The Richest Man In The Dc World Chapter 356

Chapter 356: Wayne Manor 2

"The 100 sets of power armor were specially produced by Tesla for the FBI and the Sky Eye Society. The purpose is to deal with superhumans with extraordinary powers. It is rumored that even ordinary people can become a hundred as long as they wear armor. Super soldier."

Thomas fixedly looked at the leader, "I want a suit of armor."

The leader shook his head in silence.

"Sorry, I can't give it to you."

Thomas sneered, "Sure enough, you did it. You are so courageous, you dare to fight the idea of FBI and Skyeye."

"Mr. Elliott, we digress."

Thomas lit a cigarette and took a deep breath. The smoke came out of his mouth and filled the room. After a long time, he said unhurriedly.

"When I was in college, I studied clinical medicine. Four years of experience taught me that no matter how good the theory is, practice is not as good as practice. The Owl Court did arouse my interest, but I did not hear a word about you from my father."

"The purpose of cooperation is to win-win, but unfortunately, there are too many idiots in the world, causing most cooperation to end in disastrous failure."

The leader squinted his eyes and his tone sank.

"You think we are idiots."

"Is not it?"

Thomas opened his hands and his expression was slightly innocent. "I admit that you are very strong. The FBI and Sky Eye will be nothing to you, but Luke Xiao is an exception."

"You robbed his goods and tried to use this batch of armor to carry out a terrorist attack. You think he will let you go."

The leader laughed strangely, "Elliott, one of the four big families in Gotham City, is actually afraid of an Asian."

"Yes, we robbed his goods, worth 150 million US dollars, so what?"

The leader raised his hand and knocked on the table, his eyes filled with strong self-confidence, "This is Gotham, not the seaside city. Here, there is no soil for its Hongmen to survive."

A gleam of pity flashed in Thomas' eyes. He saw confidence, pride, and boldness in this man, but he didn't have the keenness to perceive everything.

Such people are not worthy of cooperation.

"I will come again in a month, if you still exist."

The leader's face immediately sank, "The invitation letter sent by the owl has never been recalled."

Thomas put on the mask and chuckled.

"I know the rules." After a pause, he added, "If you can succeed, I am willing to pay the price... the price of satisfying all members."

After speaking, he got up and walked outside. The leader stared at him coldly. He did not look back until he left the office.

"Should you not let him go?"

A slightly questioning word came from behind, and there was an imperceptible figure in the corner, and the black falcon mask appeared in the dark.

The leader lit a cigar and took a long sip.

"We need the power of the Elliott family, as well as him, how about the armor preparation?"

The mysterious man raised his mouth and laughed in excitement, "It's unimaginable. If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I can't believe that this is a weapon created by humans. Luke Xiao deserves the name of genius. Income court..."

"Don't have illusions you shouldn't have."

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by the leader, "Send someone to stare at him. If possible, kill him."

The mysterious man raised his eyebrows,

"Have you thought about the result of this."

The leader pinched out the cigarette **** and sneered, "The Owl Court is not afraid of anyone. Don't forget, we are not just an organization."

The mysterious man was silent, and nodded slightly after a moment.

"Well, listen to you."


I dont know whether its environmental or climatic. The night sky of Gotham City is always shrouded in heavy dark clouds. From a distance, large Gothic buildings hang row upon row under the night sky, like the fangs of a demon, invisible. It gives people a feeling of depression and terror.

At 7:30 in the evening, a golden Lamborghini parked at the door of Wayne Manor, the car door opened, and Luke in a black suit led the charming and charming Barbara like a "princess" out.

The girls long hair is set behind her head, highlighting her delicate features. She wears an orange-red low-cut dress that complements her hair color. Under her slender neck is a jewel necklace with seven colors of light. The bottom of the necklace points directly to her chest, white and tender. Qiu squeezed a deep gully, which made people eager to see.

Luke took out the mask and said helplessly.

"Bring it, otherwise, those men will eat me."

"I have nothing to do with you."

Barbara's face was reddened, and it was very uncomfortable to wear this kind of clothes for the first time, but she couldn't help but jump up when she noticed the gaze from all around.

Which girl does not want to be a princess, even if she can't become a real princess, the focus of the banquet is good.

Barbara took the white fox mask and put it on her face. The mask concealed half of her face, adding a little mysterious temptation invisibly.

Luke stretched out his wrist.

"Come on, Miss Gordon, it's time to enter."

Barbara took Luke's arm in embarrassment, and the two walked into the flashing Wayne Manor together.

Wayne Manor covers a large area, but there are not many buildings. It faintly gives people a sense of desolation, but the main building is extremely luxurious, like a medieval castle.

Barbara said as she looked at her surroundings,

"Since childhood, this is the first time I walked into Wayne Manor."

Luke said casually, "Is it famous here?"

"Of course it's famous. In Gotham City, who doesn't know Wayne Enterprise, who doesn't know Wayne Manor."

"Tell me what you think of him."


"Yes, the opinion of the Wayne family."

"Why ask this?"

"Boring, curious."


The girl leaned against Luke~wuxiaworld.online~ The nights in April and May were mixed with chills, and her body was shaking from the cold. "The Wayne family is the oldest family in Gotham City, with more than 100 years of experience. History, it is rumored that this city was founded by the Wayne family. The Wayne Group under its umbrella is world-renowned, involving aviation, transportation, biotechnology, chemistry, construction, electricity, energy, entertainment, food, medical care, manufacturing, mining, petroleum, and retail , Securities, steel, etc. It can be said that 50% of the companies in Gotham City are connected with the Wayne family, and they are Big Macs."

"The reputation of the Wayne family is pretty good. The former patriarch Thomas Wayne was a well-known great benefactor. He invested in the construction of many welfare facilities, such as orphanages, community hospitals, non-profit organizations, etc. However, the ending was not very good, and he died by shooting. At that time, it was my father who was in charge of handling the case. I heard from my father that their child Bruce Wayne was at the scene when the Waynes died.

Barbara has a slight sigh on her face, "Many people think that the reason Bruce Wayne has become a flower man is because of the shooting."

"Speaking of which, you two look alike."

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