Imperfect Desires Book 3 Chapter 772

Volume 3: Closure Chapter 772 Who Is It?

When Dr. Ling left, Xiao Li was left alone. He had already slept in the day so, he wasn't feeling sleepy. He had just sat down when one of his men came, "Master Li, you should look at this."

He took the doc.u.ment from his hands and read through it before frowning at it in confusion. "What does this mean?"

The subordinate passed another doc.u.ment to him, "Check this one."

Xiao Li read through it and sat up straight. He placed both the doc.u.ments placing them side by side. His eyes turned dark as his hands clenched.

"Did you get the person who contacted the mercenary for her?" he asked.

"We caught that person in Japan," answered the subordinate. "We'll be bringing him here tomorrow." He gave a recording device to Xiao Li saying, "We received this recording from that person."

Xiao Li put the headphones on before playing the recording. And as the recording went on, his eyes grew dangerously dark. A cold and dark emanated from his body.

Xiao Li nodded to himself and asked, "Where is she now?"

"She'd be taking a flight to the Capital in an hour."

"Don't let her leave," he instructed. "Catch and lock her up. I really have to deal with her myself now."

"But Master Li..." His subordinate hesitated a little.

"What is it?" Xiao Li sounded impatient and in a very bad mood.

His voice scared the subordinate who hurriedly said, "If we catch her now, it might create trouble for you. After all, her parents are..."

Xiao Li raised his hand to stop him from continuing, "Who asked you to do it openly? Just make her disappear on her way to the airport. Take her to the Wen House. Even if her disappearance gets known, no one would look for her there. And even if someone did catch on, who would dare trespass Wen's territory?"

The subordinate nodded his and bowed to him, "Yes, Master!"

When his subordinate left, Xiao Li's eyes were stuck to the doc.u.ment placed before him and the recorder. His mind wandered off as he was trying hard to figure out the motive this person would have to kill Xiu. No matter how he thought, he couldn't think of anything. He didn't even think the two of them even met more than once or twice. Then how could someone be this hostile that they'd try to take the life of someone?

He couldn't even believe that the person was this close to him.

"What are you up to?"

Xiao Li frantically hid the doc.u.ments and the recorder behind him when he heard his father's voice. He didn't know why he hid it though. It was something his father also needed to know about but he still hid it instinctively.

Xin Zimen had already noticed Xiao Li's movements and it made him squint slightly at his son.

"Dad!" called out Xiao Li in surprise. "What are you doing here at this time?"

Xin Zimen sat down across from him as he answered, "I came to check up on Regan and Xiu. I just met their doctors and wanted to see them before going to my room."

"Oh," said Xiao Li. "Then you should go ahead. They must be sleeping now so be careful."

Xin Zimen silently stared at his son for a while before asking directly, "What are you hiding behind your back?"

Xiao Li stiffened for a moment before saying, "If I say it's my report card, it won't make sense now, would it?"

Xin Zimen continued to stare him down, "Are you trying to be funny right now? Xiao Li tried to avoid his eyes. "And since you're trying to be funny that means you're definitely hiding something. What is it?"

Xiao Li closed his eyes and cursed under his breath, "It's nothing, dad."

"Xiao Li..." Xin Zimen's voice was dangerously low. "Are you really gonna be like this?"

Xiao Li was in a dilemma, "Dad, I do want to tell you everything. I promise I do. But there is always something I can't bring myself to tell you."

"I wonder why is that?" questioned Xin Zimen.

"It's because I don't want to hurt you," answered Xiao Li matter-of-factly. "As your elder son, I also need to care about my father."

"So just so don't you hurt me, you're willing to lie to me and deceive me? Don't you think that's more hurtful?"

"Dad, you can't say it like that," said Xiao Li.

"Then show me what's behind your back." Xin Zimen extended his hand urging him to give up whatever he was hiding.

"Dad, not now," pleaded Xiao Li. "As soon as everything is under my control, I'll show it to you. But not now."

"If you just show it to me, I can help you," said Xin Zimen. "I don't need my son to protect me from anything. Protecting is my job. I'm the father here. Don't try to act like my father."

"I wouldn't dare," was Xiao Li's response. He hesitated for a long moment before he put everything in front of his father.Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/imperfect-desires_14488421705519105/who-is-it_50883911084984792 for visiting.

Xin Zimen picked up the doc.u.ments but didn't understand what was he supposed to see in there. Then he picked up the recorder and pressed the play button. A feminine voice rang out, "I don't care how much you need. Just hire me the best mercenaries. I want her dead at any cost! My uncle would have arranged for tight security. So, make a better plan and make sure she doesn't come out of that hospital alive!"

When the recording ended, Xin Zimen's knuckles had turned white from how hard he held the edge of the table before him. "Is this whom I'm thinking of?"

"Yes," answered Xiao Li.

"Where is she?" questioned Xin Zimen.

"She'd be taking a flight to Capital soon." Seeing how Xin Zimen stood up in a hurry, he added, "Dad, you don't have to do anything. I won't let her leave. My subordinates will not let her leave."

"Make sure to bring me with you," said Xin Zimen in a stern tone. "And don't try to deceive me again."

"Yes, dad!"

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