Gu Ren hasn't used it very well. This time the ghost party has gotten a lot of hands down, and he has just tried how strong the spear fighting technique is.

Soon the group split into two teams.

Brian and Byrne went to protect Lisa.

Arthur, Catalya, Kolyakin, and Black Mamba are the people responsible for involving the Ghost Party, so that Bond can escape.

The yigao was bold, Gu Ren took out the double guns behind his waist, and headed in the direction from the right to the club gate.

At this time, dozens of cars were parked in the direction of the gate, and rows of armed men wearing bulletproof vests rushed down. To say nothing, there were hundreds of people.

"I said how the system released this mission, so many people are still fully armed, and they can crush Bond to death."

Seeing these people, Gu Ren understood why the system had to issue a mission to save Bond.

"The first team passed by on the right, the second team escorted the VIPs to evacuate, and the third team followed me on the right. Remember that our target is a man. You have all seen his photos. In addition, there is a suspected group of outsiders entering. , Does not rule out the support of that man."

As the right-hand man of the ghost party leader Franz Oberhaus, Henks also successfully took over the command of these people, quickly assigned the three teams, and rushed directly into the club of Novosibirsk.

Some are escorting these guests away, while others are rushing in and hunting for Bond and unknown enemies.

Dozens of Ghost Party men surrounded him. Someone raised their guns and shot them. Under the rain of "Da Da Da" gun bullets, Gu Ren hurriedly rolled forward, threw himself into a fountain and hid himself, using this gorgeous fountain as a bunker to start counterattack.

While dodging, he raised his two guns, and shot the bullets in the magazine in one breath, and the front row of enemies fell down.

Immediately, Gu Ren quickly turned around and hid behind the fountain column and switched magazines. He didn't fear that the concrete fountain column behind him was smashed to pieces by the enemy, and many of the small splashing stones bounced on his face.

Once the magazine is replaced, UU reading www. uukanshu.com Gu Ren began to find the right opportunity to shoot at those enemies. With two guns per person, the shooting speed was so fast that the heads of a dozen enemies in front could not be lifted, so he could only hide behind the car.

"Is he so good?"

Seeing Gu Ren alone holding two guns in front of him, the enemies were all falling down wherever the muzzle passed, and Bourne was surprised.

"He has always been great, but you haven't seen it." Brian shrugged his shoulders. He knows Gu Ren's personal combat power best. At the beginning, two or three people rushed to fight an entire mercenary group in Africa. A hundred enemies are nothing at all.

Thinking of this, Brian raised his hand and shot the enemy running on the right.


At the same time as Gu Ren's side was killing and killing him and stopping the Ghost Party men.

Arthur also turned in fire with another wave of people.

Different from Gu Ren, who stood out, Arthur was once the elite of the killer world. With the help of a variety of bunkers and weapons, in just a short time, many of the Ghost Party's men fell to the ground.

"Arthur, get ready for us to rush out." Suddenly, Gu Ren's voice came from Arthur's headset.

"Understand the syndicate!"

Arthur nodded, immediately greeted Catalia and others behind him, stepped up the counterattack, and after killing another group of people, moved a little bit towards the gate.

After a few people have left.

At this time, Ethan Hunt, who was hiding in a bush of flowers, suddenly stuck his head and looked deeply at the masked people who ran away.

"Syndicate! I didn't expect to encounter it here too!"

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