Real World Pokemon Chapter 533

Chapter 533: : Reversal Of Attribute Restraint

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In the gap between the coffin of the death coffin, four hands composed of dark energy danced wildly. Not long after, a rotten wood demon that had been disguised as a dead tree was grabbed by the palm of the death coffin.

The creepy soul screams suddenly came out from the energy palm of the death coffin, and saw that the bark on the surface of the dead tree-like rotten wood demon was cracked, and the position of the head suddenly revealed that it contained countless pain. Scarlet pupils.

The Grim Reaper's palms slowly closed, and the bark covered with the dead wood demon suddenly made a crackling sound as if potato chips were crushed, and strips of white ribbons like bandages grew out of the dead wood demon's body.

After a while, the Death Coffin bundled the Wood Demon into a human-shaped mummy. After the Wood Demon stopped struggling, the Death Coffin gathered and grasped the palm of the Wood Demon and dragged it to the vicinity of its own body.


The rotten wooden door made a creepy rubbing sound when it opened and closed.

A gap was opened in the coffin of the death coffin, and then the death coffin threw the rotten wood demon that had just been tied back into the bright yellow coffin.

Yao Yiyi looked ugly in this weird scene. At this moment, Ye Li suddenly reminded him: "Dodge!"

Yao Yiyi subconsciously leaned on Bi Diaos back, and Bi Diao flipped over in mid-air, and saw a glistening energy ball as if it appeared out of thin air, directly tracing an arc in mid-air and hitting Bi Diao. There was a huge explosion on his body!

Bi Diao strongly endured the huge pain from his body and the wounds were constantly filled with black corrosive mist.

Its special defense has been weakened.

"No, this is a shadow ball, how can the ghost style's moves hurt the eagle?!"

Noting the serious injury on Bi Diao's body, Yao Yiyi ordered Bi Diao to avoid the shadow ball that was constantly hitting in midair.

Ye Li's face was also cloudy and uncertain. She clearly asked Soroak to cover their whereabouts with hallucinations. It stands to reason that the elves of the ghost system could not perceive the hallucinations formed by Soroak with evil energy!

Ye Li had also tried this on Geng Gui many times, and Geng Gui had no idea of Zoroak who kept dangling around him.

At this time, the faint blue flames in mid-air lit up, and the ghost elves that only showed their bodies under the faint blue lighting were floating on the dim sky.

Ye Li immediately recognized the group of elves, which were basically the group of ghost elves who had been staring at them before. Originally, Ye Li thought they had been concealed by Zoroak with illusions.

Unexpectedly, this group of ghost elves would do the trick, pretend to leave and then hide themselves to ambush them nearby.

Lights ghosts, night demons, cursed dolls, ghost stones...

Several ghost elves crowded together, making dizzying and weird laughs. Several negative changes suddenly fell on Ye Li and Yao Yiyi. They only felt their bodies sink and the scenery in front of them. Also began to become distorted.

Jingle Bell!

At some point, the almost doll that Variety Monster has turned into has appeared behind the wrestling eagle, and a small bell appeared above his head, making a clear and moving sound.

Ye Li and Yao Yiyi felt lighter again, and the negative state was immediately cleared by [Healing Ringtone].

Ye Li and Yao Yiyi looked at the ghost elves who gathered around them, their faces were ugly. Ye Li let the wrestling eagle approach Yao Yiyi.

"Attack them with attribute moves restrained by ghost elves. If I am not mistaken, even the restraint of elves' attributes will be reversed in this reverse world."

With that said, Zoroak had appeared behind Bi Diao, with light blue energy gathered on his paws, and the sphere formed by the energy accurately hit a ghost stone following Zoroak's throw.

Ghost Stone couldn't dodge at all. After the energy ball hit his body, he suddenly became depressed. The explosion spread to several ghost elves around it, and they fell into the air with serious injuries.

[Infuriating bomb]

A gleam of fine light flashed in Ye Li's eyes.

"Sure enough, I didn't guess wrong. The original combat type infuriating bombs couldn't harm them, but now they can actually play such a powerful force."

After Yao Yiyi was not reconciled, he directly asked Bi Diao to open the way in front with [Electric Light Flash], leading the wrestling eagle and Ye Li to tear a gap in the encircling circle of ghost elves.

At the moment when I just wanted to escape through this gap, a huge palm appeared from nowhere, and grabbed Yao Yiyi and Bi Diao who were rushing forward!

At this moment, Geng ghost emerged from Yao Yiyis shadow and jumped directly from Bi Diao. The whole ghost fell accurately on the palm of Death Coffin. Before the death coffin closed his palm, only Geng was seen. A dazzling white light emerged from the ghost.

Big explosion

boom! !

The storm formed by the huge explosion broke out in the palm of the death coffin.

The fierce gust of wind made the flight more unstable than Diao, Yao Yiyi had time to look back and saw Geng Gui directly exploded an energy arm of the Death Coffin, as well as the surrounding ghost elves that were chasing up.

"Don't look back, take advantage of it now!"

Ye Li's voice sounded behind him, and Yao Yiyi asked Bi Diao to quickly lead him to a distance.

I don't know how long they have been flying in the air, or how many ghost elves they have avoided attacking with Ye Li's superpower perception, the sun in the sky once again slowly set to the east.

The blood-colored waning moon also slowly rises~wuxiaworld.online~ The bright dark red moonlight falls on the ground, illuminating the darkness that seems to have swallowed everything, and the ghostly elves that seem to be like tides in the dark Fade away.

Retracted in the gap in the shadow, a pair of scarlet eyes squeezed into the shadow, and slowly disappeared as the waning moon rose.

Ye Li brought Ye Ye and the wrestling eagle man to the ground, and now Ye Li was sweating profusely, and the side effects of using super power for a long time gave her a headache.

Yao Yiyi also fell, and his Bi Diao also had a lot of wounds on his body. Either the Variety Weird had been healing Bi Diao in mid-air, or the Bi Diao would have taken Yao Yiyi and fell into the group of ghost elves.

"It seems we are safe..."

Ye Li was also a little embarrassed, her previous escape skills had also affected her, and Ye Ye had already fainted when she saw the Death Coffin at the beginning.

Ye Li resisted the headache and released Paqilizi to open up a secret base formed by a secret power nearby. The two led the elves directly into the secret base.

At this time, they secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Ye Li took out the communicator, the signal inside had been cut off, but some small functions could still be used, such as the timing function.

Ye Li turned the communicator towards Yao Yiyi and said, "The daytime in the reverse world seems to last very short, about an hour and a half. Was it night when you came in?"

Yao Yiyi nodded, and silently took out a bandage from his backpack to bandage himself.

"I stayed alone for five or six hours before you came in. I was fine before. The purple sun didn't rise until you came in."

Ye Li squinted his eyes and said, "It is completely different from the rules of day and night in this world. Before the moon sets, we should be safe."

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