Immortal Martial Venerable Chapter 5570

Chapter 5675: Blast In Place

Transcendence into sacredness, this is transcendence into sacredness!

On the mountain road, everyone stared at the beautiful woman standing in the void in shock.

At this time, the Black God Ridge Lord no longer needs to mask her face, because she has already broken through to the holy realm, and the breath of the whole body has been perfectly converged.

At this time, even the fat man couldn't sense any aura on the Black God Ridge Lord. The current Black God Ridge Lord looked like an ordinary person.

In fact, even the aura of ordinary people is much stronger than the current Black God Ridge Lord.

In the Promise World, even ordinary people, the blood in their bodies is not weak.

"Back to Basics"

The fat man murmured that there is a peerless sword element of the Promise Realm hidden in his body. He is very sensitive to the induction of this realm. At this time, the Heishan Ridge Master is absolutely extremely dangerous.

Everyone was desperate, because the Black God Ridge Lord had been murderous before, and the current Black God Ridge Lords cultivation base had broken through.

If the Black God Ridge Lingzhu now makes a move, can an expert be able to stop it?

"See my master!"

Just when everyone was in fear, the Black God Ridge Landlord actually landed directly opposite Gu Fei, and then cautiously bowed down to Gu Fei respectfully.

"Very good, I like people with integrity."

Gu Fei nodded and said.

"Subordinates are willing to go through fire and water for their masters."

Hei Shenling Lingzhu was surprised and delighted when she heard this. In her opinion, it is an extremely glorious thing to be able to serve an expert and become a subordinate of an expert.

The master is so powerful, and its not good to follow the master?

The people around were all dumbfounded when they saw this scene.

"Get up!"

Gu Fei said calmly.

"Your chance to show is here."

Wang Zhan said that he also had a great advancement in his cultivation, breaking directly from the first level of the gods to the great success of the gods, and directly passed the middle of the gods.

Hei Shenling Lingzhu slowly stood up. The gaze she looked at Wang Zhan could only be described by envy and envy.

Wang Zhan can actually become the master's disciple, this is a great luck.

Furthermore, I have never heard of anyone whose cultivation level can break through from the elementary level to the great level at once. This kind of cultivation speed is definitely the first in the infinite realm.

This kind of cultivation talent is definitely the number one in the Promise World.

Wang Zhan, in the eyes of everyone present, has become the number one genius of the Promise World.


Just then, a loud laugh came from the distant sky, and then a figure appeared above the distant sky.

I saw this person stepping in the void, with big sleeves fluttering, and a fairy style, but he was a long-bearded middle-aged man who was surrounded by the rhyme of Taoism.

"Half-step Holy Land?"

Everyone felt the breath coming from the person, and they couldn't help being surprised.

Only the Taoist rhyme in the half-step holy realm is so strong.

On the contrary, the Dao Yun on the Black God Ridge Lord, who has broken through to the real holy realm, has completely converged. As long as she does not make a move, the Dao Yun on her body will not appear.

"It really didn't take much effort. That's Dong Yue Xue'er. He came out obediently to die. This seat is missing a holy artifact, so I will trade your life."

The voices of the people are like Hong Zhong, and the ears of everyone present are humming.

Dongyue Xueer's weakly-cultivation soldiers screamed by the sound wave shaking their heads, and many soldiers' ears also ooze blood.

The people here are too arrogant, and they dont put everyone in sight.

This made Gu Fei frowned.

The Black God Ridge Lord saw Gu Fei frowning, and he immediately became murderous towards the next life.

"Dong Yue Xueer, won't you come out and die?"

The visitor came to the sky above everyone's head in an instant, overlooking the people below, the posture of high above, like an ant looking down on the ground.

The person with the highest cultivation level is just a god?

The visitor released his spiritual thoughts and swept the people, and he was overjoyed.

He is the elder Chen Xu of Xuanhong Immortal Sect.

Xuanhong Immortal Sect, that is the super sect of the East Pole that can break the wrist with the Immeasurable Sword Sect. There is a real holy realm in the gate, which can be described as a hegemonic power.

As the elder of Xuanhong Immortal Sect, Chenxu was naturally a little drifting. He felt that he was superior. As long as the cultivation level was not as good as his own, he was regarded as an ant, and his life and death were between his thoughts.

This feeling of controlling the life and death of others is really cool to Chen Xu.

At this time, Dongyue Xueer's panic was extremely extreme. She would die if she turned her head, and she seemed to be dead if she didn't turn her head. She was dead on both sides, and she suddenly realized that she was in desperation.

"Wang Zhan..."

Dong Yue Xue'er can only fight back with Wang Zhan. After all, Wang Zhan's mother and sister are still in her hands. If she died, it would be bad.

And those doormen that Dongyue Xueer had subdued had already shuddered with fright.

This is a half-step sacred realm. Even if there are more people, they are not enough for others to slap in the face of such an existence, let alone help Dongyue Xueer.

The most terrible thing is that Dong Yue Xue'er has imposed a forbidden law on them. If Dong Yue Xue'er dies, they will all be buried with them!

So, sometimes there are too many people, which may not work.

"Very well, in that case, I will kill you all."

Chen Xu coldly said, and a heart-pounding murderous aura erupted from his body.

"Well, this Huohu looks good, so I just took it back and gave it to the Young Master to play with."

Chenxu suddenly stared at the one-horned fire tiger under Gu Fei.

This one-horned fire tiger is surrounded by sacred fire, and this fire tiger also uses its own fire spirit power to condense a flame throne on its back.

Such a windy mount is naturally to be caught back to please the young master.

"This guy Chenxu..."

At this time, above the sky, Meng He, Yuyao and others saw this scene, and they all mourned for Chenxu. Chenxu's idea of daring to hit an expert's mount was really tired.

Chenxu has no idea what kind of existence he has provoked!

"I'm here too, the old thief Chenxu, do it slowly."

At this time, a loud shout came from far away.

"Chen Xu, Dongyue Xueer is mine, you dare to **** my prey from Boundless Sword Sect?"

Another loud shout came.

Two powerful auras came in mighty, every figure rushed into the sky, and the whole world changed color.

"It's unreasonable, you should be unlucky, just give me death!"

Chenxu saw someone rushing to eat, so he didn't hesitate and started directly.

Seeing a wave of the whisk in his hand, countless rays of light flew up from the whisk in his hand, strangling towards everyone below.

He is going to have a total kill, as long as Dong Yue Xueer is here, she is absolutely dead.

"Chen Xu, you bastard..."

"You really dare to grab someone..."

The two powerhouses rushed in.

However, at this moment, the countless rays of light rushing out of Chenxu's hand disappeared.

The crowd hadn't reacted yet, and then they heard a loud "boom", and the awesome dust from the sky directly performed the scene of an explosion in place in front of the crowd.


"Damn it..."

The Mohong who was rushing violently and the Master of the Immeasurable Sword Sect saw this scene, they immediately came to a sudden stop, then turned around with a "swish", and fled without a trace.

The speed of these two people's escape is not known how many times faster than the speed of rushing.

All the people who witnessed this scene were directly petrified and stunned.

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