One Click Practice For Millions Of Levels Chapter 668

Chapter 668: Come In If You Have The Ability

When everyone in the Sun family saw it, Qi Qi gave way to make a way for Patriarch Sun to look directly at Jiang Zhou.

Jiang Zhou curled his lips, smiled, did not speak, but sat on the threshold instead.

"Boy, resisting desperately is not good for you." Patriarch Sun snorted coldly, watching Jiang Zhou slowly say.

"What is desperate resistance?" Jiang Zhou rolled his eyes and said slowly, "I am just defending my own due interests, so why did it become desperate resistance?"

Sun Erye snorted coldly, "If you make a mistake, you must take responsibility. What do you mean now? Don't you want to take responsibility?"

"You can shut up quickly." Jiang Zhou looked at Erye Sun and directly choked back: "I don't have any responsibility, why should you take care of it?"

"You are not responsible? You actually said you are not responsible?" Erye Sun's eyes widened, and he looked at Jiang Zhou and shouted in a deep voice: "The wound on my nephew and I was not caused by you?"

"You asked for it." Jiang Zhou sneered at what Sun Erye said, and said with a disdainful face: "I was provoked and beaten, so who can you blame? Isn't it just your lack of strength? Little trash. "

"Provocative?" Patriarch Sun frowned, faintly feeling that something was wrong.

"Yeah! You provoke us, then if we don't take action anymore, wouldn't we be scorned by others?" Sun Qinglong hurriedly pointed at Jiang Zhou and yelled and turned the topic away.

"Tsk tusk tusk..." Jiang Zhou curled his lips, and then said aloud: "You are also really good, hit the old one to get the old one, and hit the old one and get an older one."

"You fart!" Sun Qinglong was poked into the sore spot and couldn't help but watch Jiang Zhou yell.

"Is it wrong? What I said is the truth." Jiang Zhou shrugged his shoulders, and then said slowly: "Did you emptied your house today? Just think about coming over and cleaning me up."

"Don't worry, you can't escape today." Second Master Sun snorted and continued: "You have to go if you go, and you have to go if you don't!"

"Then you go." Jiang Zhou raised his hand, and then said aloud: "Please...slow down and don't give it away!"

"Are you pretending to be stupid on purpose, or are you really stupid?" Erye Sun frowned and looked at Jiang Zhou and murmured: "I want to catch you, not we want to go! Can't you understand what I said? ."

"Yeah, almost." Jiang Zhou nodded, and then said: "Anyway, there is only one ending for today...you go by yourself, I will stay, and then...you all stay."

"Hahaha, we are all staying, you are so loud!" Sun Qinglong laughed, and then said: "Don't you see the difference in numbers between us?"

"I can see it, so what?" Jiang Zhou curled his lips, then said aloud: "If you have the ability, you come in and hit us. I tell you, if you dare to come in today, things will not be so easy to solve."

"Don't think about it, they can't come in."

"Who said no? If he dares to come in, the dean can remove all their legs!"

Several school disciples cooperated with Jiang Zhou and mocked Sun Patriarch and others.

"Boy...are you a bit too arrogant?" Patriarch Sun looked at Jiang Zhou coldly and said in a deep voice, "Do you really think that Lei Hong will take care of you?"

"No?" Jiang Zhou raised his eyebrows and asked back.

"Hahaha idiot, said the dean of our college doesn't care about us..."

"Who said no? It doesn't seem to be a good brain."

"Don't say it soon, can anyone with a brain say such things?"

"That's also..."

The continuous taunts made the three of Patriarch Sun blush.

"Shut up all to me!" Sun Qinglong couldn't help it, pointing at Jiang Zhou and the others and shouted angrily: "If you dare to say more nonsense, I'll take your skin off!"

"Yeah, I'll give you the ability." Jiang Zhou stared, then hooked his finger towards Sun Qinglong, and said, "I'm just sitting here, come and pick your skin, come, come and let me see."

"Long'er, don't get excited." Family Master Sun said in a low voice.

"How can I not get excited, he is so arrogant." Sun Qinglong gritted his teeth and said, "He... he just didn't put our Sun family in his eyes at all."

Family Master Sun gave a cold snort, then watched Jiang Zhou slowly and said: "You come out, I can promise today that I will definitely not kill you."

"You can guarantee it today, but you can't guarantee it tomorrow?" Jiang Zhou raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "Don't always try to seduce me in this way. I can't be fooled."

"No, the temptation is not right." Jiang Zhou thought for a while, then added: "It's still more accurate to call deception."

Patriarch Sun was coughed twice, and then pointed to Jiang Zhou and said, "Boy...you have to know that even if I go to the academy to catch you, no one dares to say anything."

"Then I don't know, I'm not familiar with you either." Jiang Zhou waved his hand, and then said: "But you can come in and try... to see if you can do it, whether you have that strength."

"Boy, you said this yourself." Sun Erye snorted coldly.

"Yes, what I said, come on." Jiang Zhou nodded, and then said aloud: "I'll sit here, come in if you have the courage."

"If we go in and catch you, will you follow us?" Erye Sun frowned and asked again.

"It must be impossible." Jiang Zhou smiled slightly, and then said aloud: "I am just giving you a chance. If you come in, you will at least have a chance. If you don't come in...hehehe...then you guys. Even the chance is gone."

"I will use you to give a chance?" Second Master Sun stared, gritted his teeth and said, if hatred could kill people, Jiang Zhou would have died several times now.

"No need to chant, that's it?" Jiang Zhou raised his eyebrows, and said with a smile: "No need to be better, then you just stay outside. I'll save energy."

Family Master Sun gave a cold snort, and then slowly said, "Boy...you can't hide in the academy for the rest of your life, right."

"Don't hide, what's the matter?" Jiang Zhou raised his eyebrows, and then said aloud, "Are you going to stop me outside the academy?"

"Blocking you is not easy." Patriarch Sun snorted coldly, and said triumphantly: "With so many people in my Sun family, wanting to catch you, it couldn't be easier."

"Simple?" Jiang Zhou touched his nose, and then asked, "Simple, why am I still sitting here? According to what you said, shouldn't I be taken away long ago?"

"You..." Patriarch Sun stared at Jiang Zhou.

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