Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten Chapter 475

Chapter 475 Bad Blood

Li Sinuo looked like she would be unhappy if their conversation was cut short, so Yun Xi directly climbed onto the passenger seat to let the two of them continue talking behind her.

That slight action made Han Yaotian realize that he had neglected his distinguished guest.

As soon as he got in the car, he ignored the opportunistic Li Sinuo, and leaned towards Yun Xi, who was in the passenger seat. He was extremely attentive towards her by asking various caring questions and expressing concern. Li Sinuo felt as if she had been slapped in the face.

He was probably only talking to her moments before because she was Yun Xis classmate, and he didnt actually think anything of her.

If it wasnt for Yun Xi, he probably wouldnt even bother to give her the time of day, right?

An upper class persons unabashed contempt for her made Li Sinuo feel as if she had been severely humiliated.

Clenching her fists, she gritted her teeth and glared at Yun Xi. Her eyes flashed with jealousy and resentment.

Why should all men bow down before her?

Obviously, she had a better conversation with Chairman Han just now, so what right does a girl who doesnt even know how to socialize be held in such high regard by Chairman Han? How was she inferior to her?

She thought about it carefully. Chairman Han kept mentioning a person: Young Marshal Mu!

She never thought that wretched girl Yun Xi actually knew Young Marshal Mu!

What sort of existence was Young Marshal Mu? Everyone in Jingdu knew!

Standing at the top of the social pyramid, he was not only distinguished, but also led an asexual life.

There were so many young heiresses in Jingdu who thought he was out of their league. If things were as Yun Xi had said, and she had only helped Young Marshal Mu with a small favor, why does she think that Young Marshal Mu would treat her differently?

She even used that relationship as a bargaining chip to hook other people. How shameless!

Had it not been for Young Marshal Mu, Chairman Han wouldnt hold her in such high regard! She really had an inflated view of herself!

"Yun Xi, since Chairman Han treats you so well, Im curious. What is the relationship between you and Young Marshal Mu?"

Unwilling to be ignored, Li Sinuo butted in their conversation. As soon as she opened her mouth, she asked what Han Yaotian had also been very interested in but had never dared to ask.

Young Marshal Mus attitude towards her was unusual, unlike the way one would treat his lifesaver.

In reality, Han Yaotian already had a vague guess, but if he didnt listen to her confirmation, he was worried that his efforts were all for nothing.

"Whats the relationship?" With slight coldness in her eyes, Yun Xi glanced at Li Sinuo in the rearview mirror, then chuckled lightly.

She turned halfway to the side and looked at the two people in the back seat. Her pretty face had a dazzling smile, and they couldnt discern her thoughts at the moment.

"My relationship with Young Marshal Mu pales in comparison to my ill-fated relationship with Chairman Han. Am I right, Chairman Han?"

She deliberately asked, and her clear eyes fell on Han Yaotians face.

In her last life, he personally killed her.

In this life, he caused her to get kidnapped.

Their two lifetimes worth of bad blood made her hardly be able to resist getting payback as soon as possible. Compared to Mu Feichi, the grievances between her and him were incalculable!

When it came to this, Han Yaotian looked embarrassed.

He did feel guilty about her getting kidnapped, since after all, she was dragged into the mess by the Han family.

Thinking of how resolute and ferocious her eyes appeared when she beat people up that day, he couldnt help but admire her!

If any other girl had gotten kidnapped, she probably would have had a mental breakdown and be crying profusely.

But she didnt. She was still as proud and confident as ever. Her eyes were as clear and aloof as ever. When she looked at people, her eyes were full of unadulterated clarity.

Unlike Li Sinuo, who despite being the same age, showed lust for money and power from her every movement and gesture.

Her obsequious and sycophantic behavior made him feel annoyed.

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