A World Full Of Yanderes Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Friends (2)

The two of them just stood there, though their eyes were on me, their faces were blank, utter shock seemed to summarize every emotion they were feeling as of this moment, I knew I was handsome but this is a bit much. Though it's more likely they are simply shocked by the fact that I appeared out of nowhere, at least I can have a little hope they were stunned by my handsomeness.

I decided to stop this strange train of thought and introduced myself.

"Hello, I'm Luke, nice to meet the both of you"

I began with a formal introduction, I wanted to come off a bit friendlier but to act all chummy when they're silent like this would just be awkward.

"Uhhh, that was super cool" the boy seemed to snap out of his daze faster, he even complimented me, we will definitely be great friends.

"Sorry, I'm Seth, and this is my friend Sophie" Being called by name seemed to bring the girl out of her trance, as she suddenly turned bright pink and nudged Seth.

"Sorry I mean Sophia, not Sophie" Seth corrected himself, I assumed it was a special nickname so I didn't care that much.

"So... ummm, how's it going" I didn't really know what to say, was I nervous? They're just two kids, I should technically be 30 now, why the hell was I embarrassed, stupid hormones.

"Luke right? That was so cool! So are you a wind mage? Is that how you fly? Can you teach me to use magic? Why are you here? Do you have any travel companions? Where did you come from? How old are you?"

I was suddenly bombarded with questions, it was annoying and extremely random, but the awkwardness from before seemed to be dispelled by this energetic kid named Seth.

"Woahhhhhh, way too many questions, how about this, we will each take turns asking each other questions, you two will be able to ask one question then I will get one question"

"Agreed" Surprisingly, before the brown-haired kid could even say anything to my proposal, the quiet girl suddenly spoke up.

"Alright, since I saved you, ill take the liberty of going first. Why are you two alone in these woods?" I needed to have a rough idea of their objective, it would decide if we could be friends or enemies. I just hope they would be honest. Of course, I am quite good at reading people so I can trust in my ability to judge whether they are lying to me or not.

"I and Sophia are travelling to Nermia Academy, we both come from the same village and have been friends since we were little" Seth answered.

My eyes lit up at the new information, these were my classmates! I really hope we can get along, maybe even travel together.

Though it may be slower, I know the journey will be so much more enjoyable with the company, especially if we had the same destination, they would be the first step to a fantastic school life, which is a necessity in creating a good harem, for all I know this Sophia girl could be a future harem member, I will have to treat her kindly.

"Ok, our turn to ask a question, why are you out here travelling alone?" Sophia asked in a silky voice, she was extremely lovely, her already beautiful image seemed to be magnified by the thought that she could be the first harem member, of course, Adrianna was beautiful, but she was more of an overprotective older sister than a harem member to me, and I never really interacted with Layla enough to decide is she was harem material, plus Nura scares me.

"I also happen to be travelling to Nermia Academy, I will become a student there, so I guess were schoolmates"

"Wow! so were both students, let's be friends and then you can teach me magic!" Seth's energy showed itself once again.

"Alright time for my question, will the two of you travel with me to the academy?"

I was worried at first that they would decline, but hearing Seth's opinion bolstered my withering confidence, I was never an outgoing kid in my past life, but I wasn't this shy either, what the hell is wrong with me. Is it the new body and hormones, or do I have a different personality because I'm in a different head, well, fuck it, I won't worry about something I can't change.

"Of course!"

Sophia instantly agrees to my proposal/question, and Seth didn't seem opposed as well. Looks like I have successfully made travel companions.

We began to walk through the woods talking about our lives. We played the question game for a while longer, until we just started talking regularly and completely forgot about it.

Seth was the one who kept the conversation alive, he was a constant chatterbox. He spoke all about his village, from the old granny who always needed help to do things or his family who had eight other children, no wonder he was so social.

Sophia didn't speak very much, she mainly stared at me, and her eyes only seemed to bore even deeper into me whenever I spoke, it was a bit creepy, at first I thought that this was very similar to Nura or Adrianna, but I told myself it was impossible for every girl to be as crazy as them.

It actually makes sense for royalty to have a few quirks or even go insane, but a country girl, I doubt it. I also just didn't want to believe that every girl I met was nuts.

We had to fight a few other monsters along our journey through the woods, another Treant, a group of 4 monkeys that seemed a lot stronger than usual. Even a giant toad.

I had read about all of these monsters, but reading about them, and seeing them in person are completely different things. It was frankly terrifying. I still beat them all fairly easily, especially with the help of Seth and Sophia. But it was more mentally challenging than physically.

I also could really admire the beauty in the forest, we walked for hours and I could only appreciate everything I saw, the countless birds, deer, squirrels and not to mention the giant trees we came across.

When I first met my two travel companions it was almost like a jungle with thick vegetation, but now, the terrain was covered with moss, the moss even stopped a large number of bushes from growing, so travelling wasn't uncomfortable at all, and the humongous trees were a fantastic sight that boosted my motivation to explore even more.

I also began to use a new, and necessary spell, while we were travelling in the woods. It was a small wind armour that covered every inch of my body, and it was necessary as a bug repellent. I also created one for Sophia and Seth.

Though Sophia can harden her skin so bugs cant bite her, she still feels them crawling, I could tell how grateful she was to be covered by my magic, it was especially obvious when her face was one of pure ecstasy after my wind magic enveloped her.

Also, I created a wind armour for Seth because, even though he can do the same with a fire armour, not only would it suck up his small mana supply, which has basically never been trained, it may even cause a forest fire.

I would never want to harm this stunning place.

After we had walked and talked for over 6 hours, we saw a small town right outside the forest, it was covered by farms on all sides except the side where the forest lay. It looked like tomorrow we would be walking through mostly farmland.

Once we saw the town in the distance, we all rushed over, desperate for a warm bed to rest in for the night.

Getting closer to the town, the first noticeable thing was the large wall accompanied by a small set of gates with a guard standing atop the wall directly above the gate. He looks like a fat old man, but I knew appearances were often deceiving so I kept my guard up, this was foreign territory after all.

The town was quite large, so far I had only come across small villages similar to where Sophia and Seth came from. Each village may hold a blacksmith, a stable or an inn. But these commercial buildings were few in number.

The village was mainly a location for all the farmers to sell their goods, and for traders to stop by every once in a while to buy a large number of goods in bulk. There wasn't much else to these villages.

This town however had a wall, which was already a massive improvement to the small fence or lack thereof that could be found in the villages. Also, this town had someone to act as a guard, though a seemingly small aspect, the fact that they had enough of a population to have someone be paid to sit around all day, just to scan the surroundings and watch the incoming travellers, was an important piece of information that gave a rough idea about the prosperity of the town.

As our small party of 3 came up to the gates we admired the well built 15-foot tall wooden wall, it was made up primarily of logs, and though it could never compare to the 50-foot behemoth stone walls of the castle, for a town with a population of a few thousand, it was an impressive feat.

As we were admiring the architecture of the town, the guard lazily yelled at us from atop the wall.

"Halt, whoever wishes entry to the town of Hull must pay the toll of 15 coppers"

Though the voice of the man was anything but serious, to me this news was dreadful, in my quick escape away from the palace, I had left all my luggage behind, and though there was nothing important such as personal items or a special sword, I still had several gold coins Adrianna had given me, as well as a good amount of silver and copper coins for travelling.

I looked to my companions for some monetary insurance only to find a dreadful look covering their faces, one that seemed extremely similar to mine.

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