Cultivation Online Chapter 147

147 This Place Is Now Off Limits

After reaching the 21st floor, the difficulty adjusted once again.

\u003cCongratulations on reaching a total of 20 floors. The difficulty has been adjusted.\u003e

\u003cMagical Beasts will now have 'Weak Physical Damage Resistance'\u003e

\u003cMagical Beasts will have their power, speed, and defenses increased slightly\u003e

When Yuan saw the notification this time, he didn't react much and patiently waited for the magical beasts to spawn.

Ten seconds later, a magical beast with an aura at the 6th level Spirit Warrior realm spawned in the middle of the room, and Yuan immediately slew it with the Starry Abyss like usual.

Half a minute later, he cleared the 22nd floor.

Another half a minute later, the 23rd floor glowed with a golden light.

24 25 26

Yuan arrived at the 30th floor five minutes later and then defeated the two 7th level Spirit Warrior magical beasts there within a single minute, ascending to the 31st floor.

\u003cCongratulations on reaching a total of 30 floors. The difficulty has been adjusted.\u003e

\u003cMagical Beasts will now have 'Weak Spiritual Damage Resistance'\u003e

\u003cMagical Beasts will have their power, speed, and defenses increased slightly\u003e

However, despite the difficulty adjustments, Yuan didn't feel its effects, almost like there were no changes at all, and he continued to ascend the tower at record-breaking speeds.

After spending a total of 30 minutes inside the tower, Yuan has managed to reach the 51st floor after defeating the magical beasts on the 50th floor that were at the 9th level of the Spirit Warrior realm, climbing half of the tower.

\u003cCongratulations on reaching a total of 50 floors. The difficulty has been adjusted.\u003e

\u003cMagical Beasts will now have 'Moderate Regeneration'\u003e

\u003cMagical Beasts will now have 'Moderate Physical Damage Resistance'\u003e

\u003cMagical Beasts will now have 'Moderate Spiritual Damage Resistance'\u003e

\u003cMagical Beasts will have their power, speed, and defenses increased moderately\u003e

Yuan expected the monsters on the 51st floor and onward to be at the Spirit Master realm, but to his surprise, the monsters remained at the peak of the Spirit Realm even after the 60th floor.

"Maybe the tower is only limited to monsters below the Spirit Warrior level? That would make sense since most disciples are only Spirit Apprentices and it would be ridiculous if the tower makes these Spirit Apprentices fight Spirit Masters"

Thus, Yuan continued speeding through the rest of the tower with barely any breaks in-between the floors, and he only began taking breaks before the boss room after reaching the 70th floor, mainly because the trial was so easy that he'd gotten bored of it.

Meanwhile, outside the tower, hundreds of disciples stared at the Carp Leaping Over Dragon's Gates Tower that had 75 floors glowing with a golden color with gawking expressions on their faces, as they have never witnessed such an incredible sight before.

Furthermore, none of the disciples there have spoken a single word after Yuan passed the 50th floor, and they only stared in silence as they witnessed an unprecedented event.

'This Disciple Yuan Damn it! Why are you so damn talented?! This isn't fair!' Min Li cried inwardly when Yuan passed her record and ascended to the 78th floor.

Yuan's performance at the Carp Leaping Over Dragon's Gates Tower was so shocking that it'd reached the ears of most disciples in the sect and even many sect elders, causing more people to show up at the tower to witness the spectacle.

"What? Some unknown disciple managed to ascend over 70 floors in less than an hour? How is that fucking possible?" One of the sect elders directly cursed when he heard this news.

Another sect elder directly spat the tea in his mouth back out when he learned about the situation.

"Fuck! Did a Core disciple sneak inside the Carp Leaping Over Dragon's Gates in the Outer Court or something? I don't believe that an Outer Court disciple will be able to achieve such feats!"

The news had spread so fast that it reached even the ears of Long Yijun and the other high-ranking sect elders.

"What? Who could possibly"

When Long Yijun wondered which disciple was responsible for this commotion, the image of Yuan's face immediately appeared in his head, causing him to facepalm loudly.


'It's definitely Disciple Yuan! I cannot imagine anyone else doing anything close to this!' Long Yijun thought to himself, and he decided to personally head to the Carp Leaping Over Dragon's Gates Tower.

"This is definitely Disciple Yuan's doing" Elder Xuan sighed when he heard the news from Bai Ling.

"What should we do?" Bai Ling asked.

"Fortunately for us, nobody seems to know who is challenging the tower so we can still avoid Disciple Yuan's identity and talent from being leaked before the Mystic Realm. However, we won't be able to hide the fact that a disciple with monstrous talents has appeared in our sect, so we need to prepare for that." Elder Xuan said.

And he continued, "I'm sure the Sect Master is already heading to the tower as we speak, but I'll also go just in case."

"I'll come along too," said Bai Ling.

Thus, Long Yijun and many high-ranking sect elders appeared at the tower sometime later, and by the time they arrived at the tower, there were less than ten floors left in the tower, leaving them speechless.

'Heavens Don't tell me he's going to set another precedent by becoming the first person to defeat all 100 floors in the Carp Leaping Over Dragon's Gates Tower? Even the Founder only managed to pass 99 floors!' Long Yijun cried inwardly as a golden light emitted from the 94th floor.

Once Yuan stepped onto the 95th floor, Long Yijun and the other high-ranking sect elders began dispersing the crowd at the place, as they didn't want Yuan's identity to leak so quickly.

"This place is now off limits! You all have 30 seconds to disappear from my sight or I will punish you for disobeying my the Sect Master's direct orders!" Long Yijun's voice boomed in the area, startling the disciples there.

"You heard the Sect Master! Everyone, scram!" Bai Ling also shouted at them.

Very quickly, the disciples there began scattering like a group of scared ants, disappearing from the Carp Leaping Over Dragon's Gates Tower and emptying out the area in the time it would take Yuan to finish many floors less than a minute.

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