Female Presidents Personal Soldier Chapter 4941

Chapter 4941: One Husband

"Chasing, kill him!"

"Never let him run away!"

"He hurt the patriarch and will break his corpse into thousands of pieces..." The four imperial realm powerhouses of the Prison Sea clan roared, speeding up to chase Lu Tianlong again.

Behind them, there are more than a dozen imperial realm powerhouses and countless members of the Prison Sea clan, and there is no end in sight.

Of course, according to Lu Tianlong's current speed, only the four imperial realm powerhouses of the Prison Sea clan can catch up, and the rest cannot.

But the problem lies with the evil spirits of the prison sea clan.

The four imperial realm powerhouses chased them, and at the same time they began to mobilize the evil spirits under their control to start shooting.

Those evil spirits are very strange, some are hidden underground, some are hidden in the mountains, and their positions are different.

They suddenly appeared from around Lu Tianlong and attacked directly.

The so-called sin demons are robots with no emotions. Lu Tianlong will naturally not fight with them, and strive to get rid of them as quickly as possible until they are completely withdrawn from the prison sea clan.

But those sin demons were not easy to get rid of, especially after being dealt with by them like this, Lu Tianlong's speed slowed down, and the people behind the prison sea clan got closer and closer.

"I will catch up soon!"

"He can't run..." The distance between the two sides was only about kilometers, and Lu Tianlong could even see the hideous expressions on the faces of those guys.

They were naturally angry. The patriarch was in retreat. They did not protect them properly, and they had infighting there. As a result, the patriarch was attacked.

If Lu Tianlong is allowed to run away again, I don't know how the patriarch will deal with them.

As the distance got closer and closer, Lu Tianlong didn't panic either. He still dodges the attack of those criminals in the same way as he did before, while swiftly moving forward.

Finally, before long, he saw a dragon appear in front of him.

It is the dragon head snake body beast.

Qing'er, Su Lingyue, the black ape, the supreme evil spirit standing on the body of the dragon-head snake-body beast, also headed in the direction outside the prison sea clan.

They also quickly saw Lu Tianlong who was being hunted down, and seemed to want to turn around to help.

Lu Tianlong immediately said loudly and shouted: "Don't look back, keep going!"

This is the reason why Lu Tianlong didn't speed up to get rid of the enemy.

If he really wants to fight, he is definitely not the opponent of so many powerful people in the entire prison sea clan, but if he wants to leave, these people really can't stop him.

The problem is that he has to cover Qinger and Su Lingyue.

They have not yet reached the imperial realm. Once they are entangled by the criminals of the prison sea clan or the imperial realm powerhouse, it will be very troublesome.

They must first withdraw from the clan land of the prison sea clan.

Fortunately, rippling blue water appeared at the end of the line of sight, which was the location of the clan enchantment of the Prison Sea clan.

As long as they rushed into the enchantment, everyone would be out of the Prison Sea Clan's clan, and it would be very difficult for the other party to catch up with them.


Then at this moment, something happened suddenly.

Just in front of the dragon head snake body beast and the others, four sinners with sturdy figures and hideous expressions suddenly appeared.

The four of them blocked in front of Qing'er and the others, almost without any hesitation, rushing towards them directly.


The path of retreat was blocked and she had to rush through. Qing'er flicked her wrist and grabbed the long sword in her hand, and without hesitation, she slew towards a sin demon ahead.

"Kill it!"

The black ape danced the wishful golden cudgel, and rushed towards it.


Unwilling to show weakness, the supreme evil spirit and the dragon-headed snake-body beast each chose a sin demon as their enemy.

Su Lingyue activated the power of destiny in the rear, blessing them in this way.

They must break through the defense lines of these four evil demons in the shortest time, otherwise it will be very difficult to get out of the prison once the large troops of the Prison Sea clan catch up.

But obviously, it is very unrealistic to get rid of these four evil demons as soon as possible.

In terms of strength, although Qing'er and others did not break through to the emperor realm, they are already strong at the peak of the emperor realm, and they are all very powerful, almost stronger than Sin Demon.

The problem is that those criminals are unsentimental killing machines, they are not afraid of death, they don't know how to give in, and they come up with fierce attacks.

If you fight hard with them, it will definitely be the result of losing both.

The distance between Lu Tianlong and them was getting closer and closer, and the distance between the four imperial realm powerhouses of the prison sea clan behind was getting closer and closer to Lu Tianlong.

If this situation continues, it will definitely become a melee.

"So there are helpers?

Very good, don't even want to leave! "

"Kill them all here..." The four imperial realm powerhouses of the Prison Sea clan screamed wildly, and they had already seen that it was impossible for the other party to escape quickly, and the next one must be a melee.

They are naturally not afraid of melee.

This is in the clan land of the Prison Sea clan, they have the strength to bless it.

Not to mention the number of people, the four emperor realm powerhouses plus twenty emperor realm powerhouses, plus the sin demons who followed, absolutely dominate.

The patriarch was wounded, and the prison sea clan was the same enemy, at this time the fighting spirit was at its strongest.

The right time and place! "Humph."

But at this moment, something unexpected happened to them.

Lu Tianlong, who was advancing quickly, suddenly slammed the brakes and stopped in place.

Holding the Xuanyuan sword in his hand, he just stood in place, facing all the members of the Prison Sea clan who had caught up.


The four imperial realm powerhouses were all taken aback, although they were rather stupid, they had already seen Lu Tianlong's intentions.

He wanted to resist these people from the Prison Sea clan alone, and let Qinger and others fight against the four sinners alone.

Indeed, Lu Tianlong had no other choice.

If he joins Qinger and the others, he will get into a melee with everyone from the Prison Sea, which is absolutely detrimental to his side.

If he could stop these people from the Prison Sea Clan, Qinger and the others would deal with the four evil demons, although it might take some time, but they definitely have the certainty of winning.

"Do you want to stop us all alone?"

The imperial realm powerhouse headed by the Prison Sea clan had a hideous expression and said coldly: "You are really fantastic."


Lu Tianlong smiled slightly, he slowly raised his hand and raised the Xuanyuan Sword in his hand.

The power of the dragon veins in the body is injected into the Dragon Emperor Sword, the sword body is radiant, and there is a faint dragon howling sound.

Then, he took a step forward, the turbulent weather spread out instantly, and the whole body waved with layers of real ripples.

"This arrogant kid, rush forward and kill him!"

"Kill him!"

The four imperial realm experts of the prison sea clan were enraged, and at the same time they roared and rushed towards Lu Tianlong together.

Lu Tianlong did not retreat, but moved forward, taking another step forward, and at the same time severely smashed the Xuanyuan Sword in his hand.

One man should be the gate, but never open!

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