Interstellar Pharmacist Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Fanwai Tang Ningyi

Since childhood, he was held in the palm of his hand. If you want something, others will take the initiative to find it and deliver it to him.

Only Tang Xin seemed to have hit the nemesis. Anything that has a relationship with her is nothing good.

Tangning thought silently.

For the first time, his favorite and most beautiful guard was snatched by Tang Xin in full view. Obviously everyone knew that Yan Hao had already been chosen by him, but Tang Xin had decided not to take it seriously, and insisted on choosing Yan Hao.

The second time, a fourth-level martial artist made a shot against a second-level martial artist. He thought that he could easily kill Tang Xin. In this way, everything will return to the starting point and start again. As a result, he was captured by Yan Hao, and Tang Xin gestured on him with a dagger.

He has never suffered such a big loss when he grows so old!

It wasn't until Tang Xin left home that he finally had a chance to get back a city.

The pilot of the spaceship wanted to please him for a long time, he only hinted a little, and the pilot knew immediately and threw Tang Xin onto the remote planet.

At one time, Tangning thought that Tang Xin should never appear in front of him again in her life.

Even after the butler found a more beautiful female guard to enter the Tang house, he gradually forgot about his original plan to take Yan Hao back.

Tang Xin came back when he had forgotten Tang Xin and Yan Hao together and had a relaxed and happy little life.


Tangning called to the female security guard, and went to see Tang Xin together.

He wanted to let Tang Xin know that even if he was robbed of the one he wanted, he could find a better one!

Then... he and the guard were thrown out...

He would definitely not give up if he changed people, he had to make a big fuss. But this person is Tang Xin, Tang Xin who dared to show daggers on him.

Tangning froze for a moment, feeling a little uneasy. So, he braced his lips, "The guy who can't afford to lose!" He quickly left in a desperate manner.

He found a good reason for himself, "I don't care about women."


It didn't take long for Tangning to learn from her servant that the butler's strength had been reduced, but he did not expect that the butler would find him.

The housekeeper was probably rushing to the doctor, and what he said was ridiculous. When did you start doing your own business well, and it became a reason to beg for him?

The pleading gesture is really ugly.

Tangning was full of disgust, didn't want to help, and tried every means to refuse.

The butler finally gave up his mind. Before leaving, he said, "Tang Ningyi, you are definitely not a match for Miss Eighth."

Means, can you survive if you accept it? !

Tangning burst into flames. Asking for help is a sentiment, but it is reasonable not to help.

Just because he didn't help, the housekeeper uttered bad words and ugly.

He scratched his neck, "In the future, the entire Tang family will belong to me. Can't beat Tang Xin? Are you always confused! Go back and rest quickly, don't say something funny."

It didn't take long for the butler to kill himself.

When she heard the news, Tang Ning was very disdainful, "I am a trash, useless, and my strength has fallen sharply. I still want to stay in the Tang family? Dirty the water in the Tang family pond for nothing."

At this time, he did not expect that in a few days, he would end up even more miserably-his genes would become b-grade.


Tangning fainted in the garden inexplicably, and when she came back for a measurement, she turned into a b-level gene, and suddenly panicked.

He never believed in evil, but things were so weird that he didn't believe it.

How could it happen that he fell in the place where the butler passed out and got the same strange disease as the butler?

Why did the presbytery, which never interfered in family affairs, forced him to measure his genetic level and discovered the facts he was trying to hide?

Why did the obedient female guard disappear overnight and still talk nonsense outside?

Tangning became more frightened as she thought about it.

At that moment, he suddenly understood the feeling of the housekeeper. The housekeeper is not without self-esteem. The reason why he put aside his face and begged is to do his best to grab the last straw.

Although his father told him to recuperate in the room and not to go out, he couldn't help but had to pay respect to the housekeeper and burn some paper money to be at ease.

The people he met were evasive, and Tangning had the matter in mind, but didn't care.

Who would have thought that when he burned some paper money, he was caught by his father.

Tangning obediently received the training. Hearing his father said that someone was dealing with him, he was relieved.

The opponent is human, better than ghost.

His father guessed that the person was Tang Xin. Tangning didn't quite believe it. He didn't think Tang Xin had the power to do these things.

But his father had his life and said he was going to do errands and told him to stay in the room honestly and not to go out anymore.

Tangning obeyed helplessly.

Wait and wait, instead of waiting for his father's victory, he waited for the members of the Presbyterian Church.

The visitor said coldly, "Miss Nine has fulfilled the conditions for succession to the Patriarch, and will take over the Tang family soon. The rest of you, please receive resources and leave home when they become adults and live a good life."

Tangning is like falling into an ice cave.

Everyone told him that he would become the future Patriarch of the Tang family. As a result, he didn't even participate in the competition and he lost the opportunity directly...


Before long, Tang Jing took over.

The new official took office with three fires, and the first one burned on him.

The people of the Presbyterian Church took a gentle but hard-line attitude and took away all the previously selected resources worth 100,000 credits. Then let him pick again, the amount is limited to 60,000.

Sixty thousand credits!

Tangning was almost crazy. He chose for the first time, but he had a full 100,000 credits. Now it's almost cut in half!

Even if he is not a rare a-level gene, he is a fifth-level martial artist, and a b-level gene is not bad!

Tangning was dissatisfied, wanted to appeal, and howled, "I want to see my father and let my father decide for me."

However, he was ruthlessly rejected, "The previous Patriarch has left his post and no longer manages family affairs."

Has his father been dismissed from his post and completely lost power?

Tangning looked blank. He is accustomed to telling his father what he wants, and he can get a life right away. How should he survive in the future?

Tangning thought that she was miserable enough. However, this is only the beginning.

The contract with the original **** was forcibly changed, and he was replaced by a strong but ugly man.

The selected planet was replaced with a very general and featureless one.

In addition, regarding his genetic downgrade, the elders' meeting concluded that he ran into the housekeeper, so he got a strange disease and could not be cured.

"..." Tang Ningyi realized for the first time that there is a lot of helplessness in life. It's not that he can do what he wants.

Before leaving Tang's house, Tangning contacted his father using the address book.

The voice in the address book was old and weak. Tangning was confused as to what he said specifically, she didn't remember much. But he understands that he can only rely on himself in the future.

After leaving the Tang family, Tangning seemed to have got rid of the shackles, determined to do a good job and make a career. He wants others to see that he is not useless!


He thought so well.

As soon as Tangning arrived on a new planet, she found that there were people getting in the way and hitting walls everywhere.

At first, he was at a loss.

Later, the guard took the risk and hid in the dark to eavesdrop on the opponent's conversation, only to learn the truth.

The person who got in the way had pleased him before.

They thought with all their hearts that Tangning would become the next Patriarch in a short time, and put the treasure on him.

After Tang Jing took office, they didn't even consider how difficult Tang Xin was. They only determined that Tangning was useless and became a b-level gene, and they lost the position of Patriarch.

Therefore, they made up their minds to teach Tangning a lesson.

After learning of this, Tangning couldn't laugh or cry.

He looked at a few people familiar with each other, but couldn't name them. After all, there were so many people who wanted to please him before, and they couldn't remember.

But what is certain is that he has indeed benefited from others. It is excusable to be hated by others.

Because of this, Tangning hated Tang Xin more and more.

He didn't believe what the elders said about the strange disease.

Father's forefoot was going to settle accounts with Tang Xin, but something happened on the back foot. Tang Xin must have calculated it.

He swears in his heart that one day, he will ask Tang Xin to bring back his profits.


time flies.

Life is the best teacher.

In just one year away from home, Tangning learned a lot.

The brawny guard looks a little ugly, but is very capable and does everything well. Unlike the beautiful female guards before, her face was frosty, and she was calm all day, calling her not happy to do things.

When he is proud, many people praise him. When he fell, more people stepped on him. Everyone wanted to come and step on him.

There is no good food, every meal eats some home-cooked food, it turns out that he can survive.

More importantly, he is used to relying on his father, and he obeys his father's instructions in everything. Now that he has no other support but himself, he has gradually begun to make his own decisions and grow up with bumps.

There are so many things he has encountered, and he will think back to the past from time to time.

In a different place, if someone wants to kill him, he will probably want that person to survive and die.

Thinking of this, Tang Xin showed mercy to his men.

He no longer thinks about revenge and lives with peace of mind.

The shop's business climbed slowly, and it was a little harder, but it was finally done.

It's not enough to talk too much, and it's okay to eat a meal.

Tangning grabbed the broken hair before her forehead, and thought to herself, he couldn't be the head of the Tang family, and he could live well without a grade gene.

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