Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1929

Chapter 1929 Telling Tales

Everyone all thought that after Ye Yuan advanced to darkviolet level, this sort of domineering drive would ease up somewhat.

Darkviolet alchemy celestial alchemists, the vast majority were Six-star Alchemy Gods. Furthermore, their strength far surpassed ordinary Six-star Alchemy Gods.

For Ye Yuan to want to continue a winning streak in the darkviolet arena, it was naturally not that easy.

However, Ye Yuans performance greatly exceeded everyones expectations.

He overcame all difficulties in the way and had yet to lose a match.

No matter how strong the opponent was, arriving in front of him, they were as obedient as a student.

Six-star Alchemy Gods were no exception either.

Following Ye Yuans winning streak, his reputation rose, becoming a figure at the height of popularity in the Lustrous Gold Great Imperial Capital.

Ye Yuans residence had people coming to pay a visit every day, coming and going in an endless stream.

Jiang Manor, Jiang Hua was anxious like an ant on a hot pan.

Ever since Ye Yuan entered the Alchemy Celestial Pavilion, he naturally paid a lot of attention to Ye Yuan.

From the initial-most disdain, it turned to shock, then to terror, and then despair, Jiang Huas mood grew heavier with each passing day.

How could he have thought that a punk who came from an imperial city would actually stir up such a huge wave in Lustrous Gold Great Imperial Capital?

"Jiang Hua, prepare some gifts and make a trip to Joyful Aroma Residence together with me. Alchemy Celestial Pavilion this newly promoted darkviolet alchemist, Ye Yuan, will surely become a dazzling figure. Our Springwind Hall must forge good relations with him first," Jiang Yuan called Jiang Hua over and instructed.

Jiang Huas heart thumped, his heart sinking to the bottom of the sea.

The thing that he was most worried about happened.

Back then, Ye Yuan had once crowed proud words when he left, saying to make Jiang Yuan go find him personally. At that time, Jiang Hua even scoffed in derision.

Who could have thought that in a mere two short months, Jiang Yuan was actually really going to pay a visit in person?

The Myriad Treasure Tower had a dozen over halls, each performing its own functions, responsible for all of the Myriad Treasure Towers transactions, the authority immense. The Springwind Hall was one of them.

Jiang Yuan was skilled in management and extremely capable and experienced. So his status in Springwind Hall was rather high, taking on the post of elder.

Lustrous Gold Great Imperial Capital was most famous for medicinal pills and spirit medicine business. Springwind Hall naturally paid a lot of attention to the Alchemy Celestial Pavilion too.

Ye Yuans rapid rise was still in its startup phase currently. But with Jiang Yuans perception, he already became aware that Ye Yuans rise was unstoppable.

Hence, before everyone noticed Ye Yuan this person yet, forging good relations with him might reap great benefits. This was clearly much more worth it than getting into contact with him after Ye Yuan became renowned far and wide, and also much easier.

It was just that he did not think that his steward had long already offended Ye Yuan badly.

"That Family Head, although this Ye Yuan is formidable, hes also merely a Five-star Alchemy God. It doesnt merit you to personally pay a visit, right?" Jiang Hua said meaningfully.

Jiang Yuan smiled and said, "What the hell do you know! Also dont know where that Ye Yuan popped out from, his strength is frighteningly powerful. Its said that he has already startled alchemy celestial level powerhouses. Furthermore, hes met with no resistance at the darkviolet arena. Most likely, before long, hell become a blackscale alchemy celestial alchemist. Such a figure will surely become well-known in the world in the future. Making friends beforehand is greatly beneficial to me and the Springwind Hall."

Jiang Hua was shocked inwardly. He knew that Ye Yuans performance was outstanding in the Alchemy Celestial Pavilion, but he was not clear about the specific situation.

With his identity, he could not come into contact with the Alchemy Celestial Pavilion, such a high level.

Hearing Jiang Yuan say so now, only then did he know how terrifying Ye Yuan was!

Jiang Hua started to become afraid in his heart. With Ye Yuans present identity and status, even Family Head had to pay a visit in person.

If Ye Yuan incited slightly, wanting to kill him was merely a matter of saying a word.

"So impressive? Looks like this Five-star Alchemy God truly has boundless prospects!" Jiang Yuan was half-genuine and half-fake as he said in surprise.

Jiang Yuan smiled and said, "Thats of course! But the other halls have clearly not realized this yet, so we have to pick up speed!"

Jiang Hua said, "This lowly one will go and arrange it right away."

Finished talking, Jiang Hua turned around and left.

The moment he turned around, a hint of ruthlessness flashed across in Jiang Huas eyes.

"No way, I cant resign myself to death like this! What I can rely on currently is only Family Head. The Springwind Hall had great power and influence. As long as let Family Head and that punk form an enmity, I can definitely quell that punk to death by borrowing the Springwind Halls power and influence! Even if he becomes a blackscale alchemist, so what?"

It was true that the status of a blackscale alchemist was extremely high, but each major hall was presided over by peak True God Realm powerhouses. They were existences on the same level as alchemy celestial alchemists.

Blackscale alchemists were still a level weaker compared to them.

Jiang Hua was also considered capable and experienced when doing things, preparing some top-grade gifts very quickly.

Jiang Yuan was just about to set off when Jiang Hua said, "Family Head, why not let this lowly one make a trip first."

Jiang Yuan said coolly, "No need."

Jiang Hua said, "Family Head, although that Ye Yuan is akin to the noonday sun, hes still young in the end. Family Head is the Springwind Halls elder. As a matter of fact, youre even a level higher than him. If he put on airs and doesnt want to meet you, wouldnt Family Head lose face? If this matter was to spread, how will Family Head keep a foothold in the Springwind Hall?"

When Jiang Yuan heard that, his figure could not help pausing.

He wielded great authority in the Springwind Hall. The people who wanted to watch him make a fool of himself were not few.

In fact, Ye Yuan was merely a thousand over years old young lad, currently riding on the crest of success. He might really hold him in contempt.

Jiang Huas words were very reasonable.

Jiang Hua was just a servant, if he lost face, then he lost face, it was no big deal.

Thinking up to this point, Jiang Yuan could not help feeling that Jiang Hua was loyal and devoted to him, thinking of his interests in all respects. So he was quite moved in his heart.

"May as well, then Ill have to trouble you to make a trip," Jiang Yuan said.

Jiang Hua was overjoyed in his heart, but he appeared very humble on the surface as he said, "How can sharing Family Heads burdens be troublesome."

Two hours later, Jiang Hua returned with a bloody nose and swollen face.

When Jiang Yuan saw Jiang Huas miserable appearance, he said in surprise and anger, "Jiang Hua, whats going on?"

The moment Jiang Hua saw Jiang Yuan, he could not help crying bitterly as he wailed,"Oh,Family Head, it doesnt matter that this lowly one was beaten until like this, but but that Ye Yuan seriously bullied people too far! Bullying people too far! This lowly one reported my name and offered up all the gifts. They did not even look and immediately threw the gifts out, and even said a puny little Springwind Halls elder is also worthy to meet him? Even if want to meet, its also the hall master coming in person! That Ye Yuan even said, even said "

Jiang Yuans face fell, and he said in a cold voice, "Even said what?"

Jiang Hua was rejoicing in his heart, but he had anguish on his face as he said, "He even said that Family Head didnt take a piss and look at the reflection either, who the hell does he think he is? Havent even figured out his own identity and want to request an audience with him! This lowly one argued a few words with him in my indignance, and he beat this lowly one until like this.Ouch!"

Jiang Hua described vividly, the figure of an impetuous and arrogant youth who was intoxicated with success at a young age that appeared vividly on paper.

Jiang Hua naturally would not go to Ye Yuan there. Either way, this sort of thing, Ye Yuan also would not publicize it everywhere himself too.

He entered Joyful Aroma Residence and walked one round, found a remote place, and cast a secret art to hide in the space, and turned himself into this appearance.

Returning now, he told tales relentlessly in front of Jiang Yuan.

Sure enough, Jiang Yuans expression became darker and darker.

He trusted Jiang Hua a lot, so how could he have thought that Jiang Hua had sinister motives?

"Good, very good! A puny little Springwind Hall elder!Heh heh!"Jiang Yuan gnashed his teeth in hatred as he said.

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