Real World Pokemon Chapter 534

Chapter 534: : Geng Gui's Sense Of Responsibility

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"The ghost-type elf that looked like a coffin just now should be lord-level..."

Yao Yiyi nodded, thinking of the death coffin. The huge palms dragged a few ghost elves that were tied into mummies, and they were finally put into the bright yellow coffin.

He has not encountered this terrible way of eating.

It seemed to be helping other elves to converge their remains and then bury them in the coffin.

At this moment, Geng Ghost emerged from the shadows, and with the help of Kirulian's telepathy, he transmitted a lot of information about ghost elves to Ye Li.

"This Geng ghost is not..."

Yao Yiyi clearly saw Geng Gui use a big bang to help them out. As far as he knew, if there were no sturdy spirits, using the big bang would be a proper suicide.

Then why is this Geng ghost still alive?

Ye Li glanced at her, and said with a tired expression: "Normal, brothers and elves can't be judged by common sense. You can guard me for two hours. I will take a rest and replace you later."

Yao Yiyi nodded, and under the treatment of Variety Monsters turned into aromatic essences, he and her elves also slowly recovered, but the long-term mental tension just made him a little energetic.

"Geng Gui, please take care of Senior Sister Ye Ye."

Geng Gui nodded, and then he walked out of the secret base, released the Froggrass and Chiruli, and then randomly stuffed them with a little ration before returning to the base.

Ye Li had already found a corner to sit down. She leaned Ye Ye against her side, and she leaned against the cold stone wall, with her legs bent, her hands flat on her knees, and her arms as The pillow, just like this, fell asleep deeply.

The long hair around her ears slid down her delicate face at will, adding a touch of weakness to her.

Geng Gui waved his hand, and the shadow claws rose from the shadows, clutching two blankets and covering the two of them. The tricky smile that had been hanging on their faces in the past seemed to disappear.

Although this world gave Geng Gui an inexplicable and comfortable feeling, but Geng Gui was always worried about Chu Ye's safety.

In the past, Chu Ye was making decisions by the side, and Geng Gui didn't need to think too much. Now that he entered this reversal world that completely restrained Chu Ye, the sudden change in personality made Geng Gui a little confused.

In the past, when Chu Ye helped them consider the proper arrangements, they still didn't feel that, now Geng Gui was a little at a loss, and he didn't know if he could take Chu Ye out alive.

After all, this world is too dangerous, it is completely the world of ghost elves.

No one knows the horror of ghost elves better than Geng Ghost.

With all kinds of weird abilities, plus a lot of special skills, sometimes the curses of other ghost elves in Chu Ye might not be able to respond.

In addition, the three elves that Chu Ye asked him to take care of made Geng Gui feel somewhat powerless.

In the past, it never had to worry about the future, because everything had Chu Ye standing in front of it. Even if it usually helped Chu Ye take care of these little brothers and sisters, the situation was different now.

It cannot see the future.

I dont know if Chu Ye will die...

If it loses a partner, how will it face Chu Ye...

It never thought about this kind of problem before.

Now it seemed that all the burdens were on its shoulders.

Chu Ye said before that burdened means mature.

Geng Gui didn't understand what this sentence meant before, but now he doesn't want to understand.

The comfortable surroundings made Geng Gui's heart even more uncomfortable, and then he realized that his negative emotions seemed to be out of control, and his red eyes suppressed the negative emotions with a mechanical mind.

Then he took it in his mouth, took out a tube of nutrient medicine and body strengthening medicine, and poured it down every night.

There is no secret between it and Chu Ye. Of course, he knows the side effects of Chu Ye's weakening of the body after using the healing card.

Now Chu Ye is really a soft girl with a voiceless, soft body and easy to knock down!

The body strengthening potion was a low-profile version made by Chu Ye in the training camp. The even lower quality potions were used as vitality potions for Chu's father and mother. The normal version of the potion was only a few bottles given to Chu Ye by He Qingyi.

Chu Ye took the medicine and did not take it. Instead, he used the training camp equipment to analyze the composition of the medicine, and then formulated a low-profile body strengthening medicine by himself, because there were many kinds of medicines in the medicine. , Can only use the various grass knowledge given by the green slate to slowly improve this medicine.

With the finished medicine, following the path of predecessors, it is easy to produce results and normal.

After carefully pouring the two test tubes into Ye Ye Ye, Geng Gui slowly sneaked into the shadow, so as not to stimulate her emotions after Ye Ye woke up.

Now Ye Ye's personality reversal coupled with the loss of past memories, she has simply become a waste.

If Ye Li is not taking care of him, Geng Gui still doesn't know what to do.

Two hours later, Ye Li was woken up by the alarm clock of the communicator.

A trace of confusion flashed through the slowly opened crimson eyes, and then realized where he was, Ye Li's whole body was awake.

Then she stretched her waist, noticed the blanket on her body, and looked at Ye Ye who was leaning on her body~wuxiaworld.online~ Ye Li smiled and folded her blanket into one. High pillows, supporting every night to lie down.

Then he walked to the door of the secret base and said to Yao Yiyi, who was staring at the outside by the edge of the inner wall of the door, "Okay, you go take a rest."

Yao Yiyi didn't wake her up, indicating that no problems occurred during the period.

Yao Yiyi nodded, turned around and walked to another corner of the secret base. After releasing the wrestling eagle to guard by the side, he fell asleep with his backpack.

Ye Li stretched her head out of the secret base and looked at the moon in the sky, and then estimated the moon's lift-off position to determine when the moon that reversed the world would set.

Now after more than two hours, the moon is still hanging diagonally in the west corner, and it hasn't risen above her head. Then Ye Li knows the conclusion that the night time of the reversal world seems to be longer than the day.

"In this world, the temporal rules of timing should not be used anymore, and can only be judged by simple celestial reference objects."

"And... this seems to be a paradise for ghost type elves, is it because this is the reason why the lord elven Qiladina in the senior brother's mouth is also a ghost type elves?"

Then Ye Li's eyes flashed a little bit of playfulness. She suddenly remembered the large amount of information about ghost elves that Geng Gui had transmitted to her. Now she already knew the name and characteristics of the elves that looked like a coffin.

"Unexpectedly, the senior apprentice had a deep understanding of ghost elves that hadn't appeared before, and even their various characteristics were taught to Geng Ghost as a daily knowledge reserve..."

Geng Gui gave Ye Li a copy of the ghost system elves, and Ye Li couldn't help but feel an eye-opening feeling when he recalled it. Even the characteristics of the elves like the crystal light spirit were recorded in it.

Even Ye Li found information about a ghost-type elf that she was very optimistic about.

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