Robust Mage In One Piece Chapter 419

Chapter 419: Pillar Of Shiruk Skeleton Spirit

"Hongdu Mud..."

Chopper was shocked, and after looking around in a panic, he finally realized that he was indeed hiding, then swished and hid to the other side of the single bed...

It's the opposite!


Kong Ming smiled happily.

The furry, cute little reindeer is really cute.

"This is the little... Rogue Siruluk, right?"

Kong Ming looked at the thin old man who was lying on the bed and was sleeping, and gently pushed his glasses to release his mental power.

With Kong Ming's current strength, it is very simple to use mental power to sense the physical condition of an ordinary person. Soon, Kong Ming learned about Shiluruk's physical condition.

"How about, Chairman Kong Ming?"

Standing at the door, Dr. Kuleha looked at Kong Ming, with a trace of tension and concern in his words, "Is he still saved?"

"The organs inside the body are already showing signs of exhaustion..."

Kong Ming put his hand off his glasses and gave a definite answer.

"The oil is exhausted, the lamp is dry, and there is no way to recover!"


A courageous reindeer jumped out from behind the single bed, "I have found the panacea for him, and he will definitely get better."


Kong Ming lowered his head and glanced at Chopper, the lens flashed coldly.

"very scary!"

With a chuckle, Chopper hid behind the single bed again, or vice versa.

Then, when Chopper tried to probe out to take a peek, he realized that he was hiding again, and he hurriedly avoided again.

Chopper, who hid most of his body behind the single bed, carefully stuck out half of his head and looked at Kong Ming.

"Yes, which panacea I found..."

"Isn't this Ami mushroom?"

Kuleha looked at the panacea that Chopper had found, his face sinking like water.

"This mushroom is very poisonous, don't you know?"

"Hongdu Mud..."

Chopper's face showed an unbelievable look, "Very poisonous? But..."

His head turned to Hiruk who was lying on the bed.

"Mr. Siruluk said that it was a panacea, and he drank it happily."

"For the person who is helpless from the medicine stone, this thing is indeed a panacea."

Kong Ming answered calmly.

"At least he can suffer two days less sin!"


A certain little reindeer has rolled his eyes and fell to the ground.

"How about, Chairman Kong Ming..."

Kuleha was not angry at all because of what Kong Ming said, because Shiluruk's physical condition is very clear in her heart.

"Can he not die?"

"I have two plans here..."

Kong Ming looked at Kuleha and said straightforwardly.

"The first is to let him follow the same path as Sindora, embrace death, and then return from death."

"What's the price?"

Doctor Kureiha pointed to the core of the problem.

"From now on, he will be a dead person alive, and all the enjoyment of the living will no longer be available. No matter how good the food is, it will be the same for him."

"Is there no way to avoid this price?"

Doctor Kureiha asked again. "I think Sinduri seems to be normal..."

"Not everyone can have the world's No. 1 surgeon suitor." Kong Ming replied lightly.

"So what about the second plan?"

"The second plan is the artificial devil fruit capable person plan..."

Kong Ming pushed his glasses with his hand.

"You have already inquired about something from Huo Cubagu. At the moment, this rogue...Quick Doctor Shiluruk has experienced various degrees of exhaustion in his internal organs. If he wants to survive, he has to replace all the internal organs and transplant them. The internal organs that went back still cannot show violent rejection..."

"I know all this..."


Kong Ming nodded.

"I'm currently doing experiments with artificial devil fruit capable people, which can convert human flesh and blood into elemental bodies. There are no organs such as internal organs for elemental creatures. They have only one internal organ, that is, the elemental core. ."

"President Kong Ming, do you mean..."

"If Shiluruk can transform his body into an element, then his internal organs will also be transformed into an element, and then when it is transformed back again, the exhaustion of the internal organs should be suppressed."

"sounds good!"

Kureiha then asked, "Are there any hidden dangers in this plan?"

"Yes, and it's big!"

Kong Ming answered calmly.

"So far, a total of close to 3,000 people have participated in my experiment with man-made elemental devil fruit capable people, but only one-third of them can withstand the mutation reaction. One month later, there are still people There are less than fifty."

"You mean?" Kuleha covered his mouth with his hands in surprise.

"Yes, the death rate is over 98%..."

Kong Ming gave a positive conclusion.

"What about the first success rate?" Kureiha asked again.

"One hundred percent!"


Kuleha looked at Kong Ming's gaze becoming firm.

"I choose..."

"The second one!"

Shiluruk, the quack doctor who woke up without knowing when, struggled to sit up from the bed, "I choose the second plan..."

"Are you sure?"

Kong Ming looked at this ill-fated... Rogue.

"You have to think clearly, after an experiment, you may die!"

"How can it be?"

Hiruk struggling to pat a box with skulls and cherry blossoms on the head of the bed.

"No matter what others say about me, I will use this skeleton spirit to save this country and heal everyone step by step. Since I can use this skeleton spirit to heal everyone, I can use the skeleton spirit to resemble the sea. Fight to the end like a thief..."

Kong Ming pushed his glasses silently.

What does this illiterate mean? Doesn't he know that the reason why he has used this kind of skeleton spirit to treat people in the Drum Kingdom for so many years without being beaten to death is because a famous doctor wiped his butt?

Kong Ming turned his gaze to Kuleha, only to find that the witch was looking at Shiruuk with admiration.

"How about a two percent survival rate, and a one percent survival rate? It doesn't matter even a bit lower..."

Shiluruk stood up, clenched his fists, and said in a fearless tone.

"As long as I have the skeleton spirit, I will definitely win. I could overcome the disease back then, and this time I will definitely be able to."

Kong Ming blinked.

and many more!

Didn't you rely on the powder wood to fight against the disease... the cherry blossoms? Where did this skeleton spirit come from? Hey...

"Mr. Shiruluk..."

A certain tearful little reindeer who was moved by Shiluruk's words jumped onto the single bed, clenched his fists, and held it high.

"I will also use the skeleton spirit to accompany you to the end!"

However, he didn't care about this Shiluruk Kong Ming. The talent that Kong Ming wanted was the famous doctor Kureha, not the passionate old man who lacked the basic logic ability.

"Miss Kuleha, look at..."

"Then the second plan!"

Kureiha looked at Shiruluk with a proud look, "I believe he will not let me down."

Kong Ming pushed his glasses silently.

"Miss Kuleha, do you really stop thinking about giving this thief a course of pink snow?"

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