Summon The Mythical Emperor Of The World Chapter 730

Chapter 730: Season Finale

"Summon the Mythical Emperor of Ten Thousand Realms (

Hum! !

The void changes.

Holy Master Xuanyang seemed to see a godless man looking down towards him.

In an instant, Holy Lord Xuanyang appeared on a glorious palace.

"Xuan Yang, I have seen the Lord of Datang!"

Saint Lord Xuanyang looked solemn, and bowed slightly towards the dragon robe figure sitting on the throne of the dragon chair.

Originally, Xuan Yang was still uncertain about Li Si's strength, but at this moment, he no longer had any doubts.

Can quietly see through his concealment, and move him here...

The strength of the Lord of the Great Tang, even if it is not as good as the real master of the Seven Tribulations, must not be far away.

Li Si looked calm, looked at the Xuanyang Holy Master, and said faintly: "You come to me, what's the matter?"

There are countless powerhouses in the Sky Floating Realm, but with Li Si's strength, there is no fear except for the superior Seven Tribulations Domain Master.

"I'm here, I want to join forces with the Lord of Datang, and attack the Supreme Spirit Realm together!" Saint Xuanyang whispered.

The Sky Floating Realm has ninety-nine domains, and the Tai Ling Realm is a big realm closer to the Xuanhuang Realm.

It's just that the history of the Tai Lingyu is much longer than that of the Xuanhuang Yu, and the owner of the Tai Lingyu was missing millions of years ago.

"Infiltrating the too spiritual realm?"

Li Si looked at the domain master Xuanyang with a smile.

Although there is no domain owner in the Supreme Spirit Realm, there are still countless strong people in its domain, especially the Supreme Spirit Realm Lord has left an heir.

The son of the domain master, with terrifying strength, has reached the level of the quasi domain master.

The Domain Master Xuanyang invited him to enter the Supreme Spirit Domain, which was tantamount to fighting a Quasi Domain Master.

Although the quasi-domain master does not have the mighty power of the real Seven Tribulations, the quasi-domain master is not like the real domain master, and his moves are restricted by heaven and earth.

An unscrupulous quasi-domain master is an unprecedented disaster for any creature.

"Not bad."

"In the Taiqing domain, there is a drop of blood from the source of my blood. As long as I get it, I can definitely go further."

Holy Master Xuanyang is very eager for Tao.

The Holy Master Xuanyang is a descendant of the gods and beasts. If he can obtain blood of the same origin and purify his blood, he will definitely gain unimaginable benefits.


Even though there is no domain master in the Tailing realm, the existence of the descendant of that domain master leaves the Holy Master Xuanyang at a loss.

But the appearance of Li Si gave Holy Master Xuanyang see hope.

With Li Si's strength, not to mention that he would be able to kill the descendants of the Supreme Spirit Realm Lord, but at least it would be no problem to force back.

In this way.

Isn't it foolproof for his Xuanyang to obtain the essence and blood of the source of the earth?

"As long as the Lord of Datang is willing to make a move, I can give you this thing."

With a thought of the Holy Master Xuanyang, a colorful stone emerged: "This thing is a condensation of the power of the source, and it is filled with the power of the infinite source."

The host of the Xuanyang Domain has a complex tone: "The power of the origin is extremely mysterious, but it has no effect on me and the descendants of the gods and beasts."

"My descendants of the gods and beasts want to become stronger, there is only one way, and that is to continuously purify the blood, and get close to the ancestors infinitely."

"Other than that, the so-called rules and the mysteries of the world are meaningless."

Holy Master Xuanyang looked at Li Si straightforwardly: "I wonder if the Lord of the Tang Dynasty can agree?"


What the Holy Master Xuanyang didn't know was that when he took out the stones condensed by the power of the source, the main temple in the Datang World suddenly uttered a roar.

If it hadn't been for Li Si to suppress it in time, I am afraid that the main temple has torn the void and descended on the sky.

Whether it is the main temple or the source of the fourth natural disaster, the desire for the power of the source has reached unprecedented levels.

"How much original power is it that makes the main temple vibrate like this..."

Li Si was secretly surprised.

"The Lord of the Tang Dynasty..." Seeing Li Si's silence, the Holy Master Xuanyang frowned, "If the Lord of the Tang Dynasty disagrees, I shall assume that I have not said this."

After the Lord Xuanyang finished speaking, his body gradually disappeared, and he was about to leave.

"Did I let you go?" Li Si slowly stood up.

In a crash.

The world collapsed.

In the eyes of Holy Master Xuanyang, everything was shattered, leaving only a majestic and majestic palace, which seemed to be above the primordial grandeur.

And the moment it appeared in this palace.

Holy Master Xuanyang only felt the world spin, and his consciousness quickly fell into darkness.

At the last moment when his consciousness fell into a deep sleep, Holy Master Xuanyang screamed in his heart:

"It's the power of the seven calamities, no! It's the eight calamities, the nine calamities, the power of the heavens and beasts!!!"



The colorful stones fell into Li Si's hands, bounced to pieces in an instant, turned into an endless source of strength, and crazily poured into the main temple that broke through the sky.

For a time.

The mechanical and indifferent voice of the main temple sounded constantly in Li Si's ear.

Slavery function has been completely repaired.

[The empowerment function has been completely repaired.

The time house function has been completely repaired.



In a short period of time, the main temple suddenly burst out the power to suppress the world.

at the same time.

Every corner of the sky floating world.

The many Seven Tribulations True Immortals who fell into a deep sleep suddenly opened their eyes with amazement.

"This power?"

"It's far more than the Seven Tribulations."

"How is it possible?! My Sky Floating Realm was born for nearly tens of millions of years, and there has never been such a terrible power."

"No, it's not seven calamities, eight calamities, nine calamities!!!"

Countless Seven Tribulations True Fairy is horrified.


Just when they were shocked, this force was still rising, as if there was no end.



As if breaking through some kind of shackles, the whole Sky Floating Realm trembles suddenly, as if it is really afraid of something.

"It has been restored to the power level of the heavens..."

Li Si fits the main temple, and he feels the power that is countless times stronger, and his face is full of emotion.

In this short moment, the main temple also recovered to its peak. As for the source of the fourth natural disaster, it was already integrated with the main temple at this moment.

"It turns out that this is the perspective of the powers of the heavens..."

With the blessing of the main temple, Li Si's mind was infinitely elevated, looking towards the heavens and the world.

In Li Si's eyes at this moment, the so-called heavens and worlds, the multiverse, are just like a lake.

And beyond this lake, there are more lakes, even oceans.

Connecting these lakes and even the ocean is a vast river.

The long river of time and space.

The powers of the heavens can already transcend the long river of time and space, and are unique in the past, present, and future.

At this moment, with the help of the main temple, Li Si actually possessed this state.


At this moment, Li Si thought together, and the entire Datang world, including many worlds conquered by the Datang world, and the Sky Floating Realm, were constantly shaking, condensed into a small bead, and fell into Li Si's hands.

"Beyond the heavens, above the multiverse, there is still a new world~wuxiaworld.online~ Li Si's eyes are indifferent, like the supreme emperor of heaven: "My Great Tang, the journey will never stop. "



After countless years.

In a brand new universe.

A creature that seemed to be shrouded in illusion ran wildly.

at this time.

A huge figure comparable to a star stretched out his right hand and grabbed the illusory creature.

"Extraterritorial creatures, break into our world, **** it!!!" This star-sized creature is majestic and solemn, looking down at the illusory creatures.

"I didn't want to break in!!!"

"I was chased and killed before I strayed into this world!!"

The illusory creature struggled frantically, trying to escape from the palm of a creature comparable to a star.


The star creature was puzzled.

He could faintly feel that the reason why the illusory creature struggled so madly was not because of him, but because he was still afraid of the existence of chasing him.

Life and death are in my grasp, but I am afraid of others...the star creatures suddenly became interested.

He was curious about who existed that made the illusory creatures so scared.

The fear of illusory creatures has even surpassed life and death!

"Who is chasing you?" The voice of the stars and creatures vibrated, resounding in the sky and the earth.


The illusory creature's tone fell into a brief bewilderment: "It is the Great Tang, the Lord of the Great Tang is chasing me..."

boom! ! !

When the illusory creatures uttered the four words "Lord of the Great Tang", they seemed to touch a certain taboo.

For a time.

Void vibration.

Time reversed.

An indescribable gaze seemed to look down from above the realms, looking at the star creature, to be precise, looking at the illusory creature in the hand of the star creature.

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