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  • Genres : Reincarnation -  Weak to Strong -  anime -  comics -  hidden gem -  fanfiction -  rebirth -  fanfic -  videogame elements -  traversing the myriad planes -  multiple lives -  dragon ball z -  multiple reincarnation
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Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes summary:

Earth 2019 AD. Young Naoto, an orphan who had Japanese blood in him, was adopted by a family who just got married in Reno Nevada. As Naoto grew up with this family he became engrossed in computer technology, especially virtual reality programming which were still in its rudimentary stages. After Naoto turned 16, a major corporation known as the Cosmos Corporation officially developed the world's first VRMMO, Rebirth. As Naoto was rather well off with his close-knit bond with his family, his parents decided to get him a first release game helmet.It is now AD 2035, and Naoto was eager to come home after his day at high school to enjoy the first day the servers went live at 9 o'clock in the evening. As he finally arrived to the fated time, awaiting the last few seconds to the countdown, a natural phenomena occurred, which have been developing on the western half of the world over the last few decades, and met an untimely accident.Just as his consciousness was fading away, he heard a mechanical ding, and activated the Rebirth System, allowing him to reincarnate into any world that he so desires, with no limit.Seeing that his journey was far from over and has only just begun, what paths and opportunities will Naoto strive for? Stay tuned to find out!Author's note:This novel is fiction and I do not own the characters introduced in each world.

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Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapters

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