Loving You Dearly Chapter 73

Chapter 73: Ending

Ning Zhen finally chose her favorite company for an internship. Her professional counterpart, but the live broadcast on the first day was unavoidable.

She hosted a not-so-popular variety show, and the guests invited to the show were not big stars, most of them were newcomers who were temporarily emerging.

She wore a azure skirt with fair skin and slim figure, which was even better than the female celebrity invited.

As soon as the camera shot over, Ning Zhen took the microphone and sat on the sofa with the female guest, his palms wet with sweat.

If this show is not popular, the female star will have no pressure. Anyway, the newcomer matches the newcomer, and she did not expect to be famous by this.

Ning Zhen was very serious and nervous. She recited the lines for a long time last night. At this time, she tried her best to make no mistakes in every sentence.

She asked the female star: "Yingran, have you ever been in love?"


"Can you tell us about your most memorable love experience?"

Li Yingran smiled: "Of course, when he was in college, he was my first love. At that time, he chased me to the whole school and it was a sensation."

In order to make the show a hot spot, Ning Zhen had to ask the hottest: "When and what occasion was Yingran's first kiss?"

Ning Zhen tried hard to not be shy. Even she felt embarrassed by this kind of detailed description of the problem.

Li Yingran was calm: "Sophomore, men's room."

"..." Ning Zhen was stunned, men's room!

Li Yingran didn't even think how many people would watch this show, so she just answered blindly. Seeing the young and soft look of the hostess, she simply asked, "What about you, when was the first kiss?"

Ning Zhen never thought of this turning point.

She looked at the camera from here not far away, gritted her teeth and answered: "Sophomore in high school."

"Wow~ Early love, host." Li Yingran smiled, "is your little boyfriend handsome?"

Ning Zhen wanted to cry without tears, and had to answer her: "Handsome."

"How handsome?"

"Extremely handsome."

"Puff ha ha ha ha ha!"

"..." You are participating in the show! Where is your idol baggage? Do you want an image? And the order is reversed. Hey... She is the host, she doesn't want to take a dog on her own on the first day.

Li Yingran thought this little host was quite funny: "What about your current boyfriend? Did you kiss that handsome for the first time?"

"The same person." Ning Zhen was still struggling, "Yingran, who do you think is the most special among the male stars you have worked with?"

"Long-distance running for love, you guys! You look so good-looking, isn't your boyfriend a handsome man?"

"...Let us return to the previous topic, you..."

Ning Zhen presided over the day, and his heart was overwhelmed.

Sister Lan is the person responsible for taking her. After watching this replay, she couldn't help but teased her: "I haven't seen your boyfriend. Bring it to the stage to see."

Ning Zhen couldn't laugh or cry: "Is my performance today bad?"

"Don't be discouraged, just host a few more times, and you look comfortable, the show is not popular, it's okay."

However, the next weekend, the show called "Celebrity Youth Group" went viral.

When Sister Lan called Ning Zhen, she just got up not long.

"Look at the headlines on Weibo." Sister Lan's voice was excited, "Very awesome, Ning Zhen!"

She was stunned at the beginning of the sentence--

Lu Zhiv: So I am so handsome?

Ning Zhen: "...!" Lu Zhi forwarded the video she hosted yesterday, and asked such a sentence, and the audience decoded it in seconds.

The following replies broke 100,000.

She roughly turned over, panicking.

"The Lifetime Series, President Lu is alive!"

"The first time I posted a private Weibo is show, I want to kick this dog food!"

"It turns out that Mr. Lu's name is 23333."


Isn't Lu Zhi in country M? No matter how uneasy he was, Ning Zhen could imagine his laughter when he saw the video she hosted.

He woke up two months ago. To prevent congestion in his skull, Grandpa Lu sent him to M country for an examination.

She also started to work towards her dream and rented a house near the TV station.

Unexpectedly, he kept paying attention to her.

At night, when she cooked the meal, the door rang.

She seemed to feel a little bit afraid to open the door.

As if separated by a door, she could feel his breathing and heartbeat.

The waiting and the pain became very distant in an instant.

The man outside the door chuckled: "Hey, little classmate, don't let your little boyfriend come in?"

She just opened the door.

The lights made his eyes very bright.

He opened his arms: "I'm back."

She bends her lips and plunges into his arms.

"Do you miss me?"

"Hmm!" I've been thinking of you for a long, long time.

Her little house is very warmly decorated.

Lu Zhi couldn't help but smile: "The richest girl in city B lives in this den?"

"Where is the richest?" She denied, "I didn't sign that document."

"Sign now?"

"No sign."

He doesn't force it, anyway, there is still a long life.

He brought up the topic again and gently touched her soft cheek: "Little classmate, you still owe me a love."

"The time limit has passed." Ning Zhen blinked, "Or tomorrow?"

"So cruel." Lu Zhi smiled.

"But you agreed to my marriage proposal, right?" He couldn't hide the surprise in his eyes, holding her hand. Fortunately, I woke up early, otherwise the baby I had been chasing for a lifetime would be gone.

"Ning Zhen."


"Your dad doesn't hate me now, right?"

Ning Zhen laughed: "Yes." Ning Haiyuan saw how sad and pained she was before, and he knew how deeply Lu Zhi loved her, so naturally he would not hate him anymore. But she didn't tell him that when we meet again, Ning Haiyuan will inevitably beat him.

All his eyes were gentle: "It's great, I'll wait until you grow up."

If you don't miss it, it can give you a complete life.

The man's Adam's apple moved slightly: "Ning Zhen, you're almost 21." He gritted his teeth, "I count my mental age, it's almost 30 in total, are you miserable?"

"Very miserable." Ning Zhen couldn't help laughing.

He pinched her face: "I have no conscience, then when will you marry me?"

Ning Zhen answered him seriously: "Tonight?"

"..." Lu Zhi almost wrote the words'pie in the sky' on his face. "Are you serious?"

"I have never been so serious." The whole youth is you, what does it matter whether it is early or late? She stretched her arm around his neck and kissed the corner of his mouth. "Lu Zhi said let me protect him. I think I can make him happy for a lifetime. What do you think?"

He tightened her waist: "Well, only you can."

Lu Zhi endured and endured, still could not hold back the slutty words: "Want to try?"

Her eyes were watery, and her face was dyed pink. Just looking at him like this made his heart melt. He simply shamelessly said: "Don't worry, it doesn't hurt."

Fingers interlocked and he kissed her lips.

Ning Zhen closed his eyes and resisted the slight tremor.

She could feel his suppressed desire when she listened to his breathing.

Every place he stroked brought a strange tremor. She plucked up the courage to open her eyes and couldn't help but breathe. Seeing his emotional appearance, she whispered: "Lu Zhi, I always owe you something."

She said: "I love you." Since you wrote your love letter, you owe it for many years.

His eyes were full of fragments of streamer and lust, and the kiss fell in fragments, as if she could feel the madness that made him for a moment.

She didn't even know that this kind of remarks were inadequate at this time, these three words were like an aphrodisiac, and he couldn't stop when she cried out.

Not hurting is just a lie.

He was so satisfying and hearty.

It was slightly cool in early autumn.

Lu Zhi packed her things early in the morning and waited for her to wake up. He was about to take her back to Lu's house.

He drew a gap in the curtains and the sunlight poured into the house. The sun sleeping beside her and the sunlight outside the house were the scenes he had been expecting for two lifetimes.

Her long eyelashes cast a shadow on her face.

His heart was frail.

Perhaps Ning Zhen never knew that when he saw her at the beginning of his last life when he was seventeen, it felt like a moment of love.

He played games all night and slept groggyly on his desk. He heard the girl's soft voice. He raised his head from the bend of his arms, and with only one glance, his heartbeat was out of control and went crazy.

Almost thought it was an absurd dream in his half-dream and half-awake period.

The girl stood on the stage with a reddish cheek, and said softly: "I hope to get along well with my classmates."

He dullly, applauded with the others.

This stupid action that he only did once in his life.

Hi, Ning Zhen.

Welcome to my life.

Ning Zhen raised his hand to cover the shade.

She didn't open her eyes, but rolled into his arms subconsciously.

She bends her lips slightly.

Perhaps she knew that Lu Zhi liked her early on.

She was sixteen years old at that time and she was a little bit courageous.

After speaking a few words, the anxiety spread in my heart, and countless pairs of eyes in the audience looked at her curiously or boredly.

Only one person's eyes are different.

The boy sitting at the first table.

In his black eyes, there is a love that is too thick to dissolve.


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