Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2806

Chapter 2806 The Astonishing Zero Wing

Dragonheart City, Wanderers Shop:

When Elder Wus group of three entered the Shop, a magnificent sight instantly entered their eyes. The scenery within the Shop was a stark contrast to its dilapidated facade. "Whats going on here?" Thousand Lives was astonished as she inspected the space within the building. "This place looks completely different from the last time I visited."

On her previous visits to the Wanderers Shop, the buildings interior had looked as dilapidated as its exterior. And while the Shop sold excellent items, everything here was absurdly priced. If one werent in a hurry to obtain a specific item, one wouldnt come here to shop. Now, not only had the Shops interior become splendid, but the Shops area had also expanded from a cramped room to half a basketball court. The number of items on display had doubled, and the item quality was drastically better. Now, almost everything on display was a precious treasure.

Tier 3 Magic Scrolls!

Master Potions!

Alchemy Gold!

The Alchemy Gold, in particular, was a treasure of alchemy. It could increase not only the success rate of forging by 15% but also the Basic Attributes of the forged item by 10%. Moreover, it was even effective in the production of Epic Weapons and Equipment. However, Alchemy Gold was impossible to find on the market. Players could obtain it only from ancient ruins; Alchemy Gold was even rarer than Epic items.

Nevertheless, the Wanderers Shop had a total of 10 ingots of Alchemy Gold for sale.

Moreover, they were only on the first floor right now.

The Wanderers Shop had three floors, and the value of the products sold in the Shop increased with each subsequent floor. In other words, the products on the first floor were the lowest in quality.

"Rain, take a look around afterward! If you see anything we need, buy it!" Elder Wu instructed Modern Rain. When he saw the items sold in the Shop, even he was moved. The items sold here were indeed exceedingly expensive, with the cheapest item priced at 20 Ancient Gold and valuable items like the Alchemy Gold priced at 1,000 Ancient Gold. However, most of the items sold here were nigh-impossible to purchase in the outside world.

Besides, Thirteen Thrones was in urgent need of items such as Alchemy Gold.

After the major system update, monsters became much more difficult to deal with. Previously, Tier 3 teams could cope with Grand Lord ranked monsters, even with just Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment. Now, however, Tier 3 teams needed to be fully equipped in Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment.

Moreover, the teams MT would need to have two or three pieces of Epic Equipment. Otherwise, tanking a Grand Lord would be incredibly tough without help. Needless to say, the requirements for raiding Mythic monsters were even higher.

Players could no longer rely on just their combat standards to defeat powerful monsters. They also needed Epic Weapons and Equipment to support them. Otherwise, the benefits of exploring Level 120-plus maps werent worth the cost.

Meanwhile, Alchemy Gold increased the success rate of producing Epic Weapons and Equipment. In the hands of an Advanced Master Forger, success was almost guaranteed. Moreover, the produced item would also have a 10% boost to its Basic Attributes.

"Yes, sir!" Modern Rain nodded after snapping out of his daze. Elder Wus group proceeded to the second floor. And upon seeing the items displayed there, Modern Rain very nearly drooled. This was because the second floor actually sold Epic items.

Although these Epic items werent weapons or equipment, they were still incredibly rare and useful.

[Confinement Crystal] (Epic Consumable)

Seals a 2,000-yard radius and lowers the Basic Attributes of all enemies within the magic array by 40% (25% for Tier 4) for two hours.

[Wind Manipulating Rope] (Epic Item)

Increases the Movement Speed of Land Mounts by 15% and Flying Mounts by 25%.

The display of Epic items was simply dizzying. With a single glance, they discovered at least 60 Epic items. What rendered them speechless were the prices. Even the cheapest Epic item cost 1,500 Ancient Gold. However, they had to admit that these Epic items were all things the various powers desired.

Aside from Epic items, all sorts of excellent tools required by Lifestyle players were also available, such as a set of Dark-Gold alchemy tools. The only problem was that the set cost 5,000 Ancient Gold.

After Elder Wu and the others browsed through the items sold on the second floor, they felt as if they had just walked into a treasure house. Every item on sale here moved their hearts. Unfortunately, the more astonishing an item was, the more astonishing its price was. With just the 60,000 Ancient Gold they had on hand, they could purchase only a few items from this floor.

Just as Elder Wus group was about to head to the third floor to take a look, a lithe figure suddenly blocked their way. The frightening aura this person exuded instantly subjected Elder Wu and the others to powerful pressure.

"No outsiders are allowed beyond this point," Yu Luo said softly to Elder Wus group. "If you wish to shop here, you can do so only on the first and second floors."

When Thousand Lives and Modern Rain saw Yu Luo, they couldnt help doubting their eyes.

Tier 4!

A bona fide Tier 4 Cleric!

Both Thousand Lives and Modern Rain recognized Yu Luo. After all, Yu Luo had been one of Heavens Blades team leaders. Simultaneously, she was one of the few peak experts operating on Dragonheart Island.

Only, they never thought that Yu Luo would get promoted to Tier 4 already.

After all, anyone capable of getting promoted to Tier 4 at this stage of the game had the full support of an entire Guild. Yet, Yu Luo, a Cleric who had gone missing one month ago, had actually reappeared now as a Tier 4 Cleric. This was simply unbelievable.

"Little Missy, may I know if you are the one running this Wanderers Shop?" Elder Wu couldnt help asking the question on his mind.

"No, this Shop is run by Guild Leader Black Flame. I am only managing this place on his behalf," Yu Luo said, shaking her head.

"Black Flame runs this place?" Elder Wu was stunned.

In its current magnificent state, the Wanderers Shop was most likely worth a million Ancient Gold or more. Elder Wu mightve believed it if Heavens Blade owned this place. After all, Heavens Blade had been operating on Dragonheart Island for a long time now. However, he was told that Shi Feng actually owned this Shop. How could he swallow such a tale?

While Elder Wu was stunned, Thousand Lives quickly reacted, asking, "We are from Thirteen Thrones. We are acquainted with Guild Leader Black Flame, and we currently have business to discuss with him. Can we meet him now?"

"Im afraid you will have to wait awhile," Yu Luo said, shaking her head. "Over a dozen of Dragonheart Islands powers are currently discussing business with Guild Leader Black Flame, so it isnt appropriate for you to enter now. However, you wont have to wait too long, either. I believe they will be done in another dozen minutes or so."

"Over a dozen powers?" Elder Wu was slightly surprised. He never thought that so many of Dragonheart Islands powers had already made a move. "Alright. Well wait."

Elder Wu had expected that some of Dragonheart Islands powers would try to meet with Shi Feng since Shi Feng was basically the overlord of Dragonheart Island now. It was only natural for Guilds and adventurer teams to try to partner with Zero Wing.

However, Elder Wu wasnt too worried about these other Guilds and adventurer teams. After all, unlike them, Thirteen Thrones had the City Building Order, something Zero Wing urgently needed, as a bargaining chip.

After waiting for around a dozen minutes, Elder Wus group saw more of Dragonheart Islands local powers arrive and join them waiting on the second floor. Among these powers was the Four Saints Society, a Super Guild that was equal in strength to Thirteen Thrones, represented by its First Vice Guild Leader, Intoxicated Drunkard. He was a monster with the title of Strongest Shield of the Sea.

Unlike other superpowers, though, the Four Saints Society had focused its development entirely on the sea. Its naval strength now rivaled that of the Five Great Super Guilds.

Intoxicated Drunkards arrival surprised even Elder Wu.

However, as the various powers observed each other, Yu Luo, who had been quietly standing guard by the staircase, suddenly said, "Guild Leader Black Flame just finished his discussions with the first batch of powers. You may now go upstairs." "Will everyone be going together?" Thousand Lives asked.

They wanted to negotiate with Shi Feng in private. A group negotiation was out of the question.

"Thats right. There are too many powers seeking to meet with Guild Leader Black Flame. Holding private discussions would take too long." Yu Luo nodded. "If you wish to meet with Guild Leader Black Flame privately, you can return a few days later."

"You people" Thousand Lives grew a little angry at Yu Luos words.

They were representatives of Thirteen Thrones, a Super Guild. They had already shown plenty of respect by waiting here for over a dozen minutes. Yet, their treatment was no different from what the other powers here received.

"Thousand, it doesnt matter. Well enter together if we have to," Elder Wu said, chuckling. He then continued in a whisper, "Black Flame really knows how to play his cards. He knows the various powers are bringing various partnership offers and business deals to him, so hes basically having everyone compete with each other. At the same time, he gets to choose the best deal. Unfortunately, our proposal is something Black Flame will not be able to refuse!"

After giving the matter some thought, Thousand Lives nodded in agreement. In any case, Shi Feng would still have to beg them for help. It wouldnt matter whether they negotiated privately or in a group.

In this situation, the Four Saints Societys group remained silent. It was evident that they were also confident in their proposal.

Meanwhile, upon seeing this situation, Yu Luo smiled and said, "Please enter." After Yu Luo finished speaking, the representatives of the dozen or so powers present made their way up to the Wanderers Shops third floor. However, upon arriving on the third floor and seeing the items displayed here, everyone nearly had their eyes fall out of their sockets. Level 120 to Level 130 Dark-Gold Set Equipment Designs!

Level 100-plus Epic Equipment Designs!

Advanced Magic Array Designs! Advanced Shop Construction Design!

Advanced Hotel Construction Design!

Master Icefire Bomb Design!

Each and every item displayed here was something that couldnt be found easily in the outside world. However, the items were also astonishingly expensive. Even the cheapest cost 6,000 Ancient Gold-enough money to purchase a relatively good plot of Land in Dragonheart City. However, while the gathered group was agog over the items available on the third floor, a sense of oppression suddenly enveloped everyone, making them feel incredibly uncomfortable.

This sense of oppression originated from the two cloaked men standing beside Shi Feng.

"Tier 48?"

"Why are there even more Tier 4s?!"

Both Elder Wus group and Intoxicated Drunkards group were shocked by this situation.

First, it was Heavens Blades Yu Luo. Now, two more Tier 4 players actually appeared behind Shi Feng. Moreover, the two mens auras were much stronger than that of any of the Tier 4 players they had come across before.

Tier 4 players currently stood at the very top of Gods Domains player hierarchy. Having one Tier 4 player would already allow a player force to gain a stable foothold in the games currently chaotic state and become an object of fear for the various superpowers.

Shi Feng currently had three Tier 4 players on his side. Including Shi Feng and Fire Dance, this meant Zero Wing had a total of five Tier 4 players under its command. This caliber of strength was simply maddening!

Even the Five Great Super Guilds were unlikely to have as many Tier 4 players as Zero Wing did.

Meanwhile, after scanning the crowd before him, Shi Feng said calmly, "Everyone, if you have something to say, please say it directly. I still have many matters to attend to, so I truly do not have time for beating around the bush."

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