Modern Demon System Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Transformation Mode and AK-47


Andre started running and started casting his fireball spell on both of his hands. His goal was to achieve the shortest time possible as Lily counted the time that he took to shoot all of the wooden mannequins in the courtyard.


Andre ran to one of the mannequins and he threw his fireball at that mannequin. The distance between the fireballs and Andre was so close that Andre literally just slammed the face of the mannequin with a fireball.


Andre cast two fireballs at once and once again slammed the face of the mannequin with his hands. He wanted to try something else. He wanted to run and gun while using fireballs. Andre pulled out his pistol which he put on the holster in his pocket. He ran with his pistol in his right hand and the other hand had a fireball on top of it.


Andre shot his Glock pistol at one of the mannequins and he blasted the other mannequin with a fireball. There were six mannequins left and Andre took an aim with his pistol at the other six mannequins. He emptied his magazine at those six mannequins. He cast another fireball at the mannequins and all of them burned.



[Mission Completed: 200 EXP Has Been Rewarded]

[Level Up]

[122/700 EXP]

"Ten seconds. Not too bad to be honest. But still, I can do better," Lily said.

Andre just smiled as he was successfully achieved his dream of using magic while shooting with his pistol. Nevertheless, it was a new experience for him since the only magic that he used to know back in the old world was black magic that those shamans in the African continent gave to him.

"It was... refreshing," Andre said as he wiped his sweat with his right hand.

"You have done good, I'm not going to lie about that. For a mere beginner familiar, you've done something beyond any beginner familiar that I have ever seen," Lily said.


Lily's grandmother just clapped her hands. She was proud that the student that she taught learn magic faster than even her own granddaughter. "It was good, my boy. I like that you substitute your weakness in range by closing your distance. It also seems that your magical tool covers your weakness in the ranged attack," she said.

"Thanks. I couldn't have done it without both of you," Andre said.

"I was only counting. I didn't do anything for training you. Nevertheless, I am quite satisfied that you can use magic right now. However, there is another thing that I want to share with you. I want you to be able to transform yourself into a more powerful form," Lily said.

The more powerful form that Lily was talking about was the demon transformation. Much like angel transformation, demon transformation will also turn the appearance of the caster into something else and also boost their strength by a margin.

"You see, the way that it works is simple. For this spell, you only need to have lots of mana. This simply won't work with little to no mana. This is called the transformation spell. Divine Transformation!" Lily snapped her fingers.

A pair of white wings appeared on her back and the holy aura started surrounding her again. The yellow halo appeared on top of her head as well. As Lily turned into an angelic creature, Andre started feeling nauseous again. His vision started spinning. The holy aura surrounding it was the cause of it.

"You know if you transform into the True Demon form. You can negate the amount of holy magic coming from my body. You should try it," Lily said.

"How?" Andre coughed.

Lily's grandmother said, "Say Condemned Transformation then snap your right finger."

"Condemned Transformation," Andre snapped his finger.

[Combat Mode Initiated] [All Stats And Damage Has Been Multiplied by 1.6]

[HP: 440/440]

[MP: 160/440]

The HP and MP appeared in his eyes in real-time, unlike before when he only could see his MP and HP when he opened the menu for the system itself. Nausea and the dizziness disappeared as Andre turned into another form. The True Demon form made Andre felt more powerful. That was not all, he also had wings on his back.

He felt that he became stronger. There was also a dark aura surrounding his entire body. It was the cursed aura. It was the opposite of the holy aura that Lily emitted as she turned into an angel. "You better stay away from my grandmother, you make her sick," Lily said.

Her grandmother was precisely similar to Andre when he faced Lily in her angelic form. She looked dizzy because as she walked backward, she fell on the ground multiple times. "Dear, don't worry, I've faced this kind of thing multiple times, but I am old now."

"I know that grandma," Lily said. "This also makes your weapon stronger, no matter what the weapon is."

Andre pulled out his gun. He shot at the wooden mannequin. The 9mm bullets somehow made a hole bigger than he had expected before. The hole was similar to something that had been shot by a .44 Magnum. The hole on that wooden mannequin was as big as his fist. It was the power of the combat mode.

"Just say the same spell and you will change back into your ordinary form. Divine Transformation." Lily snapped her fingers and she turned back into a human. As she turned back into a human, she turned nauseous as well. "You better change back to ordinary form, or I will force you to change back."

"Condemned Transformation." Andre snapped his fingers and he turned into an ordinary human again.

[Mission Completed: [Stats] and [Skills] Have Been Unlocked]


Andre was happy that all of the menus in his system was now unlocked. He just had to test those abilities out. However, he needed to make sure that Lily gave him a confirmation whether she knew about the system or not. Andre didn't have to learn about the system if he could just ask it to Lily.

"Do you know Modern Daemonium System?"

"What???" Lily squinted her eyes.

"The answer is no then?"

"Yes. The answer is no," Lily said. "What kind of mumbo jumbo are you talking about?"

"Nothing. Can I leave now? I think I want to walk around the town," Andre lied.

"Sure. But come back here before the sky turned dark. Do you need any money?" Lily asked.

"Yes, in fact, I do need some money," Andre said.

"Well, ok." Lily gave Andre three gold coins. "Buy something nice, maybe an armor," Lily said.


Andre left the courtyard. He walked outside of the mansion. There was a horse stable on the northern side of the mansion. Andre knew how to ride a horse based on his experience in the middle east. He was working alongside the president's daughter as a peacekeeper. He acted as a bodyguard while the president's daughter acted as a negotiator.

Andre got on the horse and he headed for the grassland while hoping that the princess didn't catch him going into the grassland. He wanted to test some things. He wanted to test his system on the grassland, far away from anyone that could ask him some unnecessary questions.

He wanted to buy an AK-47. That rifle should be useful if he needed more power in dealing with enemies. There might be some weak creatures that could be taken care of in that grassland. The possibility ranges from a basic soldier from the Imperial camp to another abomination Andre couldn't explain.

He opened the [Shop] menu.

[Assault Rifle]

[Lvl.1 AK-47] [2,000 Credits]

[More Weapon Will Be Available As User Levels Up]

Andre bought that assault rifle and a container appeared and floated right beside the system display itself. The container was longer than the one which contained the ammo for the pistol. Andre opened the weapon container and picked up the AK-47 and four magazines.

[Lvl.1 AK-47]

[Damage: 40]

[Ammo: 30/90]

[Weight: 3.5 Kg/ 7.7 lb]

Andre inspected that weapon. It was certainly the AK-47. That assault rifle was too common on his hands that he could differ whether the AK was made in the Soviet Union or outside of it. The AK-47 was genuinely made in the Soviet Union.

Andre became ecstatic as he held the rifle with his hand. He usually held the M4 assault rifle, but it was better to have a rifle privately owned by himself rather than only equipped with a pistol. Andre's next objective was to inspect the [Stats] and [Skills] menu. However, there were three Imperial soldiers in the distance. They were perfect target practice for Andre.

Andre laid himself down on the grassland and aimed his rifle at the Imperial soldiers with the rifle's iron sight. He pulled the trigger three times as all of them scored a headshot. Those three soldiers dropped dead on the ground.

"This rifle is dope, damn," Andre shouted as he kept his rifle on his back.

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