Myriad Realms Divine Calculation System Chapter 865

Chapter 865: God Thunder Break

But the remaining few people chose to stay with the slightest idea about whether they could miss it.

Liu Yan has noticed the existence of these people.

But he has no time to take care of it.

"Lei Lu, Ning!"



At the speed of condensing almost instantaneously, in Liu Yan's left and right palms, a complicated thunder urn appeared in each, filled with violent power.

Instant thunder!


Avoid the powerful blow of the giant wolf monster.

Liu Yanshan slid behind him, slamming his hands with all his strength.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Two thunder urns full of violent violence, like two sharp arrows of thunder, flew out instantly.

The giant wolf monster couldn't avoid it, and saw a strange black thunder gushing out of it.


The black thunder was completely formed by the fusion of its bloodline power and thunder power, and in a blink of an eye, a black thunder shield was formed on his back.

The two thunder urns thrown by Liu Yan exploded directly on the thunder shield.

"What a strong defensive combat technique!"

Liu Yan was secretly surprised.

But he didn't have time to think about it, and after the surprise attack failed, he quickly dodges.


In an instant, a black thunder swept past where Liu Yan was just now.

Liu Yan only noticed.

"There is also a black thunder on the tail! The power of this black thunder seems to be more powerful, and it can actually form a specific combat skill!"

"It seems to be careful!"

Not only that.

In just a moment, black thunder appeared on the four claws of the giant wolf monster.

The black thunder with its two front paws was sharp and unstoppable.

And the black thunder on the two hind paws gives a sense of swiftness.

In addition.

A black thunder pattern also appeared on the forehead of the giant wolf monster.

When Liu Yan saw the thunder pattern, his eyes suddenly flinched.


"This thunder pattern seems to be somewhat similar to my thunder urn, but it looks more ancient, and the thunder power condensed in it is also more solid."

"Right! I know!"

At this moment.

Liu Yan suddenly realized.

But in this moment.

The giant wolf monster keenly sensed Liu Yan's distraction, and the two hind feet entwined with the weird black thunder suddenly kicked the ground, and they split into two illusory black thunder shadows in an instant.

Pounced towards Liu Yan at a rapid speed.

In the blink of an eye.

From two tricky positions, he directly hit Liu Yan's.

"not good!"

Liu Yan was startled.

Before he could dodge, he could only quickly take out two samurai swords from the system backpack, and use a double-edged revolving cut, like a whirlwind, flying around.

clang! clang!

Gold and iron strike in general, with sparks flying everywhere.

Liu Yanzhong's double knife was instantly folded into two pieces.


Taking advantage of this short time, Liu Yan was finally able to withdraw.

"Hakuchi Kokuya Anzuna and Izumi Mori Fujiwara Kazumi, these two Japanese benzene samurai swords are too easy to break. Sure enough, no matter how powerful the ordinary soldiers are, they will eventually be ordinary soldiers."

Thoughts flashed by.

Liu Yan didn't have the slightest pity, so he threw away the two broken knives.

With ease, he blanched the thing again and took it out.

This is Sasaki Kojiro's knife.

It is also one of the supreme divine swords among the Japanese samurai and above, and the two samurai swords that were broken before, both represent the powerful strength of a generation of swordsman.

"Quick Thunder!"


Liu Yan's figure appeared behind the giant wolf monster, with cold eyes in his eyes.

"True Yan return!"


The True Yan Return, which was so fast that even a bird could cut it off, was displayed in Liu Yan's hands at this moment, and its power was multiplied.

However, the giant wolf monster is just a reflexive dig.

With a wave of that hard claw, it cut directly on the dry blanched object.


There was another crisp bang, and the dry blanching of the thing broke instantly.

The claws of the giant wolf monster continued to fly towards Liu Yan's body.

Liu Yan sprinted around and had to retreat.

"Japanese Benzene Soldier? Really rubbish!"

In this short moment, all three Japanese Benzene soldiers were broken.

Liu Yan really can't flatter him.

And just as he retreated, the sound of breaking through the sky suddenly came out of the void.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The two sharp sword lights drew two perfect arcs in the void and flew towards the giant wolf monster.

clang! clang!

These two sword lights were the sword of Mo Xie.


Slashing the Moxie sword on the giant wolf monster's body was actually blocked by those black wolf hairs, as if it was slashed on top of the fine iron, which only aroused a spark.

Liu Yan narrowed his eyes.

"What a hard fur, the current dry general Mo Xie sword is a pseudo-spirit treasure level magic weapon anyway, and it can only cut off a few wolf hairs!"

Liu Yan really couldn't believe it.

The defensive power of this giant wolf monster completely exceeded his imagination.

Whoosh whoosh...

Whoosh whoosh...

Although the attack of Ganjiang Moye Sword did not cause much damage to the giant wolf monster, Ganjiang Moye Sword was settled by the souls of Ganjiang Moye and his wife after all.

Without Liu Yan's control, they are already constantly attacking the giant wolf monster.


The giant wolf monster gave a loud roar.

The sound flow of air waves visible to the naked eye, like an air bomb, stirred the surrounding space.

The flying speed of Gan Jiang Moye Sword suddenly decreased.

Huh! Huh!

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the giant wolf monster swung his two claws furiously.

clang! clang!

The sharp wolf claws slammed on Gan Jiang Mo Xie's sword.

The two magic swords were shot directly flying.


The sword of Gan Jiang Moxie did not break, and a dazzling light flashed on it, and a strong sword intent suddenly rose up, and it felt a touch of skin across the distance.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Gan Jiang Mo Xie sword flew towards the giant wolf monster again.

"Grant Moxie, hold on for a while!"

Liu Yanchuan said.

At this moment, he has quickly condensed an extremely solid thunderball in his hand, and the violent thunder force continues to rampage in the thunderball.


Under Liu Yan's powerful mental force suppressed, Thunder Ball has always maintained its original appearance.

It's just that the thunderball is constantly spinning and rolling.

"Not enough! Not enough! Not enough!"

"Thunder, come out all for me!"

Liu Yan gritted his teeth and stared.

He is madly compressing all the power of thunder in his body towards the thunderball.



Gradually, a wave of thunder and lightning began to overflow from the thunderball and bounce around.

But Liu Yan still did not stop inputting the power of Thunder into the Thunderball.


The giant wolf monster discovered the situation on Liu Yan's side, and seemed to notice something was wrong. With a violent roar, he completely ignored the slash of Mo Xie Sword and sprinted away.


Like a black lightning, in the blink of an eye, he rushed to Liu Yan's.

Liu Yan grinned.

"Huh! I found out now, it's too late!"

"God Thunder Break!"


The violent thunderball, under Liu Yan's push, directly faced the giant wolf monster, and instantly impacted, like a thunder dragon bursting out of the water.

Hit the giant wolf monster fiercely.

In the blink of an eye, he immediately submerged it.

A few seconds.

The thunder light dissipated.

That terrifying impact ploughed a funnel-shaped sky trench that was hundreds of feet long.


The giant wolf monster did not step back half a step, but stood scorched and stood less than two meters in front of Liu Yan.

In the wolf eyes, the chill was freezing.


Liu Yan was shocked.

God thunder break!

This is a very terrifying move in the Extremely Shocking Thunder Tyrant Code, even better than Tyrant Thunder, but it didn't directly kill this giant wolf monster.

I don't even feel hurt!

How can it be?


At the moment Liu Yan was stunned, the giant wolf monster swept out with one claw.

After returning to his senses, Liu Yan tried his best to move away, but still couldn't avoid this claw.

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