The Richest Man In The Dc World Chapter 355

Chapter 355: Fanatic Owls

The voices of the people on the speaking stage are low and hoarse, and they should have been changed.

According to the fathers letter, the Owl Court has no ranks, but there are three managers, also called chiefs, who manage the daily affairs of the court and have all the resources, including the most mysterious and terrifying "claw" troops.

If you guessed it correctly, the person on the stage should be one of the leaders.

Thomas looked at the person carefully, hoping to discover some clues from his body shape and temperament, a moment later, he regretfully shook his head, he had no impression of this person at all.

"When Gotham was still a small town, the court appeared. Our ancestors built this city to provide shelter for the homeless people, so that their children can have food and school. Every corner of Gotham City is covered with blood and sweat left by our ancestors. Our ancestors created all of this."

"Similarly, we are the same. We follow the wishes of our ancestors, make this city a prosperous place, give it a great name, and let a small city with only a few hundred thousand people develop into a metropolis with millions of people. Achieve this city, bring hope and future."

The leader spoke with eloquence on the stage, and the hoarse voice echoed in every corner, as if it could penetrate into the soul, making every listener involuntarily recall the past.

The atmosphere in the hall was silent, and everyone seemed to be affected by the words and fell into a state of loss.

"We gave everything for Gotham, however, this city is abandoning us, suppressing us, and obliterating us. Those people are compressing our living space step by step, and even trying to erase the achievements of our ancestors and create a false history."

"They intend to replace us, take away our property, position, power, family, and throw us out like trash, everyone..."

The leader paused deliberately, pressing the table with both hands, his eyes swept over everyone present,

"At this time last year, there were 57 members who came to the court, but now there are only 36. Do you know where those 21 people went?"

The atmosphere fell into silence-like depression, and even Thomas, who was not familiar with the situation, felt the hatred and resentment permeating the air.

"Yes, they are not there anymore, either they were sent to the Black Gate Prison, or they were strangled by the mob, or they became members of the Arkham Mental Hospital, and some of them died silently in accidents."

"Bruce Wayne, Jim Gordon, Harvey Dante, Frere Cohen... Of course, there are the most familiar and disgusting Batman."

Hearing the last name, Thomas instinctively raised his head.

"The despicable usurpers have sharpened their butcher's knives, cutting our flesh and blood one by one. Are you...willing to lower your head and let someone slaughter?"

"Kill them!"

Someone roared, the atmosphere in the hall was instantly ignited, and everyone waved their fists and roared.

"Kill them!"

"Kill them!"

"Kill them!"


"Yes, kill them, reshape the city, and restore the glory of the ancestors!"

The leader opened his hands, his eyes swept toward the crowd feverishly, and waited for the sound of the room to fade before he said unhurriedly.

"Now, let's discuss the third thing, revenge!"

"The night of revenge is tonight. I want to activate the claws to eradicate the enemy for the court. This requires your approval."

The leader beckoned, and two servants dressed up came in through the side door, holding cards, boxes and quill pens in their hands. They walked up to each member, handed out the cards and quill pens, and then put the cards in the box.

Soon, it was Thomas Elliott's turn.

There are three options on the card: for, against, and abstain.

Thomas thought for a few seconds and crossed the abstention option. The servant looked at him unexpectedly, said nothing, put the card away, and walked to the next goal.

After the thirty-six cards are collected, the box is sent to the speaking stage.

The leader opened the box, checked the cards one by one, and then announced excitedly,

"Thirty-five people voted in favor, and one abstained. Everyone, thank you for your support. Please stay home tonight and wait for the news. The night of Owls revenge officially begins."

After the speech, the people full of expectation and no guilt for causing the killing left the hall and entered the luxuriously decorated side hall with various drinks and food.

As a newcomer, Thomas could not avoid the fate of being scrutinized. He was very curious about the identities of everyone. The same is true for others. After decades of getting along, people here have formed a community of interests, and they know the face under the mask. What is it, but for the sake of tradition and mystery, they still wear masks.

"Sir, please, the chief."

Just as Thomas tried to talk to a guy who seemed familiar, the servant walked up to him and made an invitation gesture. Upon seeing this, Thomas had to give up his plan and went to the back office with the servant.

There was a person sitting in the office, who was the leader on the stage. He waved his hand, the servant bowed and left, and closed the door.

"Mr. Elliott, how did it feel on the first day?"

Thomas shook his head silently, "It's very different from what he thought."

The leader laughed haha, "You deserve to be a member of the Elliott family, your eyes are as sharp as your father." After speaking, he sighed slightly, "The experience of this year is very bad for the court. Many things Everything has changed. We need fresh blood to join, especially talents like you."

Thomas took off his mask and threw it on the table.

"I like to talk face to face."

"I like that too, but it's a pity..." The leader spread his hand, "Reality doesn't allow it."

"Mr. Elliott, the reason for inviting you to join is because of the excellent traditions of your family. A hundred years ago, the Elliott family was a member of the court and was the core part. Your father, grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather All have left a glorious history here. We hope that this tradition will continue. We need your talents. Similarly, you can get everything you want here."


"Yes~wuxiaworld.online~ Money, wealth, women, power, even the mayor, we can do it."

Thomas squinted. "What if it's Batman?"

"Batman is the mortal enemy of the court. Of course, I sincerely hope you don't tell me: You are Batman."

Thomas sneered, "Of course I am not Batman, but I want to replace him and occupy everything in him."


The leader raised his brows and said in surprise, "A very interesting idea, instead of Batman, acting as an owl, a good, creative idea, Mr. Elliott, it seems we can work together."

Thomas shook his head.

"The basis of cooperation is strength. The Owl Court has been famous for a long time, but I have not seen your strength."

"Do you want to see Talons?"

"Not only the claws, but also a hundred sets of Tesla-powered armor that disappeared. I know that the robbery is related to you."

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