Everlasting Dragon Emperor Chapter 5017

Chapter 5015: String

"Arrange, block!"

Zhu Tian drank.

The figure flickered, and several seats were arranged in a combined attack formation.

The people brought by Zhu Tian and Mosha were not useless, and they were very powerful. In addition to the masters who broke the extreme once and broke the extreme twice, there were also two 21-person team attacks.

The two battle formations together, plus other masters, attacked the prehistoric continent together.

Zhu Tian and Mosha also took action, but their attack was not aimed at the prehistoric continent, but towards Lu Ming.

Behind Zhu Tian, there were eight spider legs. He was wrapped in a pair of armor. Even the spider legs were wrapped in armor. The eight spider legs were like eight spears, and they pierced Lu Ming.

Mosha held the extremely evil blade and slashed towards Lu Ming, whose power was much stronger than that of the extremely evil master just now.

Facing the siege of the two masters, the murderous intent on Lu Ming's face became even colder.


The God of War spear shook, and two spear lights burst out, stabbing Zhu Tian and Mosha.

The three invincible divine masters retreated too fast. As soon as the three of them shot, their attacks collided.


A continuous confrontation sounded, and then the two figures backed backwards.

It is Zhu Tian and Mosha!

Si Si Si...

At the scene, the masters of the human race took a cold breath one by one, as if stormy waves were set off in their hearts, and it was difficult to calm down.

In a head-on confrontation, Lu Ming actually repelled the two invincible divine masters. What kind of terrifying force was this?

At the same time, they can be sure that Lu Ming never tried his best to fight against Fu Yuan.


At this time, the prehistoric condensed continent finally collided with other masters of the two races.

The earth-shaking roar erupted, and the first to bear the brunt was the formation of two twenty-one players.

The combined attacking formation of the two twenty-one people retreated downwards, then kept shaking, and then collapsed.

The people in the formation vomited blood one by one, their faces pale.

The others who hadn't arranged a joint attack formation also coughed up blood one by one, and suffered heavy injuries.

However, no one died.

The main reason is that Lu Ming deliberately controlled the power.

Because, now is not the time to kill these people, Mulan is in the hands of the opponent after all. If these people are killed, Lu Ming is afraid that it will be disadvantageous to Mulan.

Injuring these people hard first, and holding these people hostage in your hands will make the other party jealous.

This is the best policy!

Among them, the most shocking were Zhu Tian and Mosha.

Lu Ming's combat power was so amazing that they were a little unimaginable.


Lu Ming roared, the man and the spear united into one, turning into several terrible spear lights, and they killed Zhu Tian and Mosha.

The terrifying spear light, huge and incomparable, vertical and horizontal void, disturbing the vast void, the scene is too amazing.

"Spider wheel crack!"

Zhu Tian screamed, his entire body quickly spun, using eight spider legs as blades, turning into an extremely sharp gear during high-speed rotation, cutting away towards Luming.

At the same time, Mosha worked desperately and used a big trick to kill Lu Ming.

Lu Ming's offensive brought tremendous pressure to them, and the two of them tried their best to push their combat power to the extreme.

boom! boom!

With two roaring hands, Zhu Tian and Mosha retreated again, their faces were pale, and the corners of their mouths overflowed with blood.

Of course, Lu Ming still didn't use his full strength to expose his full strength, or not to expose his full strength. After all, Mulan had not been rescued yet.

In order to avoid exposing too strong strength, so that the Nine Yin Demon Spider and Extreme Evil Race feel too strong pressure, and prepare in advance, it will be even more difficult to rescue Mulan.

Just be able to win Zhu Tian and Mosha.

One move wounded Zhu Tian and Mosha, and Lu Ming continued to attack.

Zhu Tian and Mosha both resisted with all their strength. As for the other members of the two races, they were no longer able to help. They had been injured before.

However, even if Zhu Tian and Mosha resisted with all their strength, they did not resist for long.

After more than ten strokes.


Zhu Tian was swept on the chest with a shot by Lu Ming, his body flew out like a ball, even if he had a top-level source-level armor armor, at least a dozen bones in his body were broken, and he coughed up blood. , Was hit hard.


Lu Ming followed Zhu Tian like a bolt of lightning, and the God of War spear struck down again.

Zhu Tian couldn't dodge at all, and was hit by the God of War spear again.


Zi Zi Zi...

The God of War spear slammed on the top source-level armor, making a harsh sound. Two of Zhu Tian's spider legs were abruptly discounted. If it weren't for the protection of the top source-level armor, I'm afraid it would have been broken.


On the other side, Mosha was really frightened, so she didn't dare to stay any longer. With a roar, she flew into the distance, and actually wanted to escape.

An invincible divine lord who was beaten to escape is simply rare.

When Zhu Tian saw Mosha escape, he was furious and roared: "Mulan was taken away by someone from the extremely evil race."

Lu Ming's eyes were cold, and one foot was placed on Zhu Tian's face. With the help of this foot, his figure was like a bolt of lightning, chasing Mosha.

During the previous fight, Mosha was already injured and his speed was also affected a lot, while Lu Ming's speed was at his peak.

Therefore, Lu Ming quickly caught up with Mosha, and shot out with a palm, a continent appeared on top of Mosha's head, and pressed down towards Mosha.


Mosha roared, although he tried his best to resist, but the result was doomed.

The continent was pressed down, Mosha screamed, terrifying power, through the top source-level armor, bombarded Mosha's body.

Mosha's body made a crackling sound, and I don't know how many bones were broken.

The next moment, Lu Ming appeared in front of Mosha like lightning, fingers like hooks, and he clasped Mosha's neck.


Mosha yelled, struggling frantically, but unfortunately, it didn't help. How could he break free because he was already seriously injured.

"None of you want to leave!"

An indifferent voice came from Lu Ming's mouth. With Mosha, his figure flickering, he rushed to the other members of the two races, and continued to throw heavy hands.

After a while...

The Jiuyin Demon Spider and dozens of masters of the Extreme Evil Race, including Zhu Tian, were all suppressed by Lu Ming.

Lu Ming took out a rope-type treasure, and tied dozens of masters, sturdyly, into a string.

Zhu Tian and Mosha were among them.

"Ah, Lu Ming, I don't share the same spirit with you!"

"You can kill me if you have the right, otherwise one day, I will get back ten times in revenge."

Zhu Tian and Mosha yelled, wishing to slap themselves to death.

What a shame!

The invincible **** master who has broken the extreme three times, and now the pinnacle master in the universe, is actually tied into a string like a chicken.

It's really shameful.

This is a great shame, a shame that is difficult to wash away in a lifetime.

They couldn't wait to sack Lu Ming.

Unfortunately, Lu Ming was unmoved.

The human masters around were also stunned and dumbfounded.

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