Archean Eon Art Chapter 574

Chapter 575 City Lord Eastcalms List

"City Lord Eastcalm?" The black-robed elder was puzzled. "Ive been in Three Bay River System for so many years, but Ive never heard of anyone named City Lord Eastcalm."

"Its said that hes a Tribulation Eminence of our Three Bay River System. He might have been traveling far away in the past." The red-robed man ate his meat and glanced at the black-robed man. "Bolan, let me remind you. This City Lord Eastcalm has already joined Eternal Tower. If he plans on building an Eternal Tower branch in Three Bay River System, he will definitely sweep the plundering factions here clean."

The black-robed elders heart palpitated.

Although he had dominated Three Bay River System for a long time, he knew how terrifying a Fifth Tribulation Eminence was. At the very least, they wouldnt be able to withstand him.

His companion, Cave Lord Redmynah, was the strongest expert of the species. He was a member of Black Fiend Hall, but he was only at the Fourth Tribulation realm. City Lord Eastcalm could kill him with a flip of his hand.

"Im only telling you to be careful," said the red-robed man casually. "City Lord Eastcalm will probably be like Palace Lord Snowjade. He will focus on cultivation and not care about the outside world. That way, we will still be carefree."

The black-robed elder nodded immediately. "I hope so."

Fifth Tribulation Eminences were supreme existences. It was best if they didnt bring them trouble.

"If he wants to establish an Eternal Tower branch and a transaction ground, it requires Palace Lord Snowjades agreement," said the red-robed man. "Palace Lord Snowjade is a Fifth Tribulation Eminence in Three Bay River System. Hes very proud and aloof. Since there are two Fifth Tribulation Eminences in one river system, one will definitely be stronger than the other."

"With Palace Lord Snowjades character, how can he allow another to control Three Bay River Systems commerce?" The black-robed elders eyes lit up. They had cultivated in Three Bay River System for many years. They knew Palace Lord Snowjades temperament very well. If one didnt provoke him, he wouldnt be bothered with other Tribulation Eminences. However, if one transgressed his authority, he would definitely take action.

The red-robed man nodded and said, "In short, we have to monitor the situation. We have to flee as soon as possible once things go south."

"Alright." The black-robed elder nodded. "However, we were born in Three Bay River System. We have been cultivating here for so many years. I really dont want to leave."

He was too familiar with Three Bay River System.

"Our species is in Three Bay River System. Im also unwilling to leave, but if the situation forces us, we have to make a choice," said the red-robed man solemnly. "By the way, City Lord Eastcalm lives on Thousand Mountain Star. Dont go anywhere close."

"Thousand Mountain Star?" The black-robed elder understood. "In Three Bay River Systems history, there were only hundreds of Sixth Tribulation Eminences. I know the approximate location."

Thousand Mountain Star was very famous in history.

However, with its master dead and the array formation activated, Thousand Mountain Star hid itself. However, Three Bay River Systems Tribulation Eminences knew its approximate location.

The news of Meng Chuans residing on Thousand Mountain Star had been spread by the Cang Alliance. They had also reported it to Eternal Tower. Many people knew of this matter, so Black Fiend Hall naturally obtained this information.

In the future, if Cang Alliance members came to Three Bay River System, they could head to Thousand Mountain Star to look for Meng Chuan.

Furthermore, Thousand Mountain Star had to be made public if an Eternal Tower Branch were to be established!

A new Fifth Tribulation Eminence has appeared in our Three Bay River System. Furthermore, he has cultivated both his body and Essence Soul. Im afraid some tough times will be ahead.A stocky elder with silver fur sat cross-legged on a barren planet. His aura was one with the entire planet. It even affected the surrounding void for tens of millions of kilometers.

However, Im secluded here. It wont affect me. I wonder when I can break through the bottleneck and grasp a Fifth Tribulation law.

The stocky elder sighed. His emotions had been in upheaval when he received the news from Yellow-Robed Academy. Following that, he restrained his emotions and continued cultivating.

The Yellow-Robed Academy was also one of the top factions in the River of Spacetime. The minimum requirement to be a member was to be at the Fourth Tribulation realm. However, one had to undergo strict tests to join it. Therefore, there were fewer Yellow-Robed Academy members than Black Fiend Hall, but many experts were inside.

Meng Chuan had only joined Eternal Tower for more than half a year. Few people in Three Bay River System knew about this.

The transmission of information in the outer realm was slow to begin with. Cave Lord Redmynah was a member of Black Fiend Hall. The stocky elder was a member of Yellow-Robed Academy, so he was able to learn of the news quickly. As for those below the Fourth Tribulation realm like Cave Lord Bolan, they didnt have the right to join top factions. The top factions in the River of Spacetime generally had a minimum requirement of the Fifth Tribulation realm. No matter how low the threshold was, it would still be at the Fourth Tribulation realm.

On the same day. On Thousand Mountain Star, the top floor of a building.

Meng Chuan sat there with his white hair draped over his shoulders. He drank and immersed himself in the profundities of the Void Catalogs third volume. His fingers gently moved the void.

Thousand Mountain Stars void changed as well.

At times, it would distort and layer.

Thousand Mountain Starwhich was about 1.95 million kilometers in diameterwas 30 times larger because of the void layer! Meng Chuan became even more unfathomable when it came to the void domain since he could change the void on such a large scale.

Oh?Meng Chuan stopped cultivating and received a message.

This message was information transmitted through Eternal Towers identity token. Only the river zones Eternal Tower headquarters could instantly send information.

The name list of Three Bay River Systems plundering factions has finally arrived.Meng Chuan checked the list he had received.Ive waited for a full 11 months.

The information on the list was very detailed.

A total of 18 plundering factions were recorded!

Among them, seven factions had Tribulation Eminences. Tribulation Eminences could wreak more havoc!

Based on Eternal Towers means, the least number of cultivators that had been killed by the seven factions with Tribulation Eminences in the past 10,000 years numbered more than 300. The most killed by a faction numbered more than 5,000! This alarmed Meng Chuan.

Cultivators who typically roamed the outer realm were, at the very least, Supremacies.

Although Three Bay River System has more than 100,000 inhabited worlds and many cultivators, these Tribulation Eminences have been plundering for a long time. They pose a threat to too many cultivators,Meng Chuan thought to himself.

Tribulation Eminences that plundered occupied 20 to 30 percent of Three Bay River Systems total Tribulation Eminences. In 10,000 years, they had killed many cultivators. Compared to adventuring and ruin expeditions, plundering treasures was much easier. It made some Tribulation Eminences take this sunken road.

In the past, only Palace Lord Snowjade had the strength to clear Three Bay River System. However, he didnt want to manage it. He coldly watched from above as the weak cultivators struggled.

With Meng Chuans current strength, it was very easy for him to clear Three Bay River System. He was naturally willing to do it.

With just a slight effort, he could save many cultivators lives, numbering in the tens of thousands.

Seven Tribulation Eminence factions and 11 Imperial Lord factions.Meng Chuan carefully pondered over the information. There were many Imperial Lords in Three Bay River System. There were naturally other Imperial Lords that specialized in plundering. Only these 11 Imperial Lords were infamous.

Many of them have some background. They are related to top factions or are special lifeforms.Meng Chuan pondered for a moment.Lets do this.

As he made his decision

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Six black-robed, white-haired Meng Chuans left Thousand Mountain Star. Each of them carried a Sixth Tribulation treasure.

With Meng Chuans wealth, he had long bought six Sixth Tribulation treasures. Every Essence Soul avatar could carry one. They were very suitable for Meng Chuan. They were equipped with good offensive and defensive measures. In terms of offensive strength, they were stronger than the Bloodblade Disc. After all, the Bloodblade Disc focused on defense and escaping. It lacked offensive runes.

These new Sixth Tribulation treasures were all specially chosen by Meng Chuan when he contacted the river zones Eternal Tower headquarters. He checked Eternal Towers treasure vault and picked them out. They cost about 2,300 cubes in total.

Eternal Towers treasure vault was much better stocked than Ancestral Master Archean Eons treasure vault. Thus, it was very easy to find six items that were suitable for Meng Chuan. Furthermore, the prices were all very reasonable.

The six Essence Soul avatars moved at the same time.


One of the Essence Soul avatars walked through the River of Spacetime and headed straight for Cave Lord Redmynahs cave abode.

Cave Lord Redmynah.The black-robed, white-haired Meng Chuan confirmed his mission target.

Eternal Tower had used karma to lock onto these targets locations. Therefore, Meng Chuan immediately took action once he received the information! If he delayed any further, those Tribulation Eminences might have fled elsewhere. Although Meng Chuan wanted to kill those Tribulation Eminences, they had never met each other. The karmic ties between them were very faint, so he had to rely on Eternal Towers intelligence to locate them.

As expected of a Black Fiend Hall member, Cave Lord Redmynahs faction has killed many cultivators and is ranked third.Meng Chuans killing intent was very strong.

It was common to fight in the outer realm. However, killing Imperial Lords and Supremacies as Tribulation Eminences and plundering them for long periods of time was already beyond the normal confines of battling.

Cave Lord Redmynah has a fellow Tribulation Eminence, Cave Lord Bolan. The remaining subordinates are all Imperial Lords.

Ive arrived.

Traveling in a river system was too easy for Meng Chuan. In a moment, he arrived at the cave abode hidden by Cave Lord Redmynah and Cave Lord Bolan.

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