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  • Doltish Boling Yili Reborn

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Doltish Boling Yili Reborn summary:

Her father is the head of the Boling clan, the most powerful wizard clan?It's a pity that he's too snobbish. If you're gifted, you're considered a treasure; if you have no talent, then you're just a weed. This type of father should not be recognized as one.Her fiance is the most beautiful man in the Eastern Nation?Okay, I admit that you're very talented and handsome, but can you wait for a few years for me to accept you? I haven't played around enough. I don't want to hang myself on a tree.Her six half-sisters want to take her man away from her?Very well. I will break your hands then act dumb. Daring to have improper thoughts, you will all regret coming to this world.This mighty divine tiger, who keeps on sticking to her like a lackey, wants her to accept it?Ah, she was devoured by a tiger in her previous life. How is it unusual for her to greatly detest tigers in this life? Well anyway, her hand has been itching lately, and there were few punching bags to practice on. Beating it up while taking breaks every once in a while will help invigorate her..When matters are left unsettled, the heart and body will almost thirst for blood, longing for the wildness and madness, even undergoing change to the point of blurring the fine line between life and death. From the moment Chu Ye transmigrated, the Autonomous Wizard Continent better wait for they will witness what it means for the sky and the earth to turn upside down!

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