Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten Chapter 477

Chapter 477 Wouldnt Pity A Scumbag Like Him Even If He Died

"Chairman Han, Im afraid." After being rejected, Li Sinuo shrank back into her seat timidly. She didnt dare to act brazenly or presumptuously anymore.

Yun Xi curled her lips mockingly. "Chairman Han, we all got dragged into the mess because of you, so it isnt very nice of you to burn bridges now, isnt it?"

After Yun Xi reminded him, Han Yaotian realized that his attitude was a little overboard, and coughed awkwardly.

"Sorry, I was just too nervous! Yun Xi, dont worry. With my bodyguards, youll be fine!"

Yun Xi looked at him with an expression implying it was easier said than done, and sat firmly in the passenger seat. "Im not worried. Its not like Ive never been kidnapped!"

Li Sinuo was so frightened that tears were about to come out. She nervously looked at Yun Xi in front of her, then looked at Han Yaotian, who didnt take her seriously at all. She felt even more resentful!

Although there were many bodyguards outside, her psychological defense was already unleashed!

Looking out the window with cold and calm eyes, Yun Xi still looked as aloof as ever as she sat quietly in the passenger seat.

Everything was going according to her plans. Mu Feichi must have already come, and she had absolute confidence in his abilities.

Even if he disagreed with her plan this time, he wouldnt abandon her or disrespect her.

As long as it was what she wanted to do, even if it was unreasonable, he would support her unconditionally!

That was Mu Feichi, a man of words and without any ulterior opportunistic motives.

The success of this plan depended on luck. Luring out the man and setting up Li Sinuo were being carried out together. Even if the man wasnt caught, the pictures of Li Sinuo and Lin Sen in Mu Feichis hands were enough for Li Sinuo to get expelled from school.

It would only involve her. After all, Li Sinuo knew that the photo was in her hands, although she couldnt do anything to her in prison.

However, as long as she was alive, she would become a threat to her sooner or later.

Before she conspired anything or schemed against anyone, she always disassociated herself first.

She can bait out the fish, but she cant be dragged into the water by the fish. That was her principle.

In the back seat, Han Yaotian looked outside at his bodyguards. No matter how calm he tried to be, he couldnt help but feel nervous and worried.

Thinking of something suddenly, he leaned over and looked at Yun Xi nervously. "Yun Xi, dont you have Young Marshal Mus contact information? Hurry up and call Young Marshal Mu to come and rescue us!"

Yun Xi glanced at Han Yaotians face, then looked at Li Sinuo, who had an anxious expression on her face and was biting her lip to prevent herself from crying. She shook her phone nonchalantly.

"Ive already sent a message. He said hell be here soon! Its a long way from the Mu familys residence, so you must give him time to rush over!"

Thinking that with her and Young Marshal Mus relationship, Young Marshal Mu definitely wouldnt ignore her, Han Yaotian looked at the phone in her hand dubiously.

But the problem now was that he didnt know how long his bodyguards could last. If Young Marsher Mu couldnt come over in time, they were all doomed!

No, not them, but him!

Their target was him and the Han family behind him!

"Yun Xi, please call again and ask if Young Marshal Mu is here. What if he didnt see the text?"

"Chairman Han, if Young Marshal Mu said that hell come, hell definitely come. Youre so desperate for help from Young Marshal Mu, but what about your Han family?"

"Youve seen the bodyguards outside. Theyre all unreliable! As if Ill place all my hope on them? Young Marshal Mu has many people, and only he can save us!"

"" Yun Xi couldnt help rolling her eyes and felt speechless for a while.

There were still a group of bodyguards outside the car, so by saying this in front of them, did he ever consider how they would feel?

They were being paid to protect him, but they didnt have to sacrifice their lives just for a little money!

Moreover, the bodyguards outside were all risking their lives for him, but in exchange, he said they were unreliable?

He really was ruthless and unscrupulous as he was in her last life!

She wouldnt pity a scumbag like him even if he died!

At first, she thought that dragging him into the water to give him a good scare was a little underhanded, but now, she felt that would be way too easy on a scumbag like him!

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