Loving You Dearly Chapter 72

: First Time Come To Her Room.

On the white wall, there is a crystal lamp hanging above the head, and a little bear doll on the bedside.

The girl is not good.

He couldn't help laughing: "No wonder there is a word."

"What?" She was still nervous now.

"Called Xiang Gui."

She couldn't help being shy when she was said by his almost obscene words.

Then I thought of a question: "Your ladder was taken away, how do you get out later?"

He leaned close to her: "Can you not go out?"

She reached out to push him: "No."

Ning Haiyuan was going to hate him to death, if I saw him here, he would have the heart to kill him.

The man rascal said: "Then what do you say, I jumped off the building?"

"..." She looked up at him, "You ask them to bring the ladder back."

His eyebrows were crooked: "It's too late. I let them have a holiday after finishing the ticket tonight. They are not allowed to disturb me. I guess they've already gone far."

She didn't believe in his messy words, and wanted to scold the rogue, but the vocabulary was really thin: "Lu Zhi, you lie."

"Then are you fooled?"

He even admitted it!

Before Ning Zhen could talk to him, a knock on the door suddenly sounded.

She missed a beat in her heartbeat and looked at Lu Zhi in a panic.

Xu Qian said: "Zhen Zhen, grandma is here, it's in the living room. Aunty will open the door for you. Go and talk to her." The sound of the key inserted into the door lock was exceptionally clear, and she looked at her with a calm smile. My own man, I just want to kill him.

Don't open it!

"Aunt Xu, wait! I'm changing and changing clothes..." She blushed with suffocation.

Lu Zhi laughed dead and watched her perform.

No matter how many years have passed, she still doesn't lie so much. When she lied, her face flushed, and her nervousness overflowed her eyes.

Looks pitiful and cute.

She whispered: "Lu Zhi, hide yourself."

He raised his eyebrows: "I have been upright for a lifetime and can't hide."

It's this time, can you make a face?

Xu Qian asked, "Zhen Zhen, how are you?"

"No, no."

Ning Zhen was about to be killed by Lu Zhi. She lowered her voice: "Hide for a while, hide for a while!"

She is like a panic animal who can't find North.

He couldn't help laughing, "Hey, are you so scared?"

She nodded in a hurry, how did he know the pain in her heart...

Lu Zhi smiled and whispered: "Then you kiss me, or I won't cooperate."

Can I kill you?

"Hurry up, little classmate, you're going to break the door again, Mr. Xu."

She was about to cry.

If Lu Zhi was discovered, he would really be completely finished.

Why is Lu Zhi... why should he be so persistent about this kind of thing!

She is ashamed to kiss him actively, OK!

Lu Zhi curled his lips: "How about I go out and say hello to Uncle Ning?"


She stood on her toes and hooked his neck, her face flushed: "You... you bow your head."

There was a smile in his eyes, like the starlight on his head.

Slightly bowed her head intertwined with her breathing.

Her heart was beating slightly, and Lu Zhi suddenly raised her head and backed up a little bit before her lips touched his lips. She was blindfolded and almost hit his chin.

Ning Zhen looked up at him.

Lu Zhi smirked: "I changed my mind."

Don't say it, don't say it, it's definitely not a good thing.

"On another condition, I am tonight." He paused, surprisingly bad, "Sleep with you."

The corners of his lips raised: "Agree? If you disagree, I will ask Uncle Ning."

The crimson on Ning Zhen's face spread all the way to the tips of her ears...

Lu Zhi! Your mental age is 27! Why are you so annoying!

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