Myriad Realms Divine Calculation System Chapter 866

Chapter 866: Lure The Enemy To Kill?


Probably the sharp claws instantly cut Liu Yan's body, bringing out a splash of sparks.

Liu Yan's body was also swept away.

Like a cannonball, it flew towards the distant mountains and forests.

Bang bang bang...

Along the way, many trees were broken.


Even with Liu Yan's powerful body, he couldn't help but spit out blood.

Looking down, it was shocking.

"The Sea King's golden armor was torn apart by a claw! This is equivalent to a middle-grade magic weapon. If it hadn't had the power to block most of this claw for me, I'm afraid I would already..."

Liu Yan dare not imagine.

His body is indeed strong, and his defense is also extremely high.

It can even face small nuclear weapons.


The sharpness of a claw of this giant wolf monster is absolutely above the destructive power of a small nuclear bomb.

Several **** wounds had appeared on Liu Yan's chest.

The giant wolf monster was obviously taken aback.

Such a claw failed to kill Liu Yan, which seemed to make him a little surprised.


The giant wolf monster glared in the next second.


It rushed toward Liu Yan again.

Liu Yan's eyes sank slightly.

"The speed has slowed down! Humph! It seems that the blow just now was not without effect at all."

The speed of the giant wolf monster is obviously slower.

Liu Yan's chest injury was only a minor injury.

What was a little bit more troublesome was that the vibration force just now made his internal organs a little bit of blood surging.

But Liu Yan abruptly reduced the surge of Qi and blood pressure.

In his eyes, the fighting spirit rose to the sky.

"come on!"


Boom! Boom!

Throughout the mountains and forests, there were thunder and lightning everywhere, with terrifying destructive power, decayed and overturned the surrounding trees and soil, plowing the ground into amazing ravines.

The few warriors and supernatural beings who originally wanted to pick up were also scared to retreat far away.

"so horrible!"

"If we hadn't escaped in time, I'm afraid we would have been involved in death."

"When they stopped just now, I had already seen clearly that one of them was Senior Liu who opened the entrance to this fairy road, and the other was a terrifying monster wolf."

"The fighting power of the demon wolf is actually comparable to Senior Liu. This is too terrifying!"

"This is a monk-level battle. Let's stay away."


Just as a few warriors were talking, there was another thunder that shook the sky, causing a few people to feel pain, and they didn't dare to hesitate anymore.

Hurriedly fled towards the distance.

The fighting power of the giant wolf monster is really too powerful.

Especially that strange black thunder.

It is even more powerful!

"Come! Come again!"

Liu Yan became more excited as he fought, and he faintly felt that he seemed to have grasped a little bit of special insight into Thunder.


Huh! Huh!

One person, one wolf, lightning flashes.

Boom! Boom!

Every time there was a collision, black and white thunders shot and splashed.

Liu Yan's body was covered with dozens of wounds, large and small.

The giant wolf monster is not much better.

His black steel needle-like fur showed large patches of burning, and even in some places, deep bone wounds could be seen.

These wounds were all cut out by slashing Mo Xie Sword to the same place.

"Hmph! No matter how hard your fur is, you can see the flesh, it's useless!"

"Ghanjiang Moxie, you continue to look for opportunities. Today, even if we grind, we must grind it to death!"

Cang! Cang!

The general Mo Xie sword whirling in the air made a clanging sound, as if responding to Liu Yan.


The sword intent emanating from the sword became more sharp and domineering.

In such a battle that is evenly matched, even slightly at a disadvantage, it is easier for them to further understand the sword intent they had absorbed.


The giant wolf monster roared like thunder.

It was clearly aware of the strangeness, but there was no sign of flinching in its eyes.

Instead, he stared at Liu Yan with some bloodthirsty.


With a chick, the giant wolf monster turned into a black lightning, and instantly appeared at the Gan Jiang Mo Xie Sword, with a big mouth, directly bit Mo Xie Sword, then turned around and fled.

Liu Yan came back to his senses with a look of surprise.

"Damn it, is it trying to recover a little loss?"

Such thoughts made Liu Yan a little strange.


Gan Jiang sword drew an arc, already chasing the giant wolf monster.

Liu Yan didn't stay idle either, chasing after him.

"Qiang Qiang..."

Mo Xiejian kept shaking, trying to break free of the giant wolf monster's mouth, but no matter how she vibrated, there was no way to break free.


Although the giant wolf monster used a lot of bite force, it did not bite the Moxie sword.

"You can't escape!"

Liu Yan drank in the rear.

At this moment, the giant wolf monster, who was already badly injured, could no longer surpass Liu Yan's speed, but Liu Yan was also badly injured and could only narrow the distance little by little.

After chasing and fleeing, it is hundreds of miles in an instant.

The giant wolf monster suddenly opened his mouth, let go of the Moxie sword, and then rushed towards the lake ahead.


The lake splashed up like a meteorite.

Splashes of up to several feet flew high.

More waves are surging and rolling around.


Mo Xiejian flew back, entangled and flew with Qianjiangjian, like a long-time lover.

And Liu Yan also rushed to the lake.

Frown slightly.

"This is... deliberately bringing me here?"

He feels something is wrong.


The giant wolf monster suddenly rushed out of the lake, steadily stepping on the lake with all four feet, holding a half-eaten bizarre aquatic plant in his mouth, and staring at Liu Yan coldly.

Liu Yan's expression condensed.

"Not good! That thing can increase its power!"

Liu Yan has sensed it.

The black thunder power on the giant wolf monster is undergoing a rapid increase in energy.


It deliberately took away the Moxie Sword in order to introduce Liu Yan here, and then swallow that strange aquatic plant to increase its strength.

Good to kill in one fell swoop!

At this moment, if you turn around and run away, it is obviously too late.

after all!

The thunder power on the giant wolf monster is increasing rapidly.

Then its speed, I am afraid it will also increase sharply.

To escape is to die!

Liu Yan instantly judged the current situation.

"It deserves to be the monster beast equivalent to the late stage of the foundation construction stage. It actually has the same wisdom as humans. This time, it is a little troublesome."

"Son, is there any medicine that can quickly recover from the injury?"

"Ding! A list has been provided for the host, please purchase."

Liu Yan's eyes lit up.

it is good!

Just have it.

While the giant wolf monster was still devouring that strange aquatic plant, Liu Yan also quickly glanced at the mall interface.

Tonic Pill: It can quickly restore spiritual power and repair wounds in a small amount.

One hundred ten thousand world heaven crystals.

Huogu Ningxue Pill: It can quickly repair various traumas and bone injuries.

One hundred ten thousand world heaven crystals.

Shenxue Huayuan Pill: While recovering 70% of spiritual power instantly, it can repair 70% of various injuries.

Three hundred ten thousand world heaven crystals.

"Shen Xue Hua Yuan Dan, buy it! Use it!"

"Ding! The purchase was successful."

"Ding! Successfully used."

A strange streamer that outsiders couldn't see, flowed directly from Liu Yan.


The empty spiritual power in Liu Yan's body suddenly recovered.

His original remaining spiritual power was about 30 to 40%, using the blood of the essence pill, just can be restored to the full state.

Also, the injuries on his body also recovered most of the time in the blink of an eye.

"Purchase another Living Bone Coagulation Pill."

"Ding! The purchase was successful."


"Ding! Successfully used."

The Living Bone Coagulation Pill could not recover the injury instantly, but the effect was still very good. The remaining wounds on Liu Yan's body were slowly recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Such a change naturally cannot escape the attention of the giant wolf monster.

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