The Long Awaited Mr Han Chapter 1558

Chapter 1558 Looked Like She Was Scared Of Him Misunderstanding

"" Han Zhuoling was really miffed by Shi Xiaoya. "You even know what he likes to eat?"

"Were friends who are as close as can be after all," Shi Xiaoya explained.

They were so close that they could be considered the best of friends.

Han Zhuoling gave Shi Xiaoya an ambiguous glance. They were just friends?

He saw that Shi Xiaoya did not have romantic feelings for Qin Zigou. He just did not know whether Qin Zigou was the same or not.

This time, Shi Xiaoya seemed to suddenly become smart. She could even tell what Han Zhuoling was thinking about and quickly explained, "Qin Zigou and I dont have that kind of relationship. Weve known each other since we were young, and when we became adults, both of us decided were not interested in our family businesses. It just so happened that he liked fashion design while I liked to do makeup, so we discussed and collaborated on opening a work studio. We had been working together for the past few years, so it has been very good. Were just er brothers."

Shi Xiaoya had wanted to say that they were sisters, but she also felt that in front of Han Zhuoling, she should save some face for Qin Zigou.

Qin Zigou was not gay anyway. He indeed liked women.

Hence, she could only make a little sacrifice on her end.

"Anyway, if we really had even an inkling of affection for each other, we wouldnt have waited until now," Shi Xiaoya mumbled. How many years had it been already?

She and Qin Zigou really had no chemical reaction between them at all.

Qin Zigou treated her like a younger sister while she treated Qin Zigou like her biological brother.

Han Zhuolings mood instantly got better. Even the darkness on his face disappeared. He quickly hid his emotions and returned to his cold and aloof expression. "I didnt even say anything, why are you explaining so much?"

She looked like she was so scared and so nervous that he would misunderstand.

Shi Xiaoya: ""

Wasnt it because it looked like he misunderstood?

But it was true. What kind of relationship did the two of them have?

If he misunderstood, so be it. Why did she bother explaining?

If Han Zhuoling were not around, Shi Xiaoya would have just smacked her mouth.

Who asked you to talk so much?!

Who asked you to talk so much?!

Youre the only one with a mouth thats talking non-stop!

Seeing that Shi Xiaoya was about to get annoyed, it was a good thing that Han Zhuoling was not someone who could not read expressions at all.

After Shi Xiaoya explained things just now, his mood got better and he looked towards the fridge.

There were quite a lot of groceries inside. "Youre so busy, and you still have time to buy groceries?"

"These were all because my mom asked the helper auntie at home to buy and put them in my fridge," Shi Xiaoya explained.

But they were mostly fruits.

Shi Xiaoyas mother also knew that young people were busy with work and it would probably be difficult for them to cook for themselves when they got home.

She was not used to having an auntie at home either and felt more comfortable if she was staying alone.

If not, Shi Xiaoyas mom would have even wanted to look for a helper auntie for Shi Xiaoya, but Shi Xiaoya had refused no matter what.

Since she would not have many chances to cook on her own, more fruits were prepared for her so that she can eat when she was at home.

But there were still quite a few fresh ingredients.

"Its not good to eat too much at night, so just cook some noodles." Han Zhuoling scanned across the fridge. "Do you have noodles at home?"

"Yeah." Shi Xiaoya took out two bags of noodles from the chiller compartment.

The noodles were handmade noodles packed into one serving per packet. Compared to factory manufactured thin noodles, these were much tastier, just that they could not be stored for long.

"Is there anything you dont eat? Would you prefer your food to be plain or savory? Do you eat chili? Are there any vegetables that you dont like to eat?" Shi Xiaoya asked.

Han Zhuoling scanned through the ingredients in the fridge and said, "I prefer plainer flavors. I dont really like food that is too savory. I can eat chili and have a higher tolerance for spicy food. When I went to Xiang Nan, I was able to eat the spicy food there."

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