Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten Chapter 476

Chapter 476 Easier Said Than Done

He liked girls like Yun Xi, who were full of pride and didnt submissively go with the flow, nor was she as high maintenance and snobby as those heiresses.

Assertive and decisive, she aroused his manly desire to dominate.

If he could win over a thorny rose such as her, he would feel extremely accomplished

Especially since she was a thorny rose that the Eldest Heir and Young Marshal Mu both fancied!

If he obtained her, not only would his manly ego be gratified, but he could also use her contacts to maintain a relationship with the Shen family, and be backed by a big family such as the Mu family.

Li Sinuo didnt get the answer she wanted, and was choked by Yun Xis mention of their "ill-fated relationship".

Her every word and gesture seemed to be an attempt to show off her status, and to mock her for being desperately obsequious for the entire evening!

The more Li Sinuo thought about it, the more she felt that she was a clown in front of Yun Xi!

No matter how good she behaved, no matter how dignified and graceful she was, she must be a joke in her eyes.

Since it was rare for Yun Xi not to be disdainful towards him, Han Yaotian was also very cooperative. With a gentle and elegant smile, he said, "Yes, I have a fated relationship with Yun Xi, and its not something ordinary people can compare with."

When Han Yaotian said this, Li Sinuos expression became even more ugly. She clenched her fists and bit her lips.

"So thats how it is." Li Sinuo twitched her lips and smiled sheepishly.

The light from outside the car window glazed across her face through the glass window, and her side profile that was reflected on the glass window appeared ferocious and resentful.

Yun Xi turned her head inadvertently and glanced at Li Sinuo. Catching a glimpse of the face reflected on the car window, she curled her lips mockingly.

Just as Han Yaotian was about to say something, suddenly a sharp noise sounded in the quiet night. With a loud bang, the cars tires burst.

The driver slammed on the brakes, and the harsh brake sound echoed under the night sky.

The brakes were slammed too forcefully, and the two people in the back seat were thrust forward. Yun Xi was also dragged back by the seat belt, and she calmly suppressed the emotions in her eyes.

Very good, after fishing for the entire night, the bait finally lured out her target!

Her enduring disgust and dealing with Han Yaotian perfunctorily hadnt gone in vain. Nobody knew how much she wanted to kill him!

Taking a deep breath, she turned her head abruptly and deliberately glared at Han Yaotian with annoyance.

"Chairman Han, whats the matter? Dont tell me its another kidnapping attempt? Last time, I got dragged into the mess and got kidnapped, but now its happening again?!"

When she said this, Yun Xi glanced at Li Sinuo and saw that her face turned pale when she heard the word "kidnapping".

"Chairman Han, what is this, this?"

Li Sinuo hadnt even finished speaking but the cars following them had already driven over. The ones in front had also retreated in front of and on both sides of their car. They surrounded the car tightly.

The driver in front locked the car and nervously looked at Han Yaotian behind. "Chairman Han, are you okay?"

"Damn it!" Han Yaotian sat up straight, fastened the doorknob with a gloomy expression, and looked out warily.

"Chairman Han." Li Sinuo had never experienced such a scene, and hid beside Han Yaotian in a panic.

After Han Yaotian experienced the last kidnapping, he felt both scared and angry now!

The list was already in Young Marshal Mus hands, but those guys just wouldnt let the Han family go!

During this period of time, he had been living in fear every day, for fear that he would accidentally lose his life!

However, Young Marshal Mu refused to make any promises. As long as Crocodile reigned free, they wouldnt be able to be at peace. This sort of life was slow torture.

"Get away!" His arms held by Li Sinuo, Han Yaotians stomach full of rage was vented onto her. "If you touch me again, get out of the car!"

After Han Yaotian revealed his true colors in a moments notice, the atmosphere in the car became extremely awkward.

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