Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master Chapter 864

Chapter 864 Iceblast Wyrm

"Maser Felic, you dont seem very sincere about this cooperation," said Elvis. He was not angry about being ridiculed by Herman. However, when he faced the harsh conditions put forward by Lin Li, his face grew a little sullen.

"Hehe, Master Elvis, you must be very clear about the matters between the Tower of Dusk and the Mithril Alliance. Do you think I will rest assured having people who dont ever stop wanting to kill us follow us around? Actually, you can rest assured. The Mithril Alliance has always been targeting the Tower of Dusk, and we were merely retaliating. Hence, if you encounter any danger during the exploration, we will not stand by and watch." Lin Lis tone was rather polite, but his attitude was also very clear. He meant that they could have a cooperation, but they definitely wouldnt feel safe about having the Mithril Alliance stay at the back. Hence, the Mithril Alliance had to be the pathfinders. Otherwise, there would be no need to talk about any cooperation.

Regardless of whether Lin Li was sincere or not, his words were rather worrying. The Tower of Dusk and Mithril Alliance refused to be the pathfinder. Standing at the side and doing nothing didnt mean that they would give a helping hand during a crisis. Likewise, kicking them into the rut during a crisis didnt mean that they were standing at the side and doing nothing. Clearly, it was already time to put an end to the conversation about cooperation at this juncture.

However, the sorrow on Elviss face was fleeting, and he did not mean to end the conversation. Instead, he calmly said to Hoffman, "President Hoffman, President Felic, are you guys that confident about exploring the mausoleum by yourselves because of the blueprint of the mausoleum?"

Upon hearing Elvis mention the blueprint of the mausoleum, Hoffman and Lin Li were shocked, and their expressions changed a little. They wondered if the other party had really planted a snitch in their team! The Mithril Alliances appearance in the mausoleum could be considered a coincidence, but theyd only found the blueprint a few days ago. Apart from the senior executives who had participated in the discussion of the plan for exploration, no one else knew about it. How did Elvis find out!?

"Master Elvis, you really know us so well. You even know this." A sudden gloominess flashed in Hoffmans eyes. If there was really a snitch in their team, they would rather give up on the expedition temporarily. They had to figure out the matter first.

Although Elvis was blind, he could still hear Hoffmans tone. He immediately understood that the latter had misunderstood him. If he didnt explain it clearly, the cooperation would really fall through. Hence, he quickly shook his head, and explained, "President Hoffman, dont get me wrong. This is actually just a coincidence. You can think of going out to look for information, but so can we. However, were obviously slower compared to you. We reached the Dwarves tribe a step later than you guys, and by the time we did, your people had taken away the blueprint of the mausoleum. However, we didnt leave with nothing. We managed to discover another thing about this mausoleum through the clues we had."

Although Elvis words could not fully get rid of the suspicion in the hearts of Hoffman and Lin Li, after hearing what he said about finding out something about the mausoleum, the two of them immediately understood that Elvis was merely revealing what he had to offer in exchange for the cooperation.

"Master Elvis, you said just now that you found something else. What did you find? Can you show it to us now?" Hearing that Hoffman was not asking for a cooperation without offering anything in exchange, Hoffman became a little less hostile, and his eyes narrowed as he looked at Elvis. He decided to temporarily put aside the issue of the spy.

Elvis smiled faintly, seemingly confident in his own item. He explained, "After finding out that the blueprint of the mausoleum was taken away by your people, our people continued to explore and search the Dwarf Kingdom according to the clue regarding Prince Brahere. After a careful search, I finally found a diary from a tribe of dwarves, and it was said that the diary belonged to Prince Brahere who is resting here."

"Diary! The diary of Prince Brahere!?" The fat on Hoffmans cheeks trembled when he heard about it. He cussed in his heart,How did my subordinates who were responsible for collecting information miss that out? I must teach them a huge lesson!

Lin Li was also taken aback by the news. He did not expect Elviss trump card in bargaining to be Prince Braheres diary. What else could be better than a diary for understanding Braheres life?

Hence, almost immediately, the attitude of the two of them changed drastically, and their faces that were as sullen and cold as ice were immediately graced by enthusiastic smiles.

"Haha, why didnt you mention this earlier, Master Elvis? Please come in. Lets sit down and talk slowly. I know, I know, its all about cooperation. We can discuss it." Hoffman seemed to have become a completely different person as he warmly invited Elvis to the camp, and even tried to hold him. He was so enthusiastic that it seemed like he had completely forgotten that he had blatantly ridiculed him just now.

Hoffman vividly expressed the characteristics of a typical businessman who prioritized profits over everything else. Although Lin Li was not a real businessman, he was probably better than one. He wouldnt bother talking to someone about something that wasnt profitable. Now that they had heard that it was a lucrative deal, Lin Lis attitude changed even more drastically than Hoffmans.

"I might have only come to the Breezy Plains a short while ago, but Ive heard of your name a long time ago, Master Elvis" Lin Li followed Elvis, and showered him with compliments while speaking to him courteously. With such a sincere tone, no one could tell that he had only just heard about Elvis.

Elvis was blind, but his heart was not. He naturally knew the reason for the change in their attitude. Regardless of their current enthusiasm, they would immediately turn the tables and chase Elvis out of the camp if the thing that he showed them did not satisfy them. However, in order to facilitate the cooperation of the two expedition teams, Elvis had no choice but to cuss in his heart about how immoral the two of them were while pretending and speaking to them courteously on the surface.

Hence, the three of them entered the tent in the center of the camp like old friends who hadnt seen each other for many years. They only calmed down a little after taking a seat.

However, at this moment, Lin Li seemed to have calmed down a little, and thought of a key question. He said, "Master Elvis, please forgive me for being blunt. Were going to discuss Prince Braheres mausoleum now. According to various data that we have, we are basically certain that the dwarven craftsmen started to build the mausoleum for Brahere after his death. Prince Brahere probably didnt know why the dwarves built the mausoleum for him after his death. Since the diary was left behind by him when he was still alive, could there be any information about the mausoleum?"

The reason that the Highlord Osric put so much effort into his own mausoleum was because he pursued immortality, and wanted his perfect body in the crystal coffin to be better. Hence, the construction of the mausoleum was almost entirely up to him. Most of it was designed by him personally.

On the other hand, Prince Brahere pursued the highest level of art, and rumor had it that even during his last moments, he was still composing a beautiful piece of music. In addition, given the status of Prince Brahere, he did not have to worry about what his mausoleum would be like in the future. As the younger brother of the High Elven queen, he would definitely be able to get the High Elves to do everything for him, so even if the tomb had been built before his death, he probably would not have paid it the slightest attention.

Of course, that did not mean that Prince Braheres diary was worthless. Perhaps it contained plenty of important information, but the help that it could provide for the expedition was probably limited.

"I am seeking cooperation on behalf of the Mithril Alliance and the Caesar Family. Hence, Id definitely be sincere about it," said Elvis, smiling indifferently in response to Lin Lis doubts. He tore out a few pages of the diary and put them on the table. "This is a copy of some of the pages in the diary. You two can take a look at the contents."

"This is?" Hoffman reached out and grabbed the pieces of paper before giving Lin Li two of them.

The pages contained a lot of contents, but they were rather simple. It was merely five days worth of content about Braheres life, and the matters mentioned were trivial. However, it had to have something to do with the mausoleum since Elvis took it out at this moment. Hence, Hoffman and Lin Li took a careful look at it.

The five-day-section of the diary recorded five ordinary days in Braheres life. Based on the degree of detailedness of the diary, Lin Li could imagine that the diary in the hands of the Mithril Alliance probably contained some unknown secrets of Prince Brahere. However, the people of the Mithril Alliance and the Caesar Family were not fools, and obviously would not share the diary parts that could bring them huge benefits, but had nothing to do with the expedition.

Lin Li didnt care about them, since the key problem was the exploration of the tomb. Braheres diary was written in High Elves Print, and although the content was brief and vague, the lines sounded like beautiful poems, and were not boring at all.

After reading the five-day-long diary section, Lin Li also found some problems. It contained descriptions of the environment and landscape of the Arctic snowfield. Besides, he could also tell from the words that Brahere had spent more than five days there. He seemed to have stayed there for a long time, and it was revealed that he would continue to stay.

As for why Brahere stayed in the Arctic snowfield for such a long time, there was no clear answer in the diary, but Lin Li vaguely felt that Brahere seemed to have been waiting for an important person because the same sentence was written in the diary for at least three days: "That bastard has not come yet, my patience is wearing thin!".

Whom was Breshir waiting for? Lin Li and Hoffman had no way of finding out from the diary parts they got. However, that was clearly not the focus of Elviss diary. The key was that in the third day in the diary, Lin Li and Hoffman saw a brief description of an Iceblast Wyrm which was sent to Gargas.

Seeing this, Lin Li and Hoffman couldnt help but gasp. The Iceblast Wyrm was a true ancient wyrm, and it was said that Iceblast Wyrms had the strongest combat power in the entire tribe, much like Flame Dragons. Each one had at least Sanctuary-realm power, and was beyond comparable to the Crimson Dragons and Green Dragons.

Of course, they wouldnt be too surprised if they had only captured one Iceblast Wyrm. After all, the High Elves were like lunatics who would do all kinds of crazy things. The most terrible thing was that the Iceblast Wyrm was said to have been sent to Gargas.

Indeed, it had been sent to Gargas. Lin Li and Hoffman repeatedly studied the High Elves Print, but they didnt find any other possible interpretations. Although the huge canyon of Gargas was thousands of miles in length, they didnt think that Brahere sent the Iceblast Wyrm to the canyon to set it free. It clearly had an important purpose.

Hoffman might not have a deep understanding of the strength of the ancient wyrms. After all, the ancient wyrms had been expelled from Anril by the High Elves a long time ago. However, Lin Li had really experienced it firsthand. In the great rift of the Night Canyon, the Flame Dragon Lothar who claimed to be the king of Flame Dragons and possessed Sanctuary-realm power beat the two Sanctuary powerhouses Nefa and Rogge, leaving them with almost no power to fight back. That terrifying and overpowering power made them feel rather terrified. The Iceblast Wyrm, which was also an ancient wyrm, was definitely not easy to deal with, even though it had yet to reach the level of the Flame Dragon Lothar.

"Damn, why was it sent to Gargas? Did Brahere already start building his own mausoleum at that time?" That sentence made Hoffman grit his teeth in anger. If the Iceblast Wyrm was really in the mausoleum, they would be courting death this time.

"Judging from Braheres tone, he seems to be talking about one of his own properties. At least at that time, this place probably wasnt a mausoleum. Could it have been a military base or a research facility? Anyway, this mausoleum is not simple. Look at the last paragraph in this diary. Obviously, this Brahere doesnt seem to really regard art as a lifelong pursuit like the legends claim him to," Lin Li said while handing a page of paper in his hand to Hoffman.

After reading those pages of the diary, the only thing Lin Li felt was a headache. Clearly, everything that was revealed in the diary was beyond their estimation, be it the existence of the Iceblast Wyrm or the original purpose of the mausoleum before it became one.

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