The Bounty Goblin Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Why I am ejected?

An unknown person interfere with the fight between Jiro and the ogre, He lunges inside of the scene and brought the ogre out of the arena, they're bother might be the healing magic doesn't affect.

"Stop the fight!"

King decided to stopped the fight, because of the domination attack of Jiro that can seize the existence of the ogre instantly,

The red eyes of Jiro start to gleam it's like there's demon conceal to his tiny body, everyone can't take to contemplate in the fight,

The place is getting darker it's similar to what happens inside of the Priad forest, when Jiro saw that the ogre vanishes to his sight He flinched to cast the [Black fire bullet].

"Ho-Ho-Ho! you have intriguing skill inside of your body" King Carl said and jumped into the arena.

Jiro back to his awareness, and he was glancing roughly finding where his opponent, He saw in his front a man wearing a red cape,

Jiro glaring at him for a couple of minutes, in his mind he saw this man somewhere but still, He can't recognize the person.

"I'm sorry for the late introduction, I'm the King of Persona's elf town"

He promptly bent his knees when he understood the situation. That man standing in front of him is the precious King.

"Sorry for being rude King Carl," Jiro said.

He down his head on the floor while bending his knees to give some respect to King Carl also to apologize to him.

The King Carl moved toward neared to Jiro's location,

"Stand up Goblin you didn't commit any violation in our place," King said.

Jiro wiped off some dust that sticks to his body, He knew there's a person is observing his every move.

"I'm so sorry your highness, I'm just carried away because this the first time that I had a good fight," Jiro said.

The King is rubbing his chin and thinking about something to him, He's curious about the elemental magic of Jiro.

But the King turn around and face to the audience view,

"We're sorry to stop the good fight, but we saw outstanding power that our healing magic can't cure the damages," King announced

The King has a good image in the Persona's elf town, every word he spoke the elves take it's to a precious one, the elves and other races believed that King Carl never decides without valid reasons.

"Yes our King, we believe in your words"

The audience giving applause to him as well to Jiro to bring the race of the goblin in the contest,

"We are here to support!"

"We are so proud of you!"

Goblin's start to cheering to his name, Jiro has glee on his face and starting to wave in the audience.

"The first goblin that wins in the contest, from the Priad forest Jiro!"

The King lifts the right hand of Jiro to proclaim the winner of the fight and King Carl, whispers some words to him.

"Can you come to my place goblin?" King said.

Jiro nodded sign that he agreed to come along with the King. Soldiers start to come to protect the special person in the place. they disembark from the stage and walk inside the tunnel.

Jiro didn't avoid thinking some thoughts, He starts to felt obnoxious feelings.

"What if I broke some regulation in this town," Jiro said to his mind.

The King felt that Jiro look tense knowing that based on how he moves, He's thinking about how to change the atmosphere.

"Don't worry I don't have any bad intention to you, I'm just asking you a few questions," King said.

The King's smile and he didn't hide anything inside of his life is just like an open book that everyone knew, Jiro now can take a deep breath and now he's feeling more comfortable.

They're heading on top of the arena, Jiro looks around and to see what wall use to construct this place.




"Hehe, I don't what kind of wall this, Mira can you determine?" Jiro snickered.

<Mira the system>

<Processing the question>


The wall is made of titanium, the most tougher wall materials that can ever make, it can deflect even magic attacks, it's a rare item that can get from the dungeon also in mining.

"Woah! This King surpasses the 100% of security, how he made this far" Jiro said to his mind.

Finally, they reach the place and the soldiers start to open up the door, Jiro and King entered the room, the 3 soldiers would like to come inside to protect but the King refuses.

It's the high place of the arena, once he entered the first picture he saw is the arena that can you watch from the perfect point of view.

"This is a nice view, right? You can watch all the creatures in this place and look at that!" King said.

Jiro sees the wonderful view of the skies and he felt the cloud it's near to him.

"Yeah, this is a good spot your highness you can watch the skies whenever you want" he replied

The King turns around to him, suddenly he will say something about him.

"You can't continue to fight in the event," King mumbled

Jiro pump his body when he heard those words, he was curious why the king said those words to him.

"Why King? you said earlier that I didn't break any rules, what is the meaning of this" Jiro said.

The King walk around inside of the room,

"This is because of your magic, our town is regulating the safety of all the contestants, I already witness your ability and the power you showed it's the most standing power that I ever see. I'm scared that our healing magic can't cure the damages that you made, it's forbidden elemental magic where did you get that?" King said

Finally, Jiro gets the situation why the King didn't let him to joined in the contest,

"Oh I see, this is what you mean King Carl?" Jiro utter.

Jiro shows his black fire magic to his hands, He cast the skill with a little amount of mana, and King Carl looks around in the green hands of Jiro.

"What! what! it's certainly true, there's a strong power inside of the black fire" King said.

Jiro is enjoying showing the power, He smiled and the King starts to look like that he needs something from Jiro.

"I will straight to the point, the reason I invited you to come over to my place, I will be invited to you to partake in my castle, I promise that I give you high position." King utter.

Jiro didn't know how to refuse the offer, He's going to be careful what the right word he needs to use, Jiro grind his teeth because of the pressure he felt right now.

"King Carl, I'm going to be rude but I didn't want to accept the good offer that you giving to me, this is not about I don't like your town because I'm planning to build my own empire," Jiro said.

The King thus not look disappointed, He looks that is fine to him.

"I respect your decisions, but this is the first time that a non-human creature refuses my offer," King said while smiling at Jiro.

Jiro felt something to his side, the king is one kind person he ever met, even the refuse the offer King Carl didn't change how he treats Jiro.

"I'm so sorry, but I've decided to become the strongest goblin," Jiro said.

Both of them stare at each other with a furious face.

"And I'm will be the greatest King of all time," King said.

King Carl is down to earth he treats all the non-human creature equivalently, the two of them is starts to laughed just like closest friends.

"HAHAHAHA, I like you Jiro even this the first we met you didn't talk to me like that I'm the king and this what I like to you, then I knew your actually a good person, pursue your dream and if you need help I lend you some," King said.

Jiro took a smile to his face, on his mind this the chance to recruit a member to his empire, the King called him to watch the fight.

"I really you want to see you in the ring, but this the right time for you, I just want to celebrate this event I don't want the unnecessary tragedy to happen," King said he felt sorry about Jiro.

Jiro nodded to him seems he understand the situation, they have a long conversation that they enjoyed.

The fight isn't over but Jiro doesn't care at all and the blue screen appear to his eyes,

<Mire the system>

<Hidden Quest completed>


+102 exp

+ 3 attributes

+4 attributes in the talent tree

Place the attributes

<Jiro Status>

Player Name: Jiro

Race: Goblin

Class: unknown

Health: 300/300

Level: 14 (223/300) 15 exp to reach level 15

Mana: 1600/1600

Strength[+]: 35/35

Agility[+]: 40/40 Find authorized novels in Wuxiaworld, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https:///book/the-bounty-goblin_19047790406213505/why-i-am-ejected_51441718905589769">/book/the-bounty-goblin_19047790406213505/why-i-am-ejected_51441718905589769</a> for visiting.

Dexterity[+]: 15/15

Vitality[+]: 15/15

Int[+]: 80/80

<Stone defense>

[+] Physical defense [+] Magic defense

<Ignite power>

[+] Physical attack [+] Critical chance

<Magic worship>

[+] Magic power [+] Magic penetration

"Mira I just want to conserve all my attributes for now," Jiro said

The king is staring because he notices that Jiro talking in the air.

"Come again Jiro?" King said

Jiro rubbed his bald head, and say "Nothing your highness"

Seem the king remembered something to his mind, he decided to invite Jiro to have a feast dinner.

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