Archean Eon Art Chapter 575

Chapter 576 Cave Lord Redmynah


Its on this Grand Yin Star.Meng Chuan stepped through the void and looked at the Grand Yin Star. His gaze landed on one of the cave abodes hidden by an array formation.

With his perception of the void, he could sense a massive cave abode hidden within.


Meng Chuan took a step and arrived near the cave abode. At the same time, a vast painting world instantly enveloped his surroundings.

His Essence Soul World descended!

Oh? Not good.Cave Lord Redmynah, who was in the cave abode, suddenly opened his eyes. As he controlled the cave abodes array formation, he realized that the illusory Essence Soul World had forcefully invaded his cave abode and swept across the entire cave abode. At that moment, Cave Lord Redmynah didnt hesitate to activate the protective item he carried with him.

An invisible fluctuation enveloped him, making him feel like he was isolated from the world.

The illusory Essence Soul World enveloped the entire cave abode.

One Imperial Lord after another fell silently, unable to put up any resistance.

The moment the black-robed elder, Cave Lord Bolan, was attacked by the Essence Soul World, he couldnt control himself. He couldnt speak. All he could do was raise his head with a pleading look. Without seeing the intruder clearly, he lost consciousness and collapsed to the ground.

In the entire cave abode were two Tribulation Eminences and a group of Imperial Lords, but only the Fourth Tribulation Eminence, Cave Lord Redmynah, remained lucid. He also relied on his protective treasures to resist the mental invasion.

Cave Lord Redmynah didnt know that Meng Chuans Essence Soul World also released Astral Waves. Astral Wave was a mystic technique that originated from an Eighth Tribulation Eminences legacyEssence Soul Star. A Fourth Tribulation Eminence would be considered lucky if they could remain lucid when facing Meng Chuans Astral Wave. Even then, it was very difficult for them to maintain 20% of their strength.

"Who is it?" Cave Lord Redmynahs expression turned ugly as he looked up into the sky.

In the sky, the black-robed, white-haired Meng Chuan stood there and calmly looked down.

Cave Lord Redmynah recognized him. "City Lord Eastcalm."

White-haired human?

In the intelligence provided by Black Fiend Hall, there was an image of City Lord Eastcalm.

City Lord Eastcalm sure attacked quickly. I didnt even hear any news about his attacks. If I had known this would happen, I would have abandoned my species and fled to another river system with Bolan.Cave Lord Redmynah was somewhat vexed, but he didnt panic.

"Greetings, City Lord Eastcalm. Im Redmynah from Black Fiend Hall," Cave Lord Redmynah bowed and said, "City Lord Eastcalm, if you wish to clear Three Bay River System, all you need to do is give the order. I will definitely leave with my subordinates obediently. Why must City Lord Eastcalm personally take action?"

Clearing out didnt mean killing.

Tribulation Eminences had avatars, so they had very strong life-preservation means. Tribulation Eminences from inhabited worlds were difficult to kill since their true bodies remained in their homeworld.

Therefore, the meaning of cleaning out generally meant killing all the outer realm true bodies of the plunder factions members or expelling them from Three Bay River System!

"Its fine if its just ordinary fighting," said the black-robed, white-haired Meng Chuan indifferently as he looked down at Cave Lord Redmynah. "However, I hate people like you who specialize in plundering and slaughtering weak cultivators. Therefore, I specially came to send you off."

With that said, Meng Chuan flicked his sleeve.


The Imperial Lords below were reduced to dust. The dust scattered across the world as he killed their other bodies through karma.

Upon seeing this, Cave Lord Redmynahs expression changed drastically. The killed Imperial Lords were his descendants. He could clearly confirm that all of their bodies had been destroyed.

"City Lord Eastcalm, arent you going too far!?" Cave Lord Redmynahwho had been restraining himselfhad an ugly expression as he stared at Meng Chuan.

Meng Chuan looked down. His gaze landed on the unconscious, motionless black-robed elderCave Lord Bolan.

"City Lord Eastcalm." Upon seeing this, Cave Lord Redmynah turned anxious. He immediately said, "Im willing to submit to City Lord Eastcalm."

Meng Chuan glanced at him in surprise.

In the outer realm, it was very common for ordinary Tribulation Eminences to follow Fifth Tribulation Eminences. However, very few Fourth Tribulation Eminences followed Fifth Tribulation Eminences. A Fifth Tribulation Eminence typically only had one or two Fourth Tribulation Eminences under them. Such arrangements only happened if a Fourth Tribulation Eminence was especially willing.

This was because Fourth Tribulation Eminences could join some of the River of Spacetimes top factions that had lower requirements. In terms of strength, they werent too afraid of Fifth Tribulation Eminences. Fifth Tribulation Eminences could kill one of their true bodies, but they couldnt kill their other true body through karma.

"Yes, Im willing to submit to City Lord Eastcalm," said Cave Lord Redmynah immediately. "I only hope that City Lord Eastcalm will spare Bolan."

Their species only had two Tribulation Eminences.

Cave Lord Redmynah still cared about Bolans life. Furthermore, his true body in Three Bay River System carried many treasures because this river system was where he was born.

His other true body was participating in Black Fiend Halls missions. It was often out and experienced more dangers. Most of the treasures he gained were transferred to this river system.

To be able to protect this body and the treasures I have accumulated over the years, as well as Bolans life I can tolerate submitting to this Eastcalm City Lord.This was indeed what Cave Lord Redmynah thought.


Meng Chuan flicked his sleeve, and a black stream of light flew down.

As it flew out, it instantly landed on Cave Lord Bolan.

With a bang, the black-robed elders body trembled as he was reduced to dust. A terrifying force passed through the karmic connection between the two bodies and transmitted into Cave Lord Bolans other true body. Even though the attacks power was reduced to a tenth, it represented Nirvana Sabers Fifth Tribulation laws. Even though it only had ten percent of its strength left, the attack still destroyed Cave Lord Bolans other true body.

"No!" On a distant planet, Cave Lord Bolan was completely annihilated as he despaired.

In Three Bay River System, Old Bandit Bolanwho had reigned supreme for over 20,000 yearshad died completely.

"Eastcalm!" Cave Lord Redmynahs expression changed drastically.

He was already willing to submit to him, yet the other party still chose to kill Bolan.

"You can join him." Meng Chuan flicked his sleeve, and another black beam of light flew towards Cave Lord Redmynah. It instantly landed on him, and ripples spread across his body. Even so, his body remained intact.

Cave Lord Redmynah glared at Meng Chuan. He instantly activated the Void Transference Talisman and vanished.

As a Fourth Tribulation Eminence, he had already obtained a Void Transference Talisman after joining Black Fiend Hall because he didnt have an inhabited world to protect his other true body. He had this true body in Three Bay River System carry the talisman because it had many treasures. With his status and strength, he had only obtained one Void Transference Talisman.

He escaped?Meng Chuan locked onto a location in the distance.

Cave Lord Redmynah was only one target on the list. Previously, he hadnt seen him before, so the karmic connection between them both was very faint.

Now that he had seen Cave Lord Redmynah with his own eyes and grasped his aura, he could accurately lock onto his target. Furthermore, he had killed a group of Imperial Lords from the same species as Cave Lord Redmynah. After killing Cave Lord Bolan, their karmic connection had strengthened greatly. Their karmic connection was much stronger.

He instantly fled to Beiyou River System. A Void Transference Talisman is indeed very powerful. As expected of a Tribulation Eminences life-preservation treasure.

A Spacetime Teleportation Talisman was stronger than a Void Transference Talisman. Meng Chuan had given one to his son, Meng An.


The void distorted.

After the void returned to normal, Cave Lord Redmynah discovered that he had already arrived in a pitch-black void. He could sense the location of his other true body. He used its location and compared it with the Spacetime Dominion Map. At the very least, he could confirm the river system he was in.

"This is Beiyou River System?" Cave Lord Redmynah heaved a sigh of relief. He had controlled the Void Transference Talisman to transport him to the furthest location. Although Void Transference Talismans were said to be only effective within river zones, the energy contained within each one was fixed. Therefore, the stronger a Tribulation Eminence was, the greater the burden on a Void Transference Talisman. A stronger Tribulation Eminence traveled a relatively shorter distance when using Void Transference Talismans.

If a Fifth Tribulation Eminence were to use one, they would only be able to travel a few river systems distance. Cave Lord Redmynah had been transported considerably far after using his Void Transference Talisman.

This place is very far from Three Bay River System. City Lord Eastcalm is only at the Fifth Tribulation realm. Its impossible for him to rush here quickly considering his attainments in the void lineage unless hes willing to use a Void Transference Talisman, thought Cave Lord Redmynah.Even though hes at the Fifth Tribulation realm, he can buy very few Void Transference Talismans/ He probably wont be willing to use them to kill one of my bodies.

Beiyou River System is Eternal Towers territory. Ill head to another neighboring river system and go to Patriarch Anfang.Cave Lord Redmynah made a decision.Ill probably take three days.

It was normal for a Fourth Tribulation Eminence to take three days to travel across a river system.

Patriarch Anfang was a Fifth Tribulation Eminence of Beiyou River System; he was also a member of Black Fiend Hall.

Cave Lord Redmynah and Patriarch Anfang had some ties with each other. Thus, it was still possible for him to hide in Patriarch Anfangs cave abode for temporary protection.


Cave Lord Redmynah traveled through the River of Spacetime. After traveling for a moment, he completely relaxed. "As I expected, City Lord Eastcalm couldnt bear to part with the Void Transference Talisman and didnt chase after me."

More than two hours later.

As he walked through the River of Spacetime, Cave Lord Redmynah saw a towering figure walking over. The shocked Cave Lord Redmynah was only about the height of the other partys foot.

The black-robed, white-haired man arrived in front of him in a single step. With a stretch of his hand, a gigantic palm reached out for Cave Lord Redmynah.

How did he chase up to me?Cave Lord Redmynah was stunned.

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