Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1927

Chapter 1927 Frenzied Straight Wins

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"Mu Daocheng, what the hell is going on? Who clearly took the absolute upper-hand, why were you defeated instead!"

Everyone looked at Mu Daocheng with baffled faces.

Mu Daocheng had a bitter look as he said, "Underestimated him too much! This kids soul force is incomparably compact. I assaulted him with soul force, and then I felt as if I was knocking onto a steel plate, injuring myself all at once. Miscalculated! If I had long known, Id have competed in pill refinement with him honestly. That way, hes definitely not my match!"

Everyone came to a realization. Someone said, "Looks like this kid definitely cultivated an extremely formidable divine soul art, his background is definitely extraordinary! Looks like when bumping into him in the future, we have to be more careful."

They did not doubt Mu Daochengs words, soul force being strong did not mean that pill refinement was definitely strong.

Ye Yuans age, his pill refinement was definitely not their match.

As long as they avoided the sharp edge, being victorious was definitely not hard.


Roughly an hour later, Ye Yuan gave a cold cry, successfully forming the pill.

This Seasonal Rain Pill was merely a level five difficulty medicinal pill. It was too easy for the current Ye Yuan, it did not need to take much time at all.

Elder Xin looked at Ye Yuan with a heated gaze as he said, "Ye Yuan, open the furnace straight away!"

Ye Yuan nodded his head and directly opened the furnace to retrieve the pill.

The moment the medicinal cauldron opened, a medicinal fragrance assailed the nostrils, instantly suffusing the entire space.

"Smells so good!"

"Why would the Seasonal Rain Pill be so fragrant?"

"Just what grade is this Seasonal Rain Pill? Why would it smell so good?"

The medicinal fragrance made people intoxicated, astonishing people. Everyone was all guessing the grade of this medicinal pill one after another.

Ye Yuan made his move like lightning, directly sealing the medicinal pill into a small bottle.

Elder Xin received the small bottle, his hand trembling slightly.

He had long discerned that Ye Yuans medicinal pill was likely not ordinary. That was why he was anxious to know the grade of the medicinal pill.

With a wisp of divine sense sunk inside, Elder Xins two eyes immediately became wide saucers, lifting his head and looking at Ye Yuan in shock.

Everyones gazes were gathered on Elder Xin. Seeing that his reaction was so big, they guessed one after another.

But they were clearly in their hearts, the grade of this medicinal pill was likely at least divine-grade!

"Elder Xin, just what grade is this medicinal pill?" Mu Daocheng could not resist asking.

He suddenly discovered that he was too naive.

Could properly refining pills beat Ye Yuan?

Looking at Elder Xins reaction, he also knew that it was impossible.

Except, even if he died, he had to understand how he died. He really wanted to know just how powerful his opponent was.

Only then did Elder Xin abruptly startle awake and say, "Ye Yuan, vast spirit Seasonal Rain Pill, win!"


Below the stage burst into an uproar, astonished voices sounding out like thunder.

"Vast spirit divine pill! This This is impossible!"

"Elder Xin, are you mistaken? How can a Five-star Alchemy God possibly refine a vast spirit divine pill?"

"Vast spirit divine pill, probably only powerhouses at the level of alchemy celestial can refine it, right?"

Everyones first reaction was disbelief. But they were clear in their hearts that Elder Xin definitely would not ramble nonsense.

This sort of thing could not be joked around.

"Impudent! Could it be that this old man would crack this kind of joke with you all, these younglings?" Sure enough, Elder Xin was greatly enraged.

Very quickly, those people shut up sensibly.

Elder Xin waved his hand and said in a solemn voice, "Now, Ye Yuan becomes the arena lord. Those who want to challenge him and go up the stage!"

At this time, Elder Xins eyes when looking at Ye Yuan again already became different.

Previously when he saw the silver token, he approved of Ye Yuan, had expectations, giving guidance toward a junior.

But now, his eyes were full of astonishment.

To alchemy celestial alchemists, the Seasonal Rain Pill was not considered a very difficult to refine medicinal pill. But vast spirit divine pills were not what ordinary people could refine.

Everyone exchanged glances, but no one went up the ring.

The impact that everything that happened previously brought to them was seriously too intense.

Forget about the silver arena, even the gold arena, no one had refined vast spirit divine pills before at all too.

Today, it actually appeared!

Suddenly, a figure floated up, cupped his fists at Ye Yuan, and said, "Im Feng Jingyun. Brother Ye, please give pointers."

This person wore a silk headdress on his head. His attitude was very sincere.

"Its Feng Qingyun! Hes the silver grades number one person! He actually went up to challenge Ye Yuan!"

"Ever since Feng Qingyun achieved silver, he has yet to taste defeat and has already succeeded in defending the arena nine times in a row."

"Theres a show to watch now. Whether this brat is lucky or strong, Feng Qingyun can definitely probe it out."

The moment this Feng Qingyun went up the stage, it immediately caused a stir.

He was the publicly acknowledged silvers number one; his power was above Mu Daocheng.

No one could have thought that he would actually take the initiative to challenge Ye Yuan.

But it was also precisely so that this battle attracted even more attention.

Ye Yuan looked at Feng Qingyun and said with cupped fists, "Please give pointers!"

With the lesson drawn from Mu Daochengs failure, Feng Qingyun was much more careful. He avoided Ye Yuans sharp edge and carefully refined his medicinal pill.

And Ye Yuan also did not seem to have the intention of attacking him.

But in the ring, the two peoples distance was very close. The two peoples auras also intersected unavoidably.

But that short intersection made Feng Qingyun feel the vigorousness of facing the sea.

Too strong!

The pill refinement this time was Feng Qingyuns most arduous refinement in history.

But the tip of the iceberg that Ye Yuan displayed let him benefit endlessly.

Finishing, Feng Qingyu was defeated without any surprises.

While Ye Yuan refined a vast spirit divine pill once more!

This time, no one doubted Ye Yuans strength anymore.

Even if one ate dog shit, it was also impossible to refine vast spirit divine pills twice in a row.

"Thank you very much, Master Ye, for your guidance! This Feng is endlessly grateful!" Feng Qingyun came in front of Ye Yuan and gave a respectful bow.

Even his term of address underwent a massive change too.

Brother Ye became Master!

In this Alchemy Celestial Pavilion, those able to bear the title of master were not many.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "Brother Fengs foundation is solid. Your future accomplishments are limitless! Giving pointers, Im not worthy of such compliments."

Ye Yuan also spoke his mind, this Feng Qingyuns strength was not much stronger than Mu Daocheng. But his foundation was far more solid compared to Mu Daocheng.

In terms of potential, he would definitely walk further than Mu Daocheng.

Feng Qingyun naturally repeatedly said that he dare not and hurriedly took his leave very soon.

This alchemy battle with Ye Yuan let him benefit a great deal, and he was in a hurry to go into closed-seclusion.

Next, the alchemy battles did not have much suspense anymore.

Everyone understood that Ye Yuans strength was completely not at the level of silver.

This place was not his stage.

But it was also precisely because of this that some bold individuals still hoped to be able to exchange blows with Ye Yuan.

This was a rare experience!

Just like this, Ye Yuan swept across the whole way, winning in succession frenziedly.

As long as it was Ye Yuans battle, it would progress very quickly.

His pill refinement speed was incomparably strange, but the quality of the pill formed was abnormally high.

Only using half a months time, he obtained 100 straight wins and obtained the gold token!

Ye Yuans domineering rise also attracted the attention of the Alchemy Celestial Pavilion.

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