Archean Eon Art Chapter 576

Chapter 577 Wiping Clean

Meng Chuan could only exchange for a limited number of Void Transference Talismans from Ancestral Master Archean Eons treasure vault. He naturally couldnt bear to use a Void Transference Talisman just to capture one of Cave Lord Redmynahs bodies.

However, Meng Chuan was fast enough. He had grasped the paramount speed laws, making him close to a Sixth Tribulation Eminence when it came to traveling. He could travel across a river zone in half a day! He could travel from Three Bay River System to Beiyou River System in just two hours.


Cave Lord Redmynah instinctively followed the River of Spacetimes rejection and instantly returned to the normal void. Meng Chuan followed.

"City Lord Eastcalm, please" Cave Lord Redmynah begged for mercy. Without any more Void Transference Talismans, the other defensive treasures he had could only stall for time. He wanted to beg for his life.

His true bodywhich was carrying out a Black Fiend Hall missionwas bound to experience many dangers; therefore, it had few treasures on it. It was fine if that true body died in battle.

This true body in his home river system contained more than half of the treasures he had accumulated over the years. If he died in battle, the losses would be immense!

However, before he could finish his sentence

Everything around Meng Chuan, who had lightning flashing around him, stopped. Cave Lord Redmynah remained humble and obsequious. He opened his mouth, about to say something, but everything froze.

Time Stillness!

Following that, a black beam of light landed on Cave Lord Redmynah. Without a sound, he was reduced to dust.

In a scorching palaces inconspicuous side hall in a distant river zone.

My other true body was killed?Cave Lord Redmynah sat there in a daze. At that moment, his heart felt empty. Having joined Black Fiend Hall, Cave Lord Redmynah was naturally very greedy and placed great importance on those treasures.

After so many years of plundering and killing, was it easy to accumulate those treasures? Most of them were now gone!

"My treasures! My treasures!" Cave Lord Redmynah was beyond tears.

His heart ached!

This true body that had been carrying out missions for a long period of time only had some Tribulation treasures that amounted to about 1,000 cubes. They were mainly necessities in battle. His true body in his home river system had all his years of accumulation. There, he didnt have it do any dangerous missions, nor did he provoke any powerful factions. However, he never expected to be pursued by City Lord Eastcalm.

City Lord Eastcalm is a lunatic. Even when I fled to Beiyou River System, he used a Void Transference Talisman to continue chasing me.Cave Lord Redmynah gritted his teeth in indignation.

Even until now, he still believed that Meng Chuan had used a Void Transference Talisman.

At such a great distance, one couldnt accurately teleport using a Void Transference Talisman! One could only teleport to a general area. He imagined that Meng Chuan had teleported to Beiyou River System, but due to the huge inaccuracy, it took him more than two hours to catch up.

City Lord Eastcalm, Ill remember you.Cave Lord Redmynah hated Meng Chuan to the core.

Meng Chuan waved his hand and stored away the war spoils left behind by Cave Lord Redmynah. It took him more than two hours to destroy a Fourth Tribulation Eminences true body.

He had no choice. Previously, his opponent had been hiding in his lair. The cave abode had an array formation protecting it. With the array formations defense barely reaching the Fifth Tribulation realm in strength, Meng Chuan had to break through the cave abodes array formation forcefully with his World Treasure.

Such a collision also affected time.

Meng Chuans Time Stillness still had many flaws. For example, a Fifth Tribulation Eminences domain was enough to affect time. A Fifth Tribulation Eminences order in life could also affect time. When experts fought, the energy they produced also interfered with time.

Of course, even if he suffered from interference, Meng Chuan could maintain a high level of time acceleration.

Hes really rich. He has so many treasures?Meng Chuan checked the war spoils he obtained from Cave Lord Redmynah and was rather surprised.Its worth more than 6,000 cubes?

A Fourth Tribulation Eminence has so many treasures?

Although Meng Chuan was very wealthy, he was still shocked by his gains.

Back then, Senior Pang Ming, who was at the Fifth Tribulation realm, only left behind about 10,000 cubes worth of treasures! Yet, he received so much in one instant. Of course, most of what Senior Pang Ming had accumulated was in his homeworld. As for Cave Lord Redmynah, most of his wealth was in front of Meng Chuan. Furthermore, Cave Lord Redmynah was a member of Black Fiend Hall. Although Black Fiend Hall members had infamous reputations, they were considered relatively wealthy among their peers.

After taking so many treasures from him, Cave Lord Redmynah probably hates me to the core.The black-robed, white-haired Meng Chuan was in a good mood.Even with one more enemy, Ill head over and kill him as long as I sense that hes close to Three Bay River System through karma. Or Ill directly kill him through karma when I reach the Sixth Tribulation realm

Without an inhabited worlds protection, it was very easy for a Sixth Tribulation Eminence to kill a Fourth Tribulation Eminence through karma. Of course, the premise was that they had a strong karmic connection with each other! Meng Chuan and Cave Lord Redmynah had formed a strong karmic connection this time.

Ill head back and deal with the next target.The black-robed, white-haired Meng Chuan immediately entered the River of Spacetime and rushed back to Three Bay River System.

Meng Chuan sent six Essence Soul avatars to deal with six Tribulation Eminences.


Another Essence Soul avatar appeared above a barren planet. It looked down and suppressed the area beneath with an Essence Soul World.

The two Third Tribulation Eminences knelt down. "Senior, spare me. Spare me."

Just the pressure from the Essence Soul Worlds projection made the two of them feel an invincible might. The difference in strength between them was too great The mysterious black-robed, white-haired man was probably a Fifth Tribulation Eminence.

"Senior, feel free to instruct us if you need anything. We will definitely do our best." The two Tribulation Eminences were extremely humble.

The black-robed, white-haired Meng Chuan looked down and said, "Never appear in Three Bay River System again. Once I discover the two of you, Ill kill you again."

The voice sounded from afar.

Kill us again?The two Third Tribulation Eminences were taken aback before they realized something amiss.

Boom! Boom!

The Power of Essence Soul blasted into their Essence Souls and immediately killed them. Only their bodies remained.

At the same time, an Essence Soul attack traveled through karma to the two inhabited worlds and attacked their other true bodies.


One of the Third Tribulation Eminenceswho lived in a low-level world that was mostly filled with watergrunted softly as he resisted the karmic attacks.

I dont even know this black-robed, white-haired man. I was quite respectful, yet he actually destroyed my outer realm body.The Third Tribulation Eminence was rather furious.I want to know who this black-robed, white-haired man is.

With such hatred, he had to figure out the other partys background.

These two Third Tribulation Eminences are protected by inhabited worlds. They cant be killed.Meng Chuan shook his head slightly. He knew that these two Third Tribulation Eminences came from inhabited worlds, so he knew that it was impossible for them to kill them completely. It was why he said those few words.

In the future, when they cultivated a new outer realm body, they would probably have to stay away from Three Bay River System obediently. They wouldnt dare to continue causing trouble in Three Bay River System.

Every time he killed one true body, his opponent would suffer huge losses.

Another of Meng Chuans Essence Soul avatars chased someone to another river system.

In the void, an alien Tribulation Eminence with a scaled tail and two sharp horns said in disbelief, "City Lord Eastcalm? Ive already fled to Mountain Yang River System. Why are you still chasing after me?"

It was a Fourth Tribulation special lifeform. It had been wreaking havoc in Three Bay River System for a long time. When it learned that Eternal Towers City Lord Eastcalm was from Three Bay River System, it immediately hid in a neighboring river systemMountain Yang River System. It planned to monitor the situation.

From the standpoint of sweeping a river system clean, he didnt need to pursue anyone who had already left Three Bay River System.

However, Meng Chuan clearly didnt think that way.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The black-robed, white-haired Meng Chuan was surrounded by bolts of lightning.

Time Stillness.

In order to avoid any unexpected twists and turns, he killed the other party with Time Stillness.

This Fourth Tribulation Eminence had fled to Mountain Yang River System. Without being inside his cave abode, it was even harder for him to resist Meng Chuans killer move. He lost his life on the spot.

These Fourth Tribulation special lifeforms will send their true bodies to a distant river zone. It wont be easy to kill them completely.Meng Chuan shook his head and embarked on his return journey.

Six Essence Soul avatars took action at the same time.

According to the list provided by Eternal Tower, there were plundering factions consisting of seven Tribulation Eminences and 11 Imperial Lords.

When clearing a river system, some Eternal Tower members might be gentler and expel them from the river system.

Meng Chuans methods were clearly much more ruthless. Growing in Archean Eon Realm made Meng Chuan kill cultivators who specialized in plundering and slaughtering.

Those that he could completely wipe out were naturally killed through karma. Not a single one was spared. If he could only kill one true body, he would do so.

Meng Chuan continued his pursuit, even if they escaped to other river systems!

In short, he was going all out!

It was somewhat troublesome to deal with Tribulation Eminences. With an inhabited worlds protection, it was even harder to kill them completely. Dealing with Imperial Lords was much easier. Even with a true body in their homeworlds, as a Fifth Tribulation Eminence, Meng Chuan could still kill all of an Imperial Lords bodies through the karmic connection between the true bodies.

In just six hours, the six Essence Soul avatars finished their missions. All of them returned to Thousand Mountain Star.

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