Myriad Realms Divine Calculation System Chapter 867

Chapter 867: Chaos Tripod Heart Jue


It noticed the low roar of the crippling people.

In the wolf eyes that had overflowed with thunder, at this moment was actually filled with a strange blood.

at last!

The giant wolf monster swallowed the last bite of that strange aquatic plant.

And in its wolf eyes, the blood is already bright red.

As if it were no longer a pair of eyes.

But a pair of red gems, under the illumination of the light, refracted dazzling light.



In the black lightning on the giant wolf monster, several weird red lightning began to appear.


Suddenly, it kicked the lake with its back foot and threw it out at a speed like a rainbow.

Liu Yan's eyes shrank suddenly.

"So fast!"

The speed of the giant wolf monster was so fast that it was almost impossible for Liu Yan to react, and the big mouth full of sharp fangs had already locked Liu Yan's body.

It was completely able to bite Liu Yan off.

"Invincible golden body!"

Liu Yan's eyes were biting.


The dazzling golden light burst out from Liu Yan's body in an instant, and at the same time there was a gilt-like golden light curtain directly covering Liu Yan's body.

This is the powerful ability that was originally drawn from the silver red envelope.

Although it can only be used three times, and only three seconds each time.

But it is definitely an invincible skill!


The fangs of the giant wolf monster snapped into Liu Yan's body. Liu Yan didn't suffer any injuries. Instead, there was a strong anti-shock force that directly shook the mouth of the giant wolf monster.

Even the hard fangs cracked.


Liu Yan didn't give the giant wolf monster any chance to react. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he burst out all his strength and launched a crazy attack.

Bang bang bang...

Bang bang bang...

The fist, like a torrential rain, slammed into the giant wolf monster violently.

Especially towards the wound of the giant wolf monster.

The dry general Mo Xie sword in mid-air took the opportunity to brew a powerful sword intent, extracting majestic aura from the void, making the sword intent more sharp and domineering.

The two swords are transformed into a sword light and merge into one.

Zheng! !

The sound of swords rang through the sky.

A giant lightsaber is rapidly condensing.

In just three seconds, Liu Yan had already blasted nearly a thousand punches. Each punch was enough to smash a giant rock. The punches were so fleshy that the giant wolf monster could hardly move.

"The thousandth punch!"


With a scream, the giant wolf monster that had been beaten unable to move directly flew out backwards like a black cannonball.


On the mountain wall, a big hole was knocked out.

Rubble was all over the ground and smoke was everywhere.

And at this moment, the ultimatum of Gan Jiang Mo Xie Sword was also brewing over, and it turned into a giant sword light and flew swiftly towards the dusty rocks.



The sword light flew in, exploded in place, and the shock wave was flying around.


Liu Yan was panting.

In the three seconds just now, a thousand punches burst out in an instant, and every punch was exhausted, which really made him a little unbearable. It felt like the strength of the whole body and the spiritual power in the body were all consumed.


Liu Yan's expression changed slightly.

"Not dead yet?"

"The vitality of this monster wolf is too tenacious, right? Okay, let me give you another blow."


Liu Yan lifted his right hand, and under the slight vibration of the void, a simple small tripod appeared.

Although the Chaos Heavenly Cauldron is very small at the moment, the aura from the ancients on it is extremely thick, and there is still heaven and earth surrounding it.


Liu Yan directly threw the Chaos Tianding.

Above the Chaos Heavenly Cauldron, it rose at the sight of the wind, and in the blink of an eye, it expanded to several meters in size, as if a meteorite fell, dragging a light tail, and smashing it into the pile of rocks below.


The horrible sound is like an ancient bell trembling, and the sound travels hundreds of miles.

"Come again! I don't believe you can survive!"


Liu Yan made a move with his right hand, and the Chaos Heavenly Ding suddenly flew up, and then followed his right hand wave down, and smashed it down.




Liu Yan smashed it three more times. Finally, he could no longer feel the vitality of the giant wolf monster, and then stopped.

"Liu Yan, what are you doing? How rudely use your spirit?"

Ding Ling's voice, resentment and anger came.

Liu Yan laughed helplessly: "Then how should I use it?"

"You idiot!"


Ding Ling directly introduced a magic formula into Liu Yan's mind.

"Chaos Tripod Heart Art?"

"This is the control method of the Chaos Heavenly Cauldron. If you dare to use the spirit like this in the future, don't blame the spirit for turning your face against you."

"If you have this thing, take it out earlier, won't it be over?"

"Huh! How could it be taught to you before the spirit did not recognize you?"

"Uh...so, do you recognize me now?"


Upon hearing this, Liu Yan couldn't help but smile.

Just reluctantly.

Anyway, he can make this Ding Ling recognize himself, and he will officially become its master.

So fine.

Otherwise, according to the previous state, he couldn't exert the power of the Chaos Heavenly Cauldron at all, so he could only throw it out and hit people like this.

This control...

It's kind of that.

Putting away the Chaos Heavenly Ding, Liu Yan felt it carefully, and the vitality of the giant wolf monster had indeed disappeared, and it should have died too much.

"Monster? I wonder if there will be a monster pill or something?"

"I think should not be?"

Liu Yan thought for a while, this giant wolf monster is equivalent to the late stage of the foundation construction stage.

Not even the golden core period.

It is unlikely to form a demon pill.

But Liu Yan checked, and sure enough, no demon pill was found.

Later, Liu Yan cast his gaze on the lake.

Without thinking, he jumped directly into the lake and searched around the bottom of the lake.


He found several large aquatic plants.

"It's this thing. Before, the demon wolf ate this, causing a few traces of red thunder to be born from the black thunder on his body. If it weren't for the invincible golden body, I blasted its wound for three seconds, plus the chaotic sky. Kanae's attack."

"I am afraid"

Liu Yan shook his head secretly, not daring to imagine.

The weird black thunder on the giant wolf monster is already very abnormal.

When the Red Thunder was born, the combat effectiveness skyrocketed.

"Son, what level of appraiser talisman is needed to identify this thing?"

"Ding! Intermediate Appreciation Talisman is fine."

"Exchange, appraisal."

"Ding! The identification is complete."

Item: Flame Domain Thunder Spirit Vine

Role: Flame Territory Thunder Spirit Vine has the ability to alienate lightning in a short period of time, which contains a very weak trace of the special power of the Flame Domain Thunder Road.

"The Flame Territory Thunder Spirit Vine? There is actually a trace of the Flame Territory Thunder Dao power?"

"What is the power of this Flame Domain Thunder Dao?"

Liu Yan was completely dumbfounded.

He can understand the Law of Thunder, but what is Thunder Road in the Flame Region?

The system did not give an explanation.

Liu Yan couldn't help but was about to shrug, planning to inquire later, Xiao Suan's voice rang.

"The Flame Domain Thunder Road is a fusion law of the law of the fire system and the law of the thunder system. It belongs to the category of special laws. It is precisely because it contains special laws of fire. If it does not grow under the water, the power of the chaotic laws will It burned directly into nothingness."

"So, it's best for the owner to put these flame domain thunderling vines into the system backpack as soon as possible."


"They will set themselves on fire soon."

Liu Yan was startled.

This thing will self-immolate?

"Why didn't you say it earlier?"

Liu Yan discovered that self-immolation had really occurred on one of the small leaves. He quickly shot it out and put it in the system backpack.

There is a self-contained space law in the system backpack.

The Flame Territory Thunder Spirit Vine is in it, and will no longer be affected by the original laws.

Self-immolation or something will naturally disappear.


Liu Yan stared at the special ore in the system backpack again.

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