Traveler Of The Multiverse Chapter 293

Volume 6: Slice Of Life: Enjoying Life In The Path To Reigning Supreme. Chapter 293 A Deadly Spar

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"Are you here to become a disciple of Ryozanpaku?!" asked the blonde with a wide and happy smile.

"N-no, we're here for a spar between this kid here and one of your masters," said Kayaba with a slight trembling as he felt the stares of all the masters.

"Spar?" asked the drinking man as he stood up and walked over to Sora and the rest.

"Spar with who? None of you can't hurt my finger," said Sakaki with no arrogance in his voice.

"I will fight!"

Sora stepped up forward as he held a battle thirsty grin on his face. His previous calm look disappeared as he stepped up to Sakaki with a fierce look in his eyes.

After letting himself go the day before, Sora felt emotions turn chaotic. His soul and mind was calm whilst his emotions were in a wild state.

Before in the past when Sora was raging, he could be compared to a rabid dog who would bite at anyone. After he found his wives, he was domesticated and groomed. Becoming a more kind and gentle person.

However, with that calmness, Sora experienced a growth in his fighting skills and strength. After going through his trip through multiple worlds and growing stronger. With all that, after Sora let go of his feelings, he was no longer just a rabid dog, now he was like a dragon who lurks within his cave, ready to bite whenever.

Or even a crouching tiger, waiting to jump at his prey when the time presents itself.

With the wisdom of a dragon and the ferocious personality of a tiger, Sora was an unfathomable opponent to whoever. Whether they be someone stronger than him or someone on the same strength level.

No matter who Sora pitted himself against, he would always be a scary individual to fight against.

"Haha! If you can make me move from my spot, we will have a spar," said Sakaki. He gave a rough smile before standing tall. Pulling back his shoulders, Sakaki left himself wide open.

However, to someone experienced like Sora, he could feel that Sakaki was ready for any attack thrown at him.

Sora looked at Sakaki and gave a smile filled with thrill as he jumped at Sakaki.

Crystal Punch!

Bringing his fist over to Sakaki's chest, Sora's hand was filled with raw power. It was fast and powerful, his falling fist appearing like a crystal.

In an instant, Sakaki felt danger coming from the fist that was just an inch from his face. Dodging the punch with a face filled with panic, Sakaki turned to look at Sora before giving a loud laugh.

"Hahaha! You almost got me," said Sakaki.

Sora gave a grin as he pointed to Sakaki's feet, "You moved. We spar now."

Smiling, Sakaki led Sora to the dojo and entered along with Sora and the rest, including the masters.

Sakaki stood at one end and Sora stood at the other, both facing each other. They stood with their backs straight before getting into their stances simultaneously.

"Ho~, you better be ready for a whole world of pain," said Sakaki as he flexed his muscles.

Sora smiled and also flexed his muscles before sliding one of his feet forward, "Be ready to enter into the dragon's belly."


Both figures shot out to each other like arrows being launched by a bow. Their fists met mid-air and cause the ground to crack.



Fists flew and kicks struck, Sora and Sakaki were both smiling as they launched their attacks with full force. One with the devil's smile and the other just smiling for the sake of fighting and drinking.

"Hm..." Akisame, the one in the hakama, frowned as he watched Sora fight with Sakaki. His eyes following every single movement being executed.

"What is it Akisame?" asked Kensei Ma, the short chinese man.

Akisame placed his hand on his chin as he responded to Kensei, "His attacks. They're strange. If I'm sensing correctly, he's not using Sei or Dou. Not only that, each punch has the exact same strength as the previous punch. Not a single bit more, nor a bit less."

"What?! That makes no sense, there's no way he has such fine control over his muscles," said Kensei, shocked about Sora using the exact same amount of power behind a single punch instead of Sora not using Sei or Dou.

"It's possible, but it would take many years to reach such precision. Not only that, but it seems that his muscles are really dense, strong, and even stretchy. The best type of muscles a fighter could have, pink muscles," mentioned Akisame with an amazed look on his face.

"That's pretty amazing," said Kensei.

Miu, the blonde beauty, who was listening to Kensei and Akisame talking joined in. She looked at Akisame and asked, "What is Sei and Dou, Koetsuji-san?"

"A Sei-type fights not with power or anger, but with talent, skills, and wit. They hide their intention and they instead sense their environment and surroundings.

On the other hand, a Dou type martial artist uses their anger to exceed their limits. As such, they tend to be aggressive in combat, and very rarely strays from the offensive. In some cases, they are even bestial after receiving intense emotional pain and frustration. Users seem to rely heavily on instincts and brute strength when fighting."

Akisame explained to Miu about Sei and Dou, even going further by explaining that depending on how a martial artist fights, he will be able to sense their respective Ki.

If a Sei-type fighter gets Ki, it will always be Sei Ki, which will not strengthen the body, but the techniques. Dou-type fighters use Dou Ki, which is focused on bursts of power in the body.

Sei Ki is for those who are calm and gentle whilst Dou Ki is for those who are violent, fierce, and wild.

"You also have Ki, Miu," mentioned Akisame as he looked at Miu with a smile.

"I do?!" asked Miu with happiness.

"Yes, you have a lot of Dou Ki in your body."

Miu smiled and looked back to Sora and Kasaki fighting whilst Kensei and Akisame continued talking.

"So this kid has no Ki?" asked Kensei.

"Exactly. If he had it, he would have defeated Kasaki in the first punch already," said Akisame. "It doesn't matter which type of Ki he uses, he would have been able to defeat Kasaki who has been using his Dou ki since the beginning."


"You're holding out pretty well," said Kasaki as he punched at Sora three more times.

Sora smirked and said, "You're not too bad yourself."

'Is that Ki? No it's not. It's different.'

Sora had sensed Sakaki's Ki since a while back, before they had fought. Sora's senses were sensitive and he had long since sensed the Ki within the bodies of the masters and the blonde from earlier.

Being very well versed with Ki from Dragon Ball, Sora knew how it felt and all of it's different versions of it.

God Ki, Super Ki, Normal Ki, Legendary Ki

However, his body had absorbed that Ki since he could no longer use it since he had entered the stronger worlds. Now, he was being presented to another new type of Ki.

Sora's eyes swept through the people before continuing on his fight with Sakaki.

'There's the red Ki, it seems to be fiery and very fierce. The other Ki is a blue one, a very gentle and calm Ki. Is there a difference between this Ki and the one in Dragon Ball? Besides the fact that martial artists in this world could generate Ki, normal people have none.

Literally none.'

Sora felt things were strange, so to look further into it, he drew out the fight a few more move exchanges. He tried studying the red Ki a bit more before ending the spar.

"Your endurance is frightening," said Sakaki with a smile as beads of sweat started to form.

Sora smiled and quickly tried ending the fight.

Breaking Palm!

Sora's hand flew through the air with a powerful suction force as Sakaki felt his fist drawn to Sora's palm. His instincts flared up, telling him that Sora's palm is very dangerous.

Without thinking, Sakaki flared out his Dou Ki and quickly jumped back with a pale face.


An empty hand fell where Sakaki was onto the ground with a loud thud. Sora winced a bit before raising his hand and shaking it a bit. In the place where Sora's palm had fallen, half an inch deep was completely turned into dust.

Everyone looked at that spot with their eyes bulging out of their heads, completely shocked about Sora's destructive power.

'My bones would have been turned to dust by that slap...' thought Sakaki with a bit of fear as he looked at the place Sora's hand fell with amazement.

"Amazing!" unconsciously said Sora as he looked over to Sakaki. "You actually managed to dodge that with that weird Ki of yours!"

"Weird Ki?" said Sakaki with a confused smile.

"He means your Dou Ki, Sakaki," said Akisame as he appeared by the palm shaped hole where Sora's palm landed.

"So that's what it is called," said Sora with an interested face. "What about your blue Ki?"

Hearing Sora ask about his Sei Ki, Akisame was a bit shaken as he turned to look at Sora with shock in his eyes. Rapidly standing up and placing his hands on Sora's shoulders, "You can see my Ki?!"

In this world Sora was in, seeing Ki was impossible. One wouldn't know the type or color of another's Ki until it is manifested, so Sora being able to point out Akisame's is quite a shocker to all the masters in the room.

"Yeah," said Sora with a nod.

It wasn't much different with Dragon Ball either, you wouldn't know the type or color of someone's Ki until it was manifested. You could guess their strength, but not the type of Ki.

"Amazing..." muttered Akisame.

The world seemed to have completely changed before Akisame as he looked at Sora intriguingly. His medical expertise quickly called out to him to have Sora help him run some small tests.

"What is your Ki called?" asked Sora as he looked at Akisame with an intrigued look.

"Sei Ki," after saying that, Akisame explained to Sora about Sei and Dou Ki. telling him their differences. Even their pros and cons as he told Sora how they're attained.

'If I continue training in my Nirvanic Taichi, will I get both?' thought Sora as he rubbed his chin.

But, what will this Ki do to him and his cultivation. Will it be beneficial or will it be treated like his Dragon Ball Ki and be absorbed into his body?

He won't know until he gets both Sei and Dou Ki and gains back all his power. So, as most people say, only time will tell.

'But I'm really curious!'

Kayabe and Rinko looked at everything with shock in their faces. They would have never believed that something like this would happen. Rinko believed that Sora would have been pushed back a little whilst Kayabe thought Sora would be fighting on equal ground with Sakaki.

Yet the ending had completely surprised them both.

Kayabe wished to just walk away with Rinko, a bit scared about what had happened. Although his curious side was really intrigued as to what Sora had just accomplished. Something like turning wood into dust in an instant with just a hand was unheard of.

'Ah! We're finally leaving,' sighed Kayabe in relief as he walked behind Sora and Rinko. He couldn't wait to leave and write his ideas down as well as run from this slightly scary place filled with strong individuals.


Kayabe saw Sora attracted to something and couldn't help feeling worried. He saw Sora walking over to a black haired woman who held a sword in hand.

"I love your hands!"

Everyone in the immediate area looked at Sora with surprise.

Who would have thought that when Sora was leaving, he would throw his attention onto Shigure and her hands. Even more so when he told her that he loves her hands. Sakaki, Kensei, Miu, and even the coolheaded Akisame were stunned.

And Apachai was was being Apachai!

What was even more shocking, was Shiguri blushing at the unexpected comment from Sora's hands.

"Those are the hands of one fine blacksmith," said Sora. He grabbed Shigure's hands, who didn't resist at all, and completely let him caress her small and rough hand filled with blisters from constant training with weapons and using a hammer.

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