Martial Peak Chapter 1777

Chapter 1770 Meeting By Chance

Space Blades collided with the Shocking Void Beasts void shots.

A faint rumbling rang out as violent Space Force fluctuations filled The Void. The space just ten metres in front of Yang Kai collapsed at that moment, shattering like a mirror as chaotic fluctuations burst forth.

From the collapsed space, the Shocking Void Beasts huge body leapt out strangely and its opened mouth bit towards Yang Kai.

When Yang Kais attention had been diverted, it had managed to cross space and approach him.

Fortunately, Yang Kai seemed to have anticipated this a long time ago, so he didnt appear flustered, instead just shifting his feet slightly while enveloping his body in Space Force, swiftly turning into a phantom.

The Shocking Void Beast bit down!

The next moment, Yang Kai appeared above the Shocking Void Beasts body like a ghost and released a punch powered by his full strength towards its head.


The fist shadow impacted the Shocking Void Beast and exploded it to pieces.

But Yang Kai did not show the slightest satisfaction after his attack landed, instead just frowning as he hurriedly withdrew from where he was standing. The moment he moved, the Shocking Void Beast that had supposedly shattered appeared behind him, its mouth still wide open.

The Shocking Void Beast that was shattered by Yang Kai was nothing more than an after-image!

One person and one beast had reached an astonishing level of speed, their respective use of Space Force disturbing each others vision and senses.

In a flash, Yang Kai appeared a thousand metres away while the Shocking Void Beast also came to halt, floating in the void, accurately finding Yang Kais location in the next instant and staring at him.

After this brief confrontation, both parties realized that the other was not some soft persimmon they could pinch at will.

"In that case" Yang Kai murmured as he flashed a fierce grin, "Dont blame me for being unkind!"

Saying so, he waved his hand.

In the next moment, Stone Puppet Xiao Xiao and Artifact Spirit Liu Yan appeared beside him!

Xiao Xiao carried the Heaven Shaking Pillar on his small shoulder, his eyes darting about, seemingly wondering where he was. Liu Yan on the other hand simply turned to Yang Kai and asked, "What are Masters orders?"

"Kill it!" Yang Kai pointed his finger at the Shocking Void Beast a thousand metres away.

Liu Yans beautiful eyes turned towards the Shocking Void Beast and her expression became solemn as she quietly said, "Its very strong."

Yang Kai laughed, "If it wasnt, I could have handled it alone. Why would I bother calling you two out? En, its proficient in using Space Force, which is why I need both of you to cooperate with me."

"If thats what Master commands!" Liu Yan nodded, a ball of red-purple flame filled with streaks of lightning and a violent, destructive force, appearing above her jade white palm.

"En," Yang Kai grinned, his figure flickering as he rushed towards the Shocking Void Beast once again. There was no need for words between him and his two most trusted helpers, because whether it was Xiao Xiao or Liu Yan, both shared a Soul connection with Yang Kai, allowing them to share their thoughts perfectly and instantaneously, making their cooperation seamless.

As soon as Yang Kai moved, Liu Yan transformed into a giant ball of flame and rushed out right behind him.

Xiao Xiao transformed into his stone giant form and he stepped across The Void while dragging the thirty-metre-long Heaven Shaking Pillar, appearing slow and unhurried.

The Shocking Void Beast undoubtedly had high intelligence, so when it saw Yang Kai suddenly had two more helpers, its two small eyes could not help flashing an almost human look of suspicion.

Seeing Yang Kai and Liu Yan rushing up together, it leapt up before diving down, the space below it acting almost like the surface of a lake, swallowing its form as it dove into it.

Yang Kais eyes flashed as he felt the changes in the surrounding space before swiftly instructing Xiao Xiao who was behind him on what to do.

Xiao Xiao did not even hesitate, letting out a thunderous roar as he swung the Heaven Shaking Pillar towards his left side.

The several-million-kilogram Heaven Shaking Pillar swung by Xiao Xiaos earth-destroying strength was even able to shatter space, and the moment the Stone Puppets attack swept out, the Shocking Void Beasts head appeared in its path.

It almost looked like the Shocking Void Beast had taken the initiative to get attacked by Xiao Xiao.

The Shocking Void Beast had obviously planned to attack Xiao Xiao first, but it had not expected its little scheme to be seen through so easily by Yang Kai and get used against it.

At such close range, the Shocking Void Beast was unable to dodge such a swift attack, even if it was proficient in using Space Force.

If this blow landed squarely, the Shocking Void Beast would definitely suffer a grievous wound despite its strength that was comparable to an Origin Kings. Xiao Xiaos full-powered attack was no joke.

Yang Kais eyes lit up as he secretly looked forward to a scene of splattered flesh and blood.

But what stunned him was that the Shocking Void Beast managed to twist its body forcibly at the last moment while at the same time unleashing a powerful Space Force fluctuation from its body, forming a kind of vortex that blocked Xiao Xiaos attack.

The Heaven Shaking Pillar quickly smashed this vortex and smashed onto the Shocking Void Beast, drawing a huge splash of blood, and hurling it far, far away!

At the spot where the Shocking Void Beasts head and neck were connected, there was now a deep red wound in which even bone was vaguely visible.

But in the end, it had survived, and the injuries it suffered were not too serious!

"I knew it wouldnt be so easy!" Yang Kai grit his teeth and shouted, waving his hand to wrap Liu Yan in his Saint Qi before shuttling across space and instantly arriving in front of the injured Shocking Void Beast.

Immediately, the master-servant pair madly attacked the wounded beast.

Hundreds of Golden Blood Threads infused with Space Force were released by Yang Kai to form an inescapable net that completely sealed a massive region of space, cutting off any escape route the Shocking Void Beast had. At the same time, Yang Kai madly sent out his Space Blades to deal damage.

Liu Yans attack was far simpler, simply releasing a storm of red, petal-like flames wrapped in purple lightning towards the Shocking Void Beast. Each falling petal contained an extraordinary amount of double attribute power, and whenever any of them landed on the Shocking Void Beast, it would burn and scar its flesh while also delivering a potent shock that affected the smoothness of its movements.

For a moment, the Shocking Void Beast was only able to endure this beating, without any power to fight back, roaring constantly in pain and frustration.

*Deng deng deng deng*

Xiao Xiao raced over, a cold aura wrapping his giant frame, and taking advantage of Yang Kai and Liu Yan restraining the Shocking Void Beast, he smashed his Heaven Shaking Pillar down again.

As soon as it saw this stick approach, the Shocking Void Beasts eyes flashed with fright.

It did not dread the methods used by Yang Kai and Liu Yan, but this simple, brute-force attack from Xiao Xiao was something it feared. This was a perfect example of overwhelming force destroying all defences. Even its space transfer and solidification techniques could not fully stop the blow.

The Shocking Void Beast roared and struggled as it continuously spat out a dense bombardment of Space Force blasts towards Yang Kai and Liu Yan. At the same time, it projected a Space Force barrier around its body to resist Xiao Xiaos attack.

In the next instant, the sound of broken bones rang out and the aura of the Shocking Void Beast diminished greatly.

It had taken too many attacks in too short a time, becoming severely wounded. Facing Yang Kai, Xiao Xiao, and Liu Yan all at once, it could felt helpless and realized that if it didnt escape, it would soon die.

As such, it began desperately pushing its Space Force to disturb the surrounding space.

Yang Kais Golden Blood Thread net was affected by this disturbance and was unable to maintain its stability, flaws soon beginning to open in it.

Liu Yan also cried out in alarm as she pushed her flames and lightning to protect herself from the Shocking Void Beasts counterattack.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Shocking Void Beast leapt out of its encirclement.

"Want to run?" Yang Kai snorted coldly, but just as he was about to give chase, he saw the Shocking Void Beast use its old trick once again and plunge into the void, disappearing in the next instant.

Yang Kai frowned and scanned the area around himself, pushing his Space Force to its limit, but was unable to detect any trace of the Shocking Void Beasts aura nearby, muttering to himself, "It escaped!"

The Shocking Void Beast had obviously escaped from The Void, which was why Yang Kai was unable to perceive it anymore.

Not hesitating, Yang Kai immediately summoned Xiao Xiao and Liu Yan back before flying over to where the Shocking Void Beast disappeared and plunging his hands in The Void and ripping open a tear.

A Void Crack instantly appeared!

Yang Kai dove straight in.

In the next moment, he returned to the Severed World.

Yang Kai immediately began searching for the Shocking Void Beast. He would lose this strange Monster beast forever if he didnt find it soon.

The roar of the Shocking Void Beast suddenly resounded, and a clear tone of panic could be heard in its voice, as if it had encountered something terrifying.

Yang Kai frowned, looked over in the direction the voice was coming from and saw a scene which caused his eyes to bulge.

Not far away, a giant black curtain covered a portion of the sky, and countless human faces were struggling and floating about inside this curtain, twisting and changing constantly. These human faces were like Yin Souls that had been gathered together on this black curtain, exuding cold and wicked aura.

Through this black curtain, Yang Kai could vaguely make out the huge figure of the Shocking Void Beast, but at this moment, it had been completely surrounded by countless Yin Soul like things that were biting into its physique.

The Shocking Void Beasts body began to visibly shrink, as if its vitality was being sucked dry by these Yin Souls. No matter how hard the Shocking Void Beast struggled, it was unable to escape from this binding.

It was clearly at a dead end!

"Heh heh heh" Strange laughter suddenly came from nearby.

Yang Kais complexion could not help but sink as he secretly began circulating his Saint Qi and turned to look at the place where the sound had come from.

Over there, a figure shrouded in darkness was standing quietly, and from the darkness, there seemed to be a pair of chilling eyes staring at Yang Kai.

"Its you!" Yang Kai gasped as his expression became solemn.
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